A thigh lift (plastic and lift) — before and after, reviews, prices

The origins of the problem

Even in utero, a person lays a large number of cells in the lower abdomen and hips. From a biological point of view this kind of «safety cushion» for the period of forced fasting. In our time, the need for the conservation of energy in reserve no longer exists, but, nevertheless, we still have to reckon with the feature of your body.

A feature of these areas is the fact that fat not only grow rapidly, but with great difficulty go with a diet and exercise. This kind of «fat traps» that requires persistence and persistence.

And when you consider that the skin of the hips are not fixed any of the ligaments or connective tissue layers loses its elasticity with age or after intensive weight loss, we can come to a disappointing conclusion: problems with sagging skin in varying degrees, appear at all.

Aggravating factors can be considered as rapid weight loss, as well as a number of procedures such as liposuction, when the fat deposits are gone, and the skin may not shrink sufficiently.

Who shown

Treatment of ptosis and sagging skin can be conducted, two categories of patients:

  • to eliminate cosmetic defects in cases where the sagging skin, stopping to feel the Queen of the beach and deprives of confidence in any other situation when you need to undress (at the pool, in the sauna, etc.);
  • for medical reasons in case of significant expression of the fat and a significant prolapse of tissue when you start getting abrasions from the constant friction of the feet when walking, diaper rash, circulatory disorders.

Bezoperatsionnye methods


The most viable option for many. The hips is easier than other parts of the body to conceal under clothing.

Diet and exercise

Stable weight, no obesity, frequent sharp pohudenii contributes to the fact that the skin of the whole body and hips in particular are less prone to hyperextension, to a lesser extent, loses its original form and falls.

Sports may affect the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat by improving the tone and volume of the muscles and by improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage from the thighs.

But diet and sport is only good for prevention of the development of a significant layer of subcutaneous fat and sagging skin. If you have already developed significant sagging skin, then these measures can only aggravate the situation.

During sports activities increases the amount of muscles that can «push» on the surface accumulation of fat cells and to make legs look even more bumpy. Over time, with decreasing percent body fat, fat deposits on the thighs also will decrease. But it is only with time, because of a possible initial deterioration in the appearance from the sports activities you need to be prepared.

Diet, especially a strict, low fat, minimal protein content (namely, the diet prefers most modern women) can lead to rapid loss of primarily muscle mass, and only then begin to consume the reserves of fat.

In the end, the hip measurement will decrease, subcutaneous fat layer will retain its weight and volume. This creates all the conditions for that skin that manages to draw together in terms of extra weight falls under gravity and under the weight of fat.

Hand massage

Not to be confused with manual massage, aimed at prevention and elimination of sagging and sagging skin of the thighs, with cellulite massage. It is absolutely different things.

Somehow, it is believed that the aggressive massage of the thighs, the better. Sign of a great massage are the bruises on the skin, which left a massage therapist. In fact, this intensive exposure allows you to smooth out the bumps, which are clusters of fat cells. But at the same time, this can damage lymphatic vessels.

In the worst case it can be shown by appearance of swelling in the legs or the abdominal wall. With a lesser degree of violation of lymphatic drainage will slow down the mobilization of fat from fat cells thighs. This means that in the long term process of losing weight thighs will be significantly slowed down.

Violation of lymph outflow replenishes over time. But after multiple injuries (and courses of anti-cellulite massage for life can be done a few) lymph and blood flow can be disrupted so that fat deposits on the thighs become cold to the touch, dense and not amenable to any influence.

Unlike anti-cellulite hand massage, which aims to eliminate laxity and sagging of the skin, on the contrary is designed to stimulate blood and lymph circulation to speed up the metabolism in this area and to facilitate the separation of fat cells contained in them fat. Multiple tapping and vibration contribute to the fact that the skin acquires its former tone and tightened.

During the course of this massage do not significantly reduce caloric intake. It is possible to adhere to reasonable restrictions in the diet, and to engage in those sports that and a joy.

The optimal rate of weight loss is considered weight loss of not more than 2 kg per month. Exactly at this speed weight loss in combination with sports massage and the risk of sagging and looseness of the skin is minimal.

Hardware cosmetology

As mentioned above the hips for we are not simply a layer of fatty tissue, Berdakh we have «fat traps». Therefore simple procedures for the type of micro-and electromyostimulation can not give any effect.

To get the result, you need to use serious tools and techniques which have already proved their efficiency in carrying out lifting your hips. This Endermologie LPG lipomassage mesotherapy and mesodissolution.

LPG Endermologie and lipomassage

Endermologie is a special hardware technology, which is designed for the correction and elimination of cellulite.

Lipomassage is a complex of special Endermologie-based movements that are particularly effective in terms of fat decomposition in fat cells and removing it from problem areas.

The impact is not only on the skin but also the subcutaneous fat, connective tissue structures and muscles.

The effects of LPG Endermologie and lipomassage:

  • improvement of skin relief;
  • local improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • treatment of cellulite;
  • to increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • General balancing and relaxing effect.

Cosmetic problems that can be solved with their help:

  • lifting of the thighs and buttocks;
  • elimination of the «breeches»;
  • the reduction of body fat in the lower abdomen, the waist (including possible elimination of the ‘beer belly’ in men).
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To achieve a significant improvement of body contours can be 6-8 procedur. One procedure takes up to 30 minutes.


For the correction of sagging skin use prepared or ready-made cocktails of drugs with lipolytic and lifting effect. The purpose of mesotherapy is a smoothing of the skin, improving its condition and appearance, tightening of the skin.

Examples of prepared cocktails, which can be used for non-surgical tightening of the thighs, are:

  • lipolytic complex MPX production of Brazil;
  • complex lipolytics SlimBodi production of Brazil: composition of L-carnitine, caffeine, guarana extract, green tea extract;
  • drug for non-surgical liposuction RevitalCelluform production Spain: as part of phosphatidyl choline, lipoic acid, amino acids.


As mesotherapeutical is an injectable method. The difference is that the target of drugs to mesodissolution exactly are the «fat traps» that are difficult to handle by conventional methods. If mesodissolution lipolytic drugs (breaking fat) are injected directly into the places where we need correction.

The technique has its contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • varicose veins;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • kidney disease, accompanied by impairment of their functions.

The principle of action of drugs for mesodissolution

The drug is administered in the area of greatest congestion of fat cells. Under the action of the drug:

  • destroyed fat cells;
  • eliminates fibrosis (growth of connective tissue);
  • tissue are tightened;
  • the skin is smoothed;
  • reduces the amount;
  • increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which contributes to the rapid excretion of breakdown products of fat and connective-tissue cells, stimulates metabolic processes.

The results of the procedures

If we are to believe clinical studies, then a course of 6 treatments can get rid of 30% of the fat in the treated area. The treatment lasts for up to 12 months, subject to reasonable restrictions in the diet.

Thread and dental implants

The peculiarity of the skin of the hips is to pull its threads is not possible due to the fact that it is a very lively area. When moving the skin of any of the sections, but especially the inner thigh, shifts significantly. This means that the effect of the threads will be visible only in a static position, and the movement will cause considerable discomfort and unnatural displacement of the tissues of the thigh.

Implants placed under the skin or muscle of the buttocks. But at the same time lifting the hips hardly occurs. Surgery implants is not possible.

Liposuction and liposculpture

Liposuction can be performed by two different methods:

  • as an independent procedure;
  • in combination with the surgical techniques of the excision of the excess skin and the implementation of the lifting of the hips.

The area of the liposuction

  • the area of «breeches»;
  • inner thighs;
  • kolokolenka area.

As an independent procedure it is indicated for those who have a small amount of fat to be removed, and good contractility of the skin. If the skin after the procedure, liposuction can not be sufficiently reduced, then the patient can obtain even more pronounced cosmetic defect than it was before surgery.

To avoid sagging and the appearance of her sagging after liposuction may also be performed excision of the skin from incisions in the groin fold and tightening of the skin.

How is the procedure

Is performed in the operating room. For pain relief it is common inhalation or intravenous anesthesia or epidural anesthesia in combination with sedation. By the time the procedure takes about one hour. Depending on how much fat and what area you want to remove is executed one or two skin puncture or a small incision which if your healing does not leave scarring.

Before you suck out the fat, it can break under ultrasound guidance. After all excess fat removed, punctures are stuck with adhesive or special glue. The patient must put on a compression garment and sent to intensive care where he comes out of the state of anesthesia.

The features of the outer surface of the femur

Usually, when we use the term «breeches», we mean all that adipose tissue, which can ruin our appearance on the side below the waist. A plastic surgeons your view of things, and two definitions for deposits of excess fat in the outer thighs. It is already known to us, «breeches» and a new us definition of «flanks».

«Flanks» — these are the «bread» at the hips. They are located just above the «breeches» and usually separated from them by narrow strips of smooth leather.

During the procedure, fat tissue can be removed as one, and both of these fields. Here in the photo marked both areas. The one below is a «breeches». And that that above and pointed to by the surgeon with a marker, it «flanks».

The recovery period

Within a certain time after liposuction requires wearing compression underwear. In addition, appointed a large number of procedures designed to improve the condition and the contractility of the skin, reduce sagging and looseness of this tissue region.

Of course, the rehabilitation procedures can be waived, but then you have to be prepared for the fact that the result of liposuction can be spoiled by the appearance of slack skin, which could not harden and shrink enough.

In addition, you need to follow a standard set of restrictions such as:

  • low physical activity;
  • no heat treatments, including it is forbidden to take a bath (only a warm shower);
  • in the first two weeks of prohibited massage, you can’t even smear the skin with cosmetics bruises or speeding up the healing.


  • Sagging of the skin.

Found even in young girls, but significantly less than ladies in the age. Usually the surgeon before liposuction determines the ability of the skin to reduce, but not always, this forecast is 100% correct. Is also a refusal of the patient from performing additional surgical braces, or wearing compression underwear.

  • Loss of sensation of the skin.

In the area where liposuction is applied, due to damage to nerve endings can disturb sensitive skin. This complication is usually temporary and goes away without treatment in up to six months.

All the while, until the sensitivity is missing or reduced, the patient is required to pay special attention to the skin of the thigh and especially the groin, to find lingerie and clothing that will eliminate the possibility of rubbing. The fact that the loss of sensitivity of the risk of significant abrasions in a place where clothing or underwear rubbing, very significant.

  • Swelling.
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Edema is a mandatory consequence of liposuction and usually all normal lasts up to two months, gradually decreasing. Compliance with the restrictions of the recovery period and procedures aimed at speeding up rehabilitation after surgery to reduce the swelling much faster.

  • Hematoma.

Rarely pronounced. This is usually subcutaneous bruising, which disappear within 1-2 weeks after surgery.

  • Fixation of the skin to the muscles.

Very neprietenoasa, which often develops at the fault of the plastic surgeon. Usually happens after removal of adipose tissue in the area of «breeches». Despite the apparent greater thickness of fat in the outer area of the thigh, fat there are not so many, and it is a flat layer. The main volume of the outer area of the thigh certainly create muscles.

Adipose tissue is contoured so much because the muscles just «push» it to the surface. For excessively careful removal of fat on the outside of the outer surface of the thigh, the skin adheres to the muscle and loses its ability to shift with the movement. Hence the patient can be many problems.

  • Infection.

In rare cases, the puncture skin can get infected, which leads to the development of inflammation and purulent fusion of tissues. Treated the infection can with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

If the beginning of the formation of pus, the treatment is surgical, which is diregiovani and lavage of purulent cavities.

A surgical thigh lift

Lifting of the hips, which is performed surgically, is nathanaelagreene. The name of the operation suggests that to complete the lift removes the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the hips, and the cloth stretched and stapled together to each other. This removes laxity, sagging skin, thighs smoothed. Despite the seeming simplicity of the relation to the operation is ambiguous.

First, after surgery remain pronounced scars, which, although located on those places that are covered with clothes, but still don’t make for the patient.

And secondly, the operation has a sufficient number of serious complications, such as thrombosis of the superficial or deep veins of the legs, for example. But let’s take first things first.

Video: a Surgical thigh lift

What plastic surgery may be conducted simultaneously

  • With liposuction.

Surgical lifting of the hips as an independent operation is designed to remove excess skin. If you want to remove excess fat tissue, simultaneously with the tightening of the skin is liposuction. An example is that the «breeches», which is difficult to remove using only lifting. Then the fat from the «breeches» is removed by liposuction and the skin on the thigh is tightened surgically.

  • With the buttock lift.

Simultaneously with the thigh lift can be performed and the lifting of the buttocks and buttock augmentation with implants.

  • With the lifting of the anterior abdominal wall and inguinal region, gluteal region.

This operation is called a lift to trim down. Conveniently, the lifting of all these areas is performed at a time. The disadvantage of such operation is that the volume of damaged tissue significant. Because it flows more difficult recovery period, increases the risk of complications.

Preparing for surgery

In the first phase of consultation of the surgeon who determines the presence of indications for surgery, selects the optimal method of transaction or a combination of methods. Usually at the consultation discussed issues related to the extent of the surgery, possible complications, a result that can be obtained in each case.

If there are indications for surgery are assigned a consultation that determines the presence of contraindications to surgery.

To do this, the therapist assigns a number of tests and research. At a minimum the list includes:

  • General and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis;
  • blood tests for syphilis, AIDS and hepatitis;
  • ECG, chest x-ray.

This list may be expanded depending on which chronic disease is the patient. In the second stage of preparation for the operation restrictions on the reception of a number of drugs that can affect blood clotting (aspirin, etc.). or the speed of recovery after surgery. Full list of products from reception which you need to abstain before surgery, according to the doctor at the reception.

At least two weeks before surgery you must stop Smoking to reduce the risk of delayed postoperative wound healing and the development of hypertrophic scars.

During the week you should refuse from alcohol, as it makes unpredictable the result of anesthesia. The meal should be discontinued the day before surgery. On the day of surgery, you can drink only water.


  • serious somatic diseases with dysfunction of internal organs;
  • infectious diseases;
  • benign and malignant tumors in the body;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • the tendency to keloids and hypertrophic scars;
  • diseases of the veins and arteries of the lower extremities;
  • the tendency to thrombosis;
  • violation of blood coagulation;
  • pregnancy;
  • menstruation and the first few days after it;
  • inflammation of the veins of the extremities.

Types of surgical facelift

  • The internal lift.

This variant of the braces is also called midline lifting. Cut in interior lift is in the inguinal folds. Part of the skin from thigh is removed, because the suturing of the wound tightened inner thighs. Method is suitable for those who have slight ptosis of the tissues on the inner thigh.

  • The vertical lift.

In this method of surgery, the incision goes down the inner thigh from the groin to the knee. Departing from the first incision, the surgeon makes a second incision so that the skin formed a wedge that tapers to the knee. The skin between the incisions is removed, the edges of the wound are reduced and sewn. The vertical lift can be used if you need to remove a large number of stretched and bumpy skin.

  • Spiral lift.

An incision is made around almost all of the thigh from the groin to the outer thigh, from there to the desired length and fold to the groin. Spiral (outer) lift is most often used among the adherents of extreme weight loss, when for a small period of time leaves a large percentage of the body weight. Then the lifting needs of the skin of the whole thigh, both outside and inside, both the front and rear.

  • A mixed methodology.
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It is used in cases when the severity of the ptosis of the skin of the hips does not allow to correct a defect using only one type of braces. What types of surgical braces will be combined, decide with the plastic surgeon based on the degree of prolapse tissue and the expectations of the patient.

What is the procedure

Surgical lifting is carried out only under General anesthesia. It can be inhaled or intravenously. Less likely to use spinal anesthesia in combination with sedation. By the time the operation might take 2-2. 5 hours. Incisions and excision of tissue is performed on the previously applied markup.

