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Now this technology is used not only to rid of unwanted hair, but also for rejuvenation, treatment of rosacea, removing acne scars and age spots, removal of moles and other skin tumors.

For procedures with the use of aft technology by Alma Lasers has created the Harmony XL device. Apparatus for the SHR (Super Hair Removal) is used nozzle.

It is worth noting that the term «AFT laser hair removal» is not entirely true. No relation to laser technology it has. On the Internet from article to article repeats the same error that this procedure is performed on the unit of Soprano XL, which is a diode laser with wavelength 810 nm.

For example, here is the attachment to the machine:

But the nozzle for diode hair removal:

Aft hair removal is an improved version of hair removal, for which an Israeli company has developed and implemented a number of technological innovations. Below we consider the order each of them.

The mechanism of action of

Advanced Fluorescence Technology is translated as «Advanced fluorescence technology». Its essence is in the use of special filters, which cut off those parts of the spectrum used for hair removal, which are ineffective for hair removal. For hair removal the damage to the hair follicle occurs under the influence of light radiation with a wavelength from 500 to 1200 nm.

Best pigment melanin absorbs short rays with a wavelength of 450-600 nm, but this radiation cannot penetrate deep enough. Because the filters of the apparatus for aft hair removal cut off the left part of the spectrum and leave the light radiation with wavelengths of from 755 to 1,200 nm.

The nozzles use a special system of uniform distribution of radiation, which makes use of a rectangular pulse, not the peak.

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Square pulse allows more intensely and durably affect the melanin of the hair with less expenditure of energy.

Less painful procedure and extensive use of aft hair removal is achieved through the cooling of the skin during the procedure due to the Peltier effect and the use of technology In Motion («In motion»). Technology allows to treat the surface of the skin with no gaps tufts of hair and prevents overheating of the skin.

The pros and cons of technology

The benefits of such hair removal is by means of a filter part of the useless part of the spectrum (up to 700-755 nm) is converted into radiation alloyprocess part of the spectrum. This means that:

  • no the part of the spectrum, which usually causes the damage of the skin, and therefore there is no risk of burns, the probability of occurrence of long, persistent redness;
  • you can apply on the skin with the above sitation III (dark skin);
  • there is no risk of pigmentation, there are no restrictions on sunbathing and the Solarium after the procedure;
  • due to the redistribution of energy between light waves of different lengths from useless to effective gives a much more pronounced effect from cosmetic procedures.

The disadvantage is that in Moscow and other large cities the procedure is relatively new, are not widely available, and are often confused with diode laser hair removal.

Video: instructions for carrying out epilation


  • it is possible to carry out the procedure of hair removal on the legs varicose veins the legs;
  • less pain even on dark skin, because you can do a deep bikini hair removal without anesthesia;
  • suitable for both men and women;
  • removes like hard dark and light hair, except gray;
  • removes ingrown hairs.
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The procedure should avoid women during pregnancy and nursing breast milk. Also it does not execute persons under the age of 18 years.


Two weeks before the procedure aft hair removal can not sunbathe. At this time it is advisable to use sunscreen and how you can spend less time in the sun.

Before the procedure the hair must be shaved off. Write «hemp» is not necessary, as it will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. If you want to leave the strip for Brazilian bikini, this area just leave naabrite. Long hair is a hair removal does not remove.

How is the procedure

Before the first procedure necessarily part of the consultation, during which the visually determined by sutatip skin pigmentation and hair thickness, the ratio of pigmentation of hair and skin colour, skin sensitivity to pain. Sometimes it can be carried out on a small area of the body.

On the skin at the site of the alleged impact of a special gel nozzle do fast movements on the gel, lightly touching the skin. The client feels only a slight tingling sensation. Then any residue washed off or removed with a tissue. The treatment requires little armpits are processed within 15 minutes, deep bikini for 30 minutes.

Video: Remove hair on legs

Skin care after use

Sense skin care after the first or second procedure of aft hair removal comes to preventing ingrown hairs. First, the hair becomes thinner and softer, the strength and the growth rate is slowing down because there’s a risk of ingrowth.

For prevention it is advisable to use soft scrub and a moisturizer. If the propensity to ingrown hairs no, no extra care is required.

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The optimum amount in the course

Usually need 7 to 10 treatments 1 time per month. For each person the duration of the case, based on the effectiveness of hair removal after each treatment. Usually you then need to hold 1 «maintenance» treatments a year.


Area Cost in RUB.
upper lip 2000
chin 2500
cheeks 4500
armpit 4500
breast male 9000
back male 9500
the white line of the abdomen 2500
belly 4500
hands up to the elbow 8000
fully hand 12500
classic bikini 4500
deep bikini 7500
hip 12500
Shin 10500


Photos before and after hair removal AFT

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