Actress Megan Fox before surgery pictures, Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery

To be honest, the truth lies elsewhere: all it is known that many celebrities have resorted to plastic surgery.

Can you relate to this, but the fact, nevertheless, remains a fact. Besides, the majority of celebrities uses plastic only for the sake of their own image and the image. So, one of the clearest examples is the notorious heroine of the first two parts of the movie «transformers».

Indeed, the actress Megan Fox before plastic and after it is almost two different girls. So what was she before? And what he did with his looks?

Young, talented, cute but simple

If you find and browse photos of her before plastic, you can see normal, fairly cute girl. However, her appearance was significantly inferior to the leading divam Hollywood.

It was rumored that to resort to plastic surgery Megan decided that for the sake of winning popularity.

Unlikely we will know the true cause, but one thing is certain: the current Fox looks much more impressive than the one the young girl.

Today she has a lot of fans, no less, and envious. And they all talk about her looks.

Controversy surrounding this issue are numerous: some doubt whether she did plastic at all, while others say that the actress is nothing left natural. It is difficult to say how many operations were carried out against Megan, but just seen a few of them, which we will discuss below.

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What operations did the actress?

Unbelievable but true

The actress got plastic surgery several times, if you believe the claims in the media and face-to-face opinions of experts in the field of plastic medicine.

Changed the shape of the nose, correct the lips, changed the volume and shape of the breast, was not spared, and Botox. In a word, not just lay on the surgical table.

All changes are different, for example, the new shape of the breast and its volume are very good as well-suited to the proportions of the body, look natural and give the figure more feminine.

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The shape of the lips, on the contrary, has drawn criticism because, first, they turned out to be too plump and not need to be a specialist to notice the trace of surgical intervention, and secondly, the actress acted largely with the aim to copy the beautiful lips of the sexy woman and mother of many children Angelina Jolie.

If we talk about the rhinoplasty, it is also criticized because the nose was slightly pinched, which gives the face a bit too much of arrogance and haughtiness. Many agree that Megan Fox before plastic nose was more natural.

But the interesting thing is that neither the rack nor the plump lips, nor snub nose not caused such a response in female hearts as the shape of the eye. Plastic surgeons noticed that women who come to health centers wishing to change their appearance, but rather the shape of the eye, often bring a picture of Megan Fox.

The shape of the eye Megan very interesting, they seem to smile, but it’s not good-natured and open smile, and a little cunning, a little sly, a little mysterious. In short, it is such a smile, a riddle he wants to solve every man. Here’s how it happens, natural was the most attractive…

Beautiful Breasts

As already noted, one of the most successful operations of the actress consider an operation to increase breast volume.

Indeed, Breasts Megan Fox after surgery became more attractive: the new sizes fit perfectly to the proportions of her figure.

It’s safe to say that the number of male fans after this change it increased with Breasts.

The presence of interference only produces a pronounced depression in the ground and absolutely smooth shape to the bust.

Rhinoplasty and Megan

The media can often meet the assertion that Megan in 23 years made themselves rhinoplasty, i.e. plastic surgery, which is called in medicine a rhinoplasty. The actress does not confirm such statements. Despite this, these statements and publications with a similar name with enviable frequency appear in print and on the Internet. They reported that Megan wanted to make their appearance more European and give the features of a persons elegance. As you know, rhinoplasty can be performed for medical and aesthetic criteria. In the case of the actress had a rhinoplasty at aesthetic basis, that is, her desire, and it was not a forced measure due to injuries or other damage.

Those who claim that the actress resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon, say, Megan Fox plastic surgery only the tip of the nose, that is adjusted not the whole nose.

Botox: was or was not?

A lot of the discussions led around the image of Megan Fox after plastic surgery photos, which the girl absolutely smooth skin. The actress then commented on the statements that she resorted to the services of a cosmetologist to eliminate wrinkles. I must say that it was creative to answer this painful question for many. Then she just briefly answered that injections of botulinum toxin she was injected, but decided to introduce some, in her opinion, very convincing evidence.

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So, in June 2011 on a personal Facebook page, she posted a series of photos entitled «you will never be able to do with the face after Botox». In the photo, the actress is actively mows: brow wrinkled, raising his eyebrows in surprise, drawing his nose and making some other manipulations with your face. In short, Megan shows everyone alive facial expressions, and the fact that it has even shallow but fairly pronounced glabellar wrinkles.

Once those photos become available, those who have accused the actress of deceit and insisted that she still resorted to the services of the injections, still not calmed down. What do you think they justified their opinion? Well, the logic in their words, there really is. Judge for yourself.

Botulinum toxin injections, the skin was smooth, should be carried out regularly. That is why shortly before will come a time of a new session, the skin will appear wrinkles, as Botox does not eliminate the cause, only masks it, because it is a biological process that is largely uncontrolled.

How many had to spend the money?

Since it is impossible to determine the number of performed operations, it is difficult to speak about their value. However, some data do exist. So, there is information about what is allegedly one of the ones Megan gave anonymous interviews on this issue.

During the meeting, sounded the figure «60 thousand dollars.» However, some experienced plastic surgeons have confirmed that the estimated cost of all the visible changes of appearance of Megan Fox after plastic surgery is about this.

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As you can see, even the young stars resort to plastic screens. This is probably inevitable (it is sufficient to look again at photos of Megan Fox before surgery), if you want to succeed. In any case, fans of the Fox is enough, and her appearance is enchanting and at the same time makes you feel a certain envy.

Photos Megan Fox before surgery and after