A cellulite in skinny girls, why, how to get rid of, can be

Cellulite thin people is not so rare. The appearance of this problem might be related to abnormalities in diet, bad habits, or not sufficiently careful skin care.


In cellulite there are a number of serious misconceptions that prevent many women cope with this problem:

  1. The first myth – «orange peel» may appear exclusively in obese women. This misconception has long been debunked. Pathology, affected and slender women because of cellulite is not always overweight.
  2. The second myth – cellulite affects all women. There is a perception that after 18-20 years all the girls appear on the skin the small pits and bumps. The only difference is in the severity of pathology. Do cellulite affected many women, however, this does not mean that he is at all.
  3. The third myth – coping with cellulite is impossible, especially when there is a hereditary predisposition. Experts do not recommend to let the situation slide – proper nutrition and exercise help to resolve the issue.

Causes of

The appearance of «orange peel» on the body lead to stagnation in the structure of adipose tissue:

  1. Eating disorders subcutaneous tissue it accumulates harmful substances.
  2. Between the cells there is fluid, collagen fibers harden, and the fat cells formed nodules.
  3. All of this leads to the appearance of hillocks and swelling on the skin.

Such metabolic disturbances may be full, and thin people. The extra weight is in this case the precipitating factor.

The most common causes of problems in lean women include the following:

  1. Genetic predisposition. The presence of pathology in the immediate family creates the preconditions for its occurrence. This is due to the presence of excess number of cells that retains the fat, vascular fragility, high sensitivity to the action of female hormones.
  2. Smoking. When ingested nicotine is reduced small vessels, including those that permeate the adipose tissue. As a consequence, the intensity of disturbed blood circulation, leading to stagnant processes in tissues and the appearance of cellulite.
  3. Lack of active lifestyle. During the day in the tissues of the lower extremities accumulates excess fluid. This leads to stretching of the skin. The deficit of motor activity the liquid retained in the structure of the epithelium, and then transformirovalsya in fibrous tissue, damaging the capillaries.
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In addition, a sedentary way of life causes pressure on the thighs and buttocks. It also damages the capillaries and lymphatic vessels. As a consequence, disturbed blood supply tissues with nutrients and oxygen. The lymph and blood penetrate into the tissue, which leads to the appearance of the disease.

  1. Wearing tight clothing. Skinny jeans and tight underwear provoke compression of the inguinal canal. This leads to violation of the outflow of venous blood and lymph. As a result, there is cellulite.
  2. Stressful situation. With nervous excitement aktiviziruyutsya the functioning of the adrenal glands, and the blood receives a large amount of adrenaline. This hormone stimulates increased fat accumulation. The deposits mostly occur on the thighs and buttocks.
  3. Hormonal fluctuations. This problem appears under the influence of estrogen, progesterone and growth hormone. These substances affect body fat distribution. Female hormones especially aktiviziruyutsya in adolescence, during pregnancy, when hormonal means.

As a result, there is an intensive accumulation of body fat, and venous outflow slowed. As a result of these processes there is cellulite.

  1. An improper diet. Eating foods that contain many additives, dyes and preservatives, leading to disruption of the digestive system. As a result, there is damage to the fatty tissue, water retention, weight gain.
  2. Age-related changes. The aging of the body there is a strong compaction of the fibers of collagen that run through fat tissue. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the formation of cellulite.

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Cellulite thin can appear in the same areas that full girls.

The first to suffer:

  • hip,
  • buttocks
  • belly
  • legs
  • hands.

How to get rid of cellulite in skinny girls

If you experience problems with the skin is very important to eat a balanced. Hard diet in this case will not be effective. Experts advise to adjust their menu in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition. An important role in getting rid of cellulite are adequate physical exercises and other methods.

The most effective methods of therapy include the following:

  • aerobic exercise – Jogging, swimming, active gym, dancing;
  • the use of special biologically active additives for this purpose, suitable conjugated linoleic acid, the amino acid L-carnitine, etc.;
  • elimination of bad habits – Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • massage is a particularly effective procedure honey and vacuum massage, which is performed by means of pneumatic cans;
  • anti-cellulite wraps;
  • contrast shower;
  • the use of cosmetic products with firming and stimulating properties – you can use different gels, serums and creams;
  • abundant food – in a day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water;
  • performing strength exercises for the problem areas of the body – abdomen, buttocks, thighs;
  • increased physical activity throughout the day;
  • adherence to the principles of healthy eating.
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In advanced cases, to cope with the problem yourself is difficult. In such a situation comes to the aid of an effective salon treatment.

These include the following:

  • vacuum cavitation;
  • mesotherapy;
  • lymphatic drainage or anti-cellulite massage;
  • ultrasonic liposuction;
  • lipolysis therapy against localized;
  • ozone therapy;
  • the salon wraps.

Homemade recipes

To eliminate cellulite in skinny girls will help effective home treatments.

One of the most effective methods would be cupping massage using oils.

To do this, select the base oil – perfect peach, almond or olive. It is possible to add essential oils of lemon, orange, juniper.

Also at home you can use the following recipes:

  1. The coffee scrub. Mix coffee grounds, sea salt, ground oatmeal, cocoa powder, cinnamon. To a tablespoon of the mixture add 5 drops of essential oil of lemon or orange. The resulting composition is slightly diluted with water and applied to problem skin areas. A little massage and rinse.
  2. Cream mask. Take a couple of teaspoons of any of the cream, add the 5 big spoons of grape juice and 1 small spoon of honey. The resulting composition applied on the problem areas, leave for 20 minutes and rinse.
  3. Infusion of parsley. Take a couple of tablespoons of chopped parsley, add 1.5 liters of boiling water and leave to infuse. Strained means to take 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach. This should be done 4 times a day. The duration of treatment is 2 weeks. With the help of infusions can improve lipid metabolism, to cope with toxins.
  4. The acetate wrap. Mix Apple cider vinegar with water in equal parts, add a few drops of lemon essential oil. In the received solution moisten a gauze, and wrap it a problem areas. From top to put the tape and wrap yourself up in a blanket. After 40-60 minutes, you can take a shower and lubricate the skin cream.
  5. Wraps with laminaria. Take a couple of tablespoons of kelp, add hot water and leave for 15 minutes to infuse. Mix seaweed with egg yolk, add 20 drops of camphor alcohol and 10 drops of lemon juice. Treated the problem areas and wrap them with foil. Keep for 45 minutes.
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The role of water and diet

To cope with cellulite, it is very important to make adjustments to the diet. Even skinny girls do not eat everything. Instead of fatty foods need to consume more light foods. It is very important to avoid fried foods and spicy dishes. Banned pastries, sweets, sodas.

In the diet should prevail fresh fruits and vegetables. Useful also have seafood. Experts advise to abstain from eating and drinking.

Instead of coffee you should drink green or herbal tea. Sugar is recommended to replace the honey. It is also very important to stick to the drinking regime. During the day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water.


To prevent the appearance of cellulite, it is important to follow a number of recommendations:

  • to adhere to the principles of healthy eating;
  • every day to do exercises;
  • to give up Smoking and alcohol;
  • more walk in the fresh air;
  • beauty treatments for the skin.

Cellulite is very common problem that affects many women. Slender women are not exceptional. To cope with this phenomenon, it is very important to make adjustments in way of life –to revise the diet and increase levels of physical activity.

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