After breast mammoplasty — when you become soft, hard, massage,how much it hurts, care, burning


Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery, which changes the size or shape of the breast. If it droops, glandular tissue underneath is removed and the Breasts are fixed in the normal position.

In order to adjust the breast, introduce a special prosthesis.

Indications for surgery:

  • Breasts too small or large in size;
  • asymmetry of the breast;
  • the omission of the mammary glands;
  • reconstruction of a breast after removal.

Looks like

After surgery, the first time the Breasts will be firm and swollen. In some places there will be bruises. It runs for three weeks.

Pain and swelling on the left and right Breasts may appear uneven, which is a normal variant.

Some women during this period experience a «crackling» or «squishing» sensation around the chest or under the skin.

The reason for this is air entering the inside breast pocket in the course of surgery and discharged through the fatty tissue. These feelings do not require special treatment and disappear on their own within 10 days.

What problems you may encounter

Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that can cause complications.

These include:

  • pain, burning and discomfort in the chest after surgery;
  • tissue swelling;
  • asymmetrical position of the breast;
  • and scars;
  • increase or decrease the sensitivity of the nipple or entire sections of the breast;
  • the difficulty in the diagnosis of cancer tumors;
  • contouring of the implant under the skin.


After operating the pain in most cases is weak or moderate and can easily be removed with pain medication prescribed by the doctor.

The hardest is the first week, while gradually the pain disappear.

But in some cases it may appear in later periods.

My chest hurts for reasons such as:

  • purulent inflammation;
  • injury to nerves;
  • improper positioning of implants.


After the mammoplasty in the lower part of the breast may appear burning, indicating hypersensitivity of the skin in this area.

The reason for such discomfort is injury to the nerves during surgery.

All this feeling come over two years after the operation. Within two months after the surgery, you may feel tingling or tingling, which indicates the restoration of sensitivity.

Edema and cyanosis

Swelling of the Breasts after surgery for everyone without exception, and is associated with trauma to the tissues at the time of surgery. During the first two weeks it is a normal variant.

In the future, it may persist for reasons such as:

  • failure to comply with a prescription and early cessation of the compression provided;
  • physical activity before the required time;
  • thermal procedures.

The cause of the swelling of tissues can become further accumulation of serous fluid or blood.

This happens if during the surgery damaged and not sewn with a blood vessels.

Sometimes swelling and cyanosis occurs when a vessel bursts in the process of rehabilitation.

The reasons for this are several:

  • jumps in blood pressure;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • incorrectly selected size of the implant.
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To remedy the defect and remove the accumulated fluid, and then eliminate the cause of its occurrence.

Bruises are not uncommon. They can be located on the side under the breast on the side. This indicates that in the tissue of the pancreas leaked blood.

But it must be remembered that a significant amount of blood in the breast tissue may cause formation of capsules, so you need to consult with your doctor.

Firm to the touch

After surgery, Breasts can be too firm to the touch.

Given that the implant is under the muscle, they become swollen and tense.

In order that the Breasts become soft after mammoplasty, you may need from one to three months, depending on individual characteristics.

Also, the cause of this defect may become dense capsule around the implant.

This is a rare complication, reason of which is:

  • too tight pocket for the implant;
  • too large of an implant;
  • insufficient hemostasis in the absence of drains.
  • the predisposition of the body of the patient, to the formation of a dense capsule;
  • poor quality material for implants.


Occurs if the implant is displaced in any direction.

The causes of asymmetry:

  • incorrectly selected size of the implant;
  • anatomical features of the breast;
  • improper installation of the prosthesis;
  • rupture of the implant. Can occur, if the shell of the prosthesis is too thin or is damaged during surgery. Also a rupture of the implant may occur after injury or because the material for the manufacture of implants of poor quality;
  • the displacement of the implant. Occurs when the placement of an implant of the initially erroneous or cavity size is not appropriate;
  • blowing. Isotonic solution of sodium chloride, which is inside, can be depleted due to diffusion through the valve or shell of the prosthesis


Also, the asymmetry may occur when the abscess.

The abscess appears in the following cases:

  • the rejection of the implant;
  • contact with the wound pathogenic bacteria;

The process begins with a fever and severe pain, which may not always take painkillers.

The skin over the area of inflammation becomes red and hot.

In order to get rid of the festering install the drainage pipe and the prescribed dosage of antibiotics. If it does not give the desired effect, the implant is removed.

