PSA in men 70 years with BPH: norm and deviations

Adenoma and normal PSA values in men 70 years

In case of BPH are often prescribed various tests which you can perform a full diagnostics of the condition of men. After obtaining all the results you can select the appropriate treatment. One of these analyses concerns the DOG. PSA in BPH is the most important analysis that allows to determine the exact extent of a specific protein produced by the prostate.

What is PSA

PSA, or prostate-specific antigen is a protein nature. It stands out the prostate gland in the composition of the secretion. This element provides the breakup of the large molecules of proteins, due to which contributes to thinning the structure of the sperm and affects the activity and ability of sperm.

The main part of this component is contained in the composition of the seminal fluid. The small amount that gets into the bloodstream, a beneficial effect on the process of functioning of the testes, bladder and enhances male libido.

Any deviations in the analysis of the DOG can speak about the presence of such unpleasant disorders as:

  • the onset of local inflammatory process;
  • the presence of ischuria;
  • may indicate problems in the blood circulation of the prostate;
  • formed BPH;

ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

  • the presence of prostatitis in the chronic form;
  • various complications of prostatitis;
  • cancer of the prostate.

To change the level of this analysis can influence the age that it is important to consider when evaluating.

How is

PSA in BPH is conducted only after the test. Since during this procedure it seems to the blood to determine the level of a specific protein of the prostate, it is necessary to remember some important rules:

  • To donate blood you need from the vein. It may be done on an empty stomach in the morning. It is especially important to emphasize that this analysis is taken up to 11 o’clock in the morning. It will depend on the value of PSA in the prostate adenoma.
  • Before you take the test, you need to make the right preparations, namely, it is recommended to avoid intense physical exertion, especially cardio training. You can not run, ride a bike.
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ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

  • Two days before this test should be deleted from your menu of fried, heavy, greasy food.
  • For two days before analysis it is desirable to avoid sexual relations, as well as self-satisfaction.
  • Necessarily performed a rectal examination of the prostate, the analysis is only a week.
  • Must undergo about two weeks after rectal massage of the prostate and biopsy to iron recovered.
  • If the analysis is carried out from Smoking, it needs 30 minutes before performing this procedure to give up Smoking.
  • At least 1 month prior to analysis DOG performed a transurethral resection.

ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

If we ignore these requirements and to analyze the DOG without their implementation, it is likely that the study will show a high level of a specific protein of the prostate.

Who should be tested

According to studies, most often adenoma occurs in men who are already much older than 40. Often, violations of urinogenital system lead to the emergence of cancer tumors. For this reason, an examination of men in this age is assigned a blood sample for determination of total and free PSA.

However, not always this procedure is given to men for over 40 years. Sometimes it may be required and representatives of a strong half of the population in younger age. Often the degree of performance of the analysis can be influenced by the presence of the following deviations:

  • if there is frequent urination;

ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

  • incomplete cleansing of the bladder when urinating;
  • the presence of pain in the crotch area;
  • frequent night urination;
  • weak erection;
  • the decrease in the level of libido.

The normal PSA in men 70 years

In order to accurately interpret the results of this procedure, you must know which indicator this substance should be the representatives of a strong half, depending on age. The degree of PSA values in the prostate adenoma is calculated according to the following standards:

  • to 50 years this figure should reach 2.5 ng/ml;
  • more than 50 years – not more than 3.5 ng/ml;
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ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

  • aged 60 years – no more than 4,5 ng/mg;
  • at the age of 70 years shall be not more than 6.5 ng/ml.

It is important to remember that the normal rate in men 70 years with prostate adenoma should not exceed 10 ng/ml. If this figure higher, it will indicate the presence of oncological pathologies of the urogenital system.

During the growth of hyperplastic tissues is increasing the level of PSA in the blood. In the end, 1 gram can increase the value of 0.3 ng/ml If you have cancer, then the increased rate may suddenly jump to 3.5 ng/ml During the control of disease progression of BPH should take into account that the rate of PSA in the blood during the year should not rise by 0.75 ng/ml.

The increased rate of PSA in the prostate adenoma may exceed the test results of healthy men, but it should not cross the conventional threshold values.

ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

How to reduce DOG

To change indicators in different ways. What fit you, decide only a doctor after a complete examination.

Reduction in a natural way

To reduce PSA values on the background of BPH you can own. Consider how to reduce it at home:

  • Adherence to proper nutrition. Preferably from your menu to pick food with a high fat content, because these components promote the formation of cancer cells. From your power supply is to remove milk products, butter, fatty meat. Preference should be given fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, Turkey.
  • Be sure to eat a grenade. This fruit contains strong antioxidants, which are needed to reduce the DOG. In addition, it has a high content of vitamin C needed to boost the immune system.

ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

  • In the menu should include tomatoes. They contain a carotenoid substance. This component helps the cells to avoid stress and also evenly distributes the energy.

The medical method

To reduce the rate of PSA in the blood with the help of various medicines, among which worth mentioning the following:

  • Inhibitors of 5-alpha reductase. These drugs are prescribed in case of BPH. In addition, these tools can lower the rate of PSA. It is important to remember that the reduced rate may occur when taking these drugs like Dutasteride, Finasteride.
  • Diuretics thiazide-type. These components are used to reduce arterial blood pressure. At long application of these tools can reduce the DOG.
  • Medication to lower cholesterol. During long periods of use affect the extent of a specific protein of the prostate.
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ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

Folk remedies

Prostate secret, and its components can change people’s means. To reduce, apply the following recipes:

  • The use of medicinal herbs. Typically, these components are used in prostate cancer. The main cause of cancer is elevated levels of the hormone testosterone. To reduce it you can use various medicinal herbs – wormwood, mint, shoots mistletoe, plantain, chamomile, nettle.
  • The use of various poisonous plants, which have a devastating effect on cancer cells. These plants include chaga, Hemlock, Aconite, Amanita muscaria.
  • Products of beekeeping – is the best remedy for getting rid of prostate adenoma. Honey, propolis have a positive effect on the body, have anti-inflammatory effects.

ПСА у мужчин 70 лет при аденоме простаты: норма и отклонения

  • Seeds of flax, pumpkin, nuts have a strengthening effect on the structure of the vessels, give them elasticity.

Assays for the determination of a specific protein of the prostate is an essential study, which helps to determine the presence of different serious pathologies of the urogenital system. But in order to get accurate data, need to know the specifics of the procedure. Sometimes the incorrect preparation can lead to high levels of this test.

In the view below the doctor will tell you about the blood test for PSA: