Diet for prostate adenoma: the main rules and select the desired menu

Adenoma of the prostate gland and the importance of diet when it

Proper nutrition can prevent many health problems, including age-related changes of the urogenital system in men. Specialists from different fields of medicine is composed of many diets that are recommended to comply with certain pathologies, including those with prostate adenoma in men. This disease is typical for patients pre-retirement and retirement age, in which there is a deterioration of the functions of almost all organs and systems. And that food will play a role of regulator of metabolic processes that can help slow the pathological processes.

The basic rules of the diet

In acute or chronic BPH diet is based on the needs of the body. When hyperplastic changes in the prostate gland there is a high likelihood of congestion or inflammation. In addition, there are significant decrease in the synthesis of male sex hormones. To correct the situation through adjustments nutrition.

The first thing you should pay attention to regular meals and moderation. The man with the adenoma in any case should not suffer from malnutrition or overeating, since both the first and second badly affects the whole body and gonads in particular.

Second, it is advisable to consider when preparing the menu, nutritional value of food. The calorie consumption of meals should cover the daily requirement of the body considering the age of men, loads on his body, presence of concomitant adenoma diseases.

Диета при аденоме простаты: главные правила и выбор нужного меню

Finally, nutrition in case of BPH should be useful not only for cancer but also for the organism as a whole, because a strong immune system and excellent condition of all organ systems helps the body to men on their own to resist various diseases.

What to include in the menu

Classic diet for prostate adenoma should include foods rich in beneficial for urogenital men vitamins, trace elements and minerals. With proper menu planning, a man may not need the acceptance of dietary Supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes.

Necessary in the adenoma vitamins, minerals and the products in which they are contained:

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Name of vitamin/mineralium useful for prostatic what foods contain
Zinc The main element of testosterone, normalizes hormonal balance, prevents the degeneration of cells in malignant tumors. Seafood, red meat, buckwheat, peanuts, walnuts and pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, egg yolk, chocolate, liver, wheat bran and germ.
Selenium Stimulates the production of male hormones, normalizes the prostate at the cellular level, improves the quality of sperm. Offal (especially liver), legumes, seafood and seaweed, buckwheat and oats, eggs, corn, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes.
Lecithin Stimulates cell renewal of the prostate, normalizes the production of prostatic secretion. The yolk of eggs, sunflower seeds, walnuts, peanuts, legumes.
Beta-carotene A powerful antioxidant, prevents aging, reduces inflammation, strengthens immunity and prevents the development of cancer. Liver, all vegetables and fruits yellow and orange, eggs, greens, broccoli and onion, sturgeon caviar.
B vitamins Positive effect on prostate function, normalizes hormonal balance, improves the condition of CNS and VNS. Dairy products, shrimp, beans, sunflower, avocado and banana.
Vitamin D Normalizes metabolism, has a positive effect on the hormonal balance men. Marine oily fish, fish oil, eggs (yolk).
Vitamin E Protects cells from aging and transformation in pathological, normalizes hormonal balance, positively affects blood flow to organs and the immune system. Pumpkin, including the seeds, sunflower, almonds, walnuts, vegetable oil.
Vitamin C Stimulates regeneration, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the function of the endocrine, nervous, metabolic system. Leafy vegetables and greens, currant, wild rose, citrus, cabbage.
Iron Normalizes the process of cellular respiration, is the source of power. Red meat, seaweed, apples, raspberries. Walnuts,
Calcium Involved in restoring sexual function, and normalizes the composition of semen. Walnuts, fish, dairy products, eggs, spinach, dried fruits.
Phosphorus Enhances energy metabolism, participates in tissue regeneration at the cellular level. Walnuts, fish, seafood and seaweed, cheese.
Proteins and amino acids Involved in the formation of antibodies, increase energy. Fish and meat of different varieties, dairy products, eggs, legumes.

Not less important in the diet of men with diagnosed BPH and ballast substances — cellulose, for example. It can help to reduce the likelihood of difficulties with a chair (constipation may worsen with the prostate, because iron can be injured too solid stool). A large amount of fiber contained in fresh vegetables and fruits. They need to include in your daily menu and eat in almost unlimited quantities.

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Features menu after prostate surgery

Somewhat different from the above diet after removal of BPH, since it pays attention to not only the saturation of the organism useful for the reproductive system substances, but also to prevent injury to the prostate. In the first days after removal of the adenoma is recommended to exclude from the products menu with a tough, too solid structure.

Диета при аденоме простаты: главные правила и выбор нужного меню

The ideal diet for the first day — meat stock (preferably Turkey or chicken breast, rabbit), dairy products, crackers, and cereal with milk. Can men to eat fresh fruit. Nuts and indigestible proteins need to be excluded for a week. Allow diet after surgery the use of eggs in omelets and meat in the form of cutlets, steamed. Recommended to eat up to 6 times a day, and as drinking use gas-free mineral water and natural juices.

Prohibited products

When hyperplastic changes in the prostate experts suggest to exclude from menu foods and drinks that can trigger the increased separation of urine or irritate the intestine and the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. Such products include:

  • carbonated soft drinks and alcohol (especially beer);
  • semi-finished products and products with preservatives, dyes and imitations of natural aromas;
  • foods with animal fats;
  • contain carcinogens smoked food;
  • drinks and foods with caffeine.

Диета при аденоме простаты: главные правила и выбор нужного меню

Doctors tend to prohibit the use of roasted in fat meat and vegetables. Such methods of preparation can cause problems with digestion or cause the accumulation of excess weight, it is harmful for men with BPH.

What to cook from allowed foods — sample menu for a day

For men not as important as the dish looks, they like to eat hearty and delicious any time of the day. The products (except for those that can’t eat with adenoma of the prostate) must be used in the following amounts:

  • carbohydrates and fiber to 400 grams per day;
  • fats (60-70% animal and 30% vegetable) — 90 g/day;
  • protein products (60% of the animals, at least 40% vegetable) is no more than 90 g/day.
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Диета при аденоме простаты: главные правила и выбор нужного меню

Average daily calories should be from 2400 to 2700 kcal. A day male needs to consume at least 2 liters of water, including in this number the broths, juices and teas. In this case, the prostate the secret will be synthesized in a normal volume, but iron comes back to normal.

What to cook for the men during the day:

  • Breakfast — porridge with milk oatmeal or buckwheat with the addition of butter, honey and berries, or granola with dried fruits and nuts and milk, or scrambled eggs from two eggs and milk and add broccoli or vegetable salad;
  • on the second Breakfast — dried fruits and nuts, fermented milk drink, fruit basket, a sandwich of whole wheat bread with cheese and broth hips;
  • lunch — soup in meat broth with pasta or rice, vegetables, mashed potatoes, steam cutlets and a salad of vegetables and greens, biscuits and tea with milk;

Диета при аденоме простаты: главные правила и выбор нужного меню

  • afternoon — seeds pumpkin, Apple, or carrot salad with herbs, garlic and oil, or tomato juice;
  • dinner — seafood with vegetables, meat or meatballs with roasted vegetables or a soup garnish, or milk.

If you want to eat men can muffle feelings of hunger any nuts, seeds or trail mix (a small amount). Before going to bed should not drink the water, and with the appearance of thirst, you can resolve it without sugar candy with a refreshing taste or a piece of ice, slowly dissolving it in the mouth.

About the treatment and prevention of adenomas will tell the doctor: