Allergic itching in a child: causes, first aid, treatment


Allergic itching may occur after contact with different allergens: food, chemicals, medicines, insects, dander, and more. other. To accurately determine the factor that caused the allergic reaction is only possible by using special tests.

Аллергический зуд у ребенка: причины, первая помощь, лечениеАллергический зуд у ребенка: причины, первая помощь, лечение

There are some diseases that cause itchy skin in children:

  • Eczema is a disease characterized by an inflammatory process that affects the separated area of skin (mostly on head, neck, or joints).
  • Chicken pox – when the itching is initially reminiscent of a tingle and a tickle, and then becomes pronounced, which leads to scratching the baby’s skin.
  • Herpes – the appearance of the papules in a particular place (in the mouth, nose, face, or neck).
  • Scabies is a manifestation of tiny papules on skin pearly color. Itching often emerges in the most delicate areas of the skin of the baby (between the toes, in the groin area and armpits).
  • Itching of the head under the scalp. The reason for its occurrence is psoriasis, fungal infection or head lice.
  • Seborrheic eczema is mild itching in children under 3 months. The rashes observed in parts of the head, groin, cheeks or behind the ears.

Allergic itchy skin in children cause three main diseases:

  • Urticaria – is the most lightweight type of Allergy. Urticaria characterized sverbezh and redness on the area of skin directly in contact with the allergen. The itching disappears immediately after contact with an irritant.
  • Contact dermatitis – an allergic reaction that is characterized by a severe prolonged itching on the site of the allergen.
  • Atopic dermatitis – severe allergic itching all over the body (most often on the cheeks), which is accompanied by redness and appearance of bursting blisters.


Allergic itching can be localized in different places depending on the origin of the allergen and the area of skin that had contact with him. For example, an Allergy to a substance or an insect bite will manifest itself exactly in the place where there was contact with the irritant. If an allergen is the shampoo or other personal care – itching occurs on the scalp and other areas. Dermatitis on hands provokes sverbezh, starting from the wrist to the elbow.

Аллергический зуд у ребенка: причины, первая помощь, лечениеАллергический зуд у ребенка: причины, первая помощь, лечение

Food Allergy causes a rapidly spreading and increasing itching all over body child thus affected and the oral cavity. Allergy medicines can cause itch in the anus of the child or on the genitals.

We must highlight allergic itchy eyes that occur as a result of reaction of the mucous membranes of the eyes to dust, animal dander, chemical substances or beauty products. The constant presence of redness and lacrimation in the eyes can have children wearing contact lenses. The irritation disappears when removing them and rinsing with clean water.

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Treatment of allergic itching should start with advice from an allergist, who can help determine the allergen causing the irritation. Further treatment is assigned based on the individual child’s testimony. The main goal of therapy medicines to remove the symptoms of allergies: to relieve itching on skin, eyes (conjunctivitis) or nose (in case of rhinitis).

First aid

The manifestation of skin irritation in a child, parents should protect him from contact with potential allergens, to avoid further damage to the skin.

First aid kid when you experience a symptom of Allergy:

  • Rinse the skin with cool water (you can use cold compress);
  • Baby wear only clothes made of cotton fabric;
  • Treat inflamed skin with a swab dipped in a solution of baking soda;
  • Ensure that the baby does not scratched the affected area on the body;
  • In the absence of effect requires the use of medicinal ointments or other medications.

Ointment and cream

To get rid of skin irritation will help protivozudnoe ointment or cream. Choose the ointment should be thoroughly to the drug was as safe as possible for the child. Ointment or cream is 2 types: — free steroids and hormonal (corticosteroid).

Not hormonal

Ointment, in which no steroids (hormonal ointments) can be used even for treatment of babies. Treatment notes effective decrease in skin irritation. Ointment this group has antibacterial and antimicrobial action. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Elidel. Ointment anti-inflammatory effects, recommended for use topically externally. Apidel used exclusively in the treatment of atopic dermatitis for children over 3 months.
  • Vonhagel. The cream consists of components of vegetable nature, and acts in 3 ways: as a healing, anti-inflammatory and germicide. Treatment Wonkdom has no side effects even for very young children.
  • Bepanten cream or Bepanthen Plus in the form of ointments. The remedy helps to heal the affected skin and improve the regeneration.
  • Gustan. Cream based on natural ingredients, proven in the treatment of all types of pediatric Allergy
  • Desitin. An ointment based on lanolin and vaseline to help get rid of the spread of the rash and protecting affected skin from outside allergens.
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Hormonal (corticosteroid)

Treatment with corticosteroids is used only in the absence of effective therapy, non-hormonal means. Corticosteroid remedies differ in effectiveness, but can cause side effects in the form of disorders of adrenal function. Ointment (cream) that contains hormones, can also trigger an allergic reaction in a child. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before you buy tools. Most often doctors recommend such hormonal ointments and creams:

  • Advantan. Available in two dosage forms: ointment or cream. The drug helps relieve pain and reduce irritation; suppresses the inflammatory or allergic skin reactions
  • Elokom. The ointment is characterized by minimal systemic exposure and is the safest drug from this group. Using ointments is treatment in children older than 2 years suffering from dermatosis, eczema, dermatitis.

In pharmacy you can recommend and other ointments: Flutsinar, Lorinden, Celestoderm, Ftorokort, Hydrocortisone ointment. Unlike Elocom and Advantan these drugs are rapidly absorbed into the blood, which can lead to low immunity baby.


Treatment of pruritus pill is prescribed by a doctor only in certain cases. Tablets are divided into 2 groups:

  • Antihistamines (diphenhydramine, suprastin, diazon, fenkarol, peritol);
  • Corticosteroid (loratadine, zyrtec, claritin).

Antihistamine pills cause the child the feeling of dullness and sleepiness. Drugs characteristic adverse effects on the nervous system that manifests the effect of inhibition and impaired coordination. Tablets are used in acute period of allergic. The best drug is the drug Tavegil with proven lasting effectiveness and minimal side effects. Lack of drugs prohibited for infants.

Corticosteroid tablets unlike antihistamines are much longer and do not cause disruption of the functioning of the nervous system. These drugs are considered to be practically safe for the health of the child.

Eye drops

Most often, itchy eyes appears as a reaction to allergens that live in the air. Also itchy eyes can be a symptom of serious illness, so the child should definitely see a doctor.

Quickly relieve itchy eyes will help local treatment. Used antihistamines, anti-inflammatory or vasoconstrictor drops. To get rid of unpleasant sensations in the eyes with a combination of several drugs.

  • Antihistamine drops can quickly relieve itching, and lacrimation in the eyes even in acute period of allergic conjunctivitis. Example: Ketotifen, Olopatadine, Azelastine.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (Loteprednol, Acular) help to get rid of allergic swelling and itching in the eyes.
  • Vasoconstrictor drops designed to reduce redness in the eyes and alleviate common symptoms of Allergy. Popular among them are the following drugs: ointment, Okumetil, Ottilia.

To choosing come drops with caution, follow the advice of a specialist, since all drugs can be addictive and side effects.

Folk remedies

Treatment of allergic manifestations of folk remedies has a high efficiency in combating itching. Therapy of folk remedies recommended by medical workers to use for all ages of kids. Popular various decoctions of herbs.

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Series is used as a soothing folk remedy. The herb helps relieve skin irritation baby. For the preparation of broth pour 2 tbsp. tablespoons herb 0.5 liters of boiling water. To cool and drain. Broth can moisten the affected skin with the help of a tampon or add in the bathroom when bathing.


Oregano has established itself as a tool with the menthol cooling effect. Prepare the broth should be in the proportions: 1 tbsp. spoon marjoram brewed 1 liter of water. Then cool and strain. Broth lubricate the itchy areas of the body.


You can combine the treatment of several folk remedies: chamomile, calendula and plantain. Prepare an infusion of the herb as follows: 4 tablespoons of herbs pour 300 ml of boiling water. The broth should infuse for a night, and in the morning you can wipe spot skin irritation with infusion.