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And scars

Before the operation, we need to realize that the thin scars may not disappear completely. In order to make them less visible after the surgery you need to properly care for the skin.

It is necessary to minimize the tension of the tissues around the scar.

For this purpose, a special silicone stickers, and compression underwear. Wear them up until the scars are fully formed.

Not too early to use the creams or ointments for sucking. You need to wait until the scar is fully formed.

If there is a predisposition of the organism to the formation of keloids, the surgery should be abandoned.

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When lowered the chest

After breast augmentation, first breast is too high, uncharacteristic for their position. To worry about it not worth it.

Within two months, the implants are under the influence of the gravitational field is a natural position.

In this case, one party may fall faster than the other. It’s not a reason for concern, because it is a normal variant.

How much pain after breast mammoplasty

When correctly executed the operation, and no complications return to normal activity will take 7 to 10 days. How many will disappear pain depends on individual tolerance.

In most cases, the pain disappears after 5 or 6 days.

But this is pain with active movements of the hand or exercise. It can persist for months.

Is it possible to do massage and when

If the breast augmentation was carried out using a smooth or saline implants, gentle massage of the breast following mammoplasty, can be begin on the sixth day.

Why it is needed:

  • saved space for the implant. It is placed in a special breast pocket. If the implant is smooth, the pockets make more of his size. In the result of healing around it forms scar tissue. But sometimes this capsule thickens and begins to squeeze the implant. This is prevented by a special light massage;
  • the implant is perceived by the body as a foreign body so the immune system reacts in a particular way and tries to limit the material and give as little as possible space, pulling around his skin. Thanks to massage, the implant moves and is soft to the touch.

To continue the breast massage should be 6 months. The first time it should be done at least 5 times a day, then gradually the number of massages is reduced.

The fingers are placed on top of the implant, and he gently pushed in a circle.

Why is it important to follow the recommendations of Dr.

Surgery for breast augmentation is injury where there is a risk of bleeding or complications.

So after the conference, in order to ensure the planned position of the implant should:

  • to wear a compression garment for 4 to 6 weeks. During this period around the implant Matures normal capsule. Also the chest in this case is fixed, that helps avoid accumulation of fluid or excessive mobility of the implant;
  • to take antibacterial medications prescribed by a doctor to prevent the development of infection.

Alarming symptoms that require treatment to the doctor

Should seek the advice of a specialist in the following cases:

  • persistent fever and pain in the chest area;
  • the change in the volume of the implant;
  • the re-emergence of the swelling;
  • deformation of the chest;
  • significant difference in edema and swelling between the left and right Breasts;
  • stone hardness of the breast, where one breast is enlarged;
  • redness that spreads way beyond the seam;
  • a large amount of discharge from the seam, change their color or odor.
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How to care for breast

In order to avoid postoperative complications, requires proper care:

  • you can take a shower on the fifth or seventh day after surgery, but not before;
  • in any case, do not RUB it with a washcloth and not to push;
  • returning home from the clinic, the patient is required to rest as much as possible, avoid stress;
  • all homework must be performed very carefully;
  • 14 days after surgery, gradually return to a simple exercise for the legs, and a small load on the hands, to give not less than six weeks after the surgery;
  • a week after surgery you can return to driving;
  • after surgery, the lower part of the breast will be wrapped up in bandages, which protect the cuts from infection. At first they will bleed. The bandage can not be removed independently, change the medical staff. Fully it will be removed after 14 days and examine postoperative scars;
  • when using bioresorbable filaments, remove sutures do not have to. The surface of the scar can cover the crust that can’t be moved independently, it must fall;
  • postoperative scars and scars do not RUB hard with a towel or subjected to heat or mechanical impact;
  • bath can be taken not earlier than 14 days after the surgery;
  • after a period of wearing compression underwear has expired, you need to wear bras with underwire;
  • need to sleep only on back or side;
  • a month after surgery, the scars will need to apply a special cream to speed healing and prevent scarring;

Useful tips

To mammoplastika went without complications, you need to:

  • carefully choose the doctor who will conduct the surgical intervention;
  • after surgery to observe all rules prescribed by a doctor and take antibiotics;
  • for the first time after surgery to wear a compression garment to support the Breasts;
  • for the first time to avoid physical stress;
  • choose quality implants from well-known manufacturers. First study all the information about their safety.

You must realize that any surgery to change the size of the breast, leads to postoperative discomfort. But all recommendations of your doctor will help to reduce this period to a minimum.