If a surgical facelift combined with liposuction, liposuction is performed first, and then tighten the skin. How are fixed the edges of the wound, depends largely on the result of the operation.

Feature region the groin is a relatively poor blood supply and innervation. Because there is always the risk of slow healing, the formation of coarse «move» the scar.

To minimize the risk of scars, most surgeons have now abandoned sewing the edges of skin together. Now there are methods of layer-by-layer suturing tissues with reliable fixation of the lower flap of skin that will further create the conditions for the formation of a thin soft scar. After the stitches, they are closed with a sterile bandage. The patient wears a compression garment, the purpose of which is reduction of tissue edema and decrease the risk of bruising.

The recovery period

Need to prepare for what the whole recovery period is about 6 months.


The initial restore health to a level where you can return to work within 2-4 weeks.

  • Being in the hospital.

The first 2-3 days the patient spends in a hospital to eliminate the risk of complications of anesthesia and surgery itself, such as bleeding or separation of the seams. The patient then is discharged home and comes to your surgeon for an outpatient appointment.

  • The postoperative pain.

Pain, burning, numbness may disturb the patient several days after discharge. Usually these symptoms are easily removed by taking pain drugs.

  • Compression underwear.

Special slimming underwear you must wear at least 1 month after surgery. It promotes a more rapid resorption of edema, reduce pain, is a preventive measure that reduces the severity of subcutaneous hematoma and pressure on the skin stitches.

  • Postoperative seams.

If the skin sutures are absorbable threads, the stitches should not be removed. Nonabsorbable sutures are removed 10-14 days after surgery.

All the time, until the stitches are not removed, they must be treated twice a day with antiseptic solutions.

You don’t need to massage the area of the stitches, apply a cream or ointment that accelerates the healing process, as this will increase swelling and can lead to infection of the surgical wound.

  • Mandatory restrictions of the postoperative period.

These limitations include:

  • sports and any other vigorous physical nagruzku the first 2 months;
  • thermal procedures (bath, sauna, warm bath) to complete resorption of edema;
  • Solarium to complete the formation of the scar, so as not to cause pigmentation (usually the first 12-18 months).

Despite the ban on sports activities to afford complete immobility, as it can lead to the formation of blood clots in the veins of the legs.


  • Deformation of the genital organs.

Postoperative incisions, which pass along the inguinal folds, are covered so that the skin was taut. This can lead to the displacement of the skin of adjacent areas, for example, the skin of the groin. Because of this, the sexual organs can also shift and take an unnatural position.

  • The formation of rough scars.

Tissue forming the scar, are always in tense condition, because the scar formed in the first two or three months, constantly stretched. In the end, instead of a thin whitish hilum can form JSA broad, coarse, thick, protruding scars.

In many ways, modern operational techniques that are used by plastic surgeons, can reduce the risk of adhesions, but at the moment none of these techniques cannot completely eliminate the risk of such complications.

  • Thrombosis.

Especially high risk of development of thrombosis in those taking before surgery antiplatelet agents (drugs that reduce blood viscosity) and stopped taking them in order not to provoke bleeding during surgery. To prevent complications it is recommended to avoid a long period of bed rest after surgery, and early initiation of minimal physical activity, such as leisurely Hiking and so on.

  • Bleeding or development of seroma.

Usually the accumulation of blood or tissue fluid is defined as intense wybuchowa the tumor in the place of the wound. The growth of the tumor is accompanied by the emergence and strengthening of unbearable pain. In this situation, installing the drainage pipe and the emptying of the cavity from the liquid. Performed in a hospital.

  • Infection.

To prevent the development of infection in the wound after the operation is carried out antibacterial therapy. Also this is the first day after surgery in the wound leaving drainage tube. If the inflammation is still developing, we treat it in the hospital.


Name of service The cost
the Endermologie machine Cellu M6 Keymodule I (LPG Systems, France) 1800 rubles
lipomassage on the machine Cellu M6 Keymodule I (LPG Systems, France) 2400 rubles
mesotherapy from 3000 rubles
mesodissolution from 5000 rubles
a surgical thigh lift from 130000 rubles

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