Alcohol after mammoplasty — when you can drink, eat


Today, breast augmentation is one of the most popular medical interventions for the correction of chest. To ensure that the period of rehabilitation after it was successful, you should follow all medical advice.

In this article we will consider the question of when can you drink alcohol after mammoplasty and everything connected with it.

The effect of alcohol on the body

Any surgical intervention, given under anesthesia, is accompanied by potential risks to the health of the patient.

In order to minimize possible complications, doctors are strongly advised to avoid drinking alcohol before surgery and after it.

People who regularly drink alcohol, are such violations in health:

  • deterioration of blood clotting and the development of thrombocytopenia increases the risk of postoperative bleeding;
  • violation of the heart, resulting in arrhythmia (this in turn increases the risk of sudden heart attack during surgery);
  • lowered immunity, resulting in the body is much more difficult to transfer the operation and to cope with the inflammation and infections that often occur after surgery.

Before surgery

Take alcohol before the surgery is strictly prohibited for the following reasons:

  • this operation can always be conducted under anesthesia. Alcohol tends to change the flow of the anaesthetic in a completely unpredictable way (the patient may Wake up from anesthesia prematurely, or conversely, to sleep for a few hours longer);
  • drinking alcohol before surgery can cause intoxication of the organism, resulting in a patient may disrupt breathing and lose heart;
  • if the patient has taken too much alcohol the day before surgery, his liver will be weakened, so that the action of many drugs (painkillers, antibiotics, etc.) may be incomplete. Because of this, the body will not be protected from infection, inflammation, and severe pain;
  • because of a blood clotting disorder that always occurs due to the influence of alcohol, during the operation, a person may open bleeding. This would not only exacerbate the process of introduction of implants in the breast, but also can be serious risk to the life of a woman;
  • due to the fact that alcoholic beverages negatively affect the Central nervous system, after the anesthesia, the woman may experience hallucinations, sputannosti consciousness, respiratory failure, vision loss, etc.;
  • if the patient suffers from chronic alcoholism, he has a great risk of death when injected the anesthesia (such patients need to always enter a smaller dose of anesthesia, since their bodies are severely weakened).
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Based on the above complications, anesthesiologists are strongly advised to stop taking alcohol at least a week before the upcoming mammoplasty to avoid putting your health at risk.

After surgery

Make spirits after operation it is impossible for the following reasons:

  • immediately after mammoplasty, the patient will be assigned a variety of drugs. Their categorical can not be combined with alcohol because it may cause severe adverse reactions in the body:
  • alcohol slows down the healing process;
  • simultaneous reception of analgesic tablets and alcohol can cause the appearance of ulcers and gastritis;
  • enter intravenous antibiotics when combined with alcohol can cause serious disturbances in the nervous system of the patient;
  • alcohol slows down the healing process of damaged tissues and engraftment of the implant;
  • after anesthesia, the alcohol is absorbed in the body much faster, so even a small dose can greatly intoxicate person. This shows it will be much longer;
  • due to the fact that after the operation, all the protective mechanisms in the body is weakened, the intake of alcoholic beverages may contribute to the exacerbation and appearance of new chronic diseases;
  • the influence of alcohol weakens the immune system, so it will be much harder to cope with postoperative infections. In addition, he will be more predisposed to it than non-drinking people.

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What drinks can be consumed

Mammoplasty before you can drink any drinks except alcohol.

It is recommended that greater use fresh juices and fruit compotes, to saturate your body with vitamins before the upcoming surgery.

After this operation allowed to drink:

  • green tea;
  • unsweetened broth from dried fruits;
  • fat-free yogurt;
  • yogurt.
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These drinks will contribute to a good digestion after anesthesia and will not cause nausea.

In addition, the patient is allowed to drink liquid chicken broth (no potatoes, pasta and cereals).

This dish will have a positive impact on the digestive system.

Despite this, prior to the regular food, its menu, it is recommended to check with your doctor.

When can I drink alcohol after mammoplasty

The recommended duration of use of alcohol after mammoplasty is two months after the operation.

During this time, the gastrointestinal tract should be fully recover.

The doctor will give individual recommendations. For example, in two weeks the doctor may allow you to drink a few mouthfuls of dry red wine.

In addition, it is very important that a woman has not taken any medication (painkillers, analgesic, etc.), as from their combining with alcohol in the body may experience strong disturbances.

Why you need to pay attention to the quality and quantity

The number of incoming fluid in the body after surgery plays a very important role, because this will depend on how quickly the woman will come down swelling in the mammary glands.

For this reason, in the first days after operation it is necessary to drink more than two liters of water, tea and compote.

Also, you should know that not all the liquid you can drink after mammoplasty.

Prohibited liquids include:

  • juices;
  • beer;
  • all carbonated beverages;
  • milk.

These drinks trudnosmyvaemye, so weakened the patient after surgery will be difficult to digest them.

Useful tips

In order for the rehabilitation period after the operation took place as easily as possible, you should follow these medical recommendations:

  • to abandon any physical activity (sports, Jogging, fitness, swimming, lifting weights, etc.) on the first two or three months after the surgery;
  • not to sit behind the wheel of a car sooner than three days after surgery (after anesthesia, all reactions may be somewhat inhibited, so the woman would just not be able to respond quickly to changes in the road);
  • do not sign any documents or make important decisions within two days after the operation as after it the body, especially the nervous system, is still in a sluggish and inactive state (the person can be sleepy, slow, etc.);
  • not to make pain medications that were not prescribed by a doctor. This can lead to extremely adverse consequences. Allowed to take only those medications that were prescribed by a doctor;
  • in the first five days after mammoplasty can not raise hands up, to sleep on my stomach or side (this may cause displacement of implants, the formation of a haematoma and tearing of the joints);
  • two months after correction of the breast need to be mandatory daily wear compressor lingerie that will fix the Breasts;
  • it is recommended to sleep on a high pillow for two weeks after mammoplasty;
  • you should refrain from intimacy for two months after surgery, so as not to injure the chest;
  • in order to prevent the formation of adhesions at the seams, you should use the ointment «Mederma»;
  • in the first month after mammoplasty can’t wear a bra with the «bones», as it maybe too hard to compress the breast;
  • to relieve swelling during rehabilitation it is recommended to do light massage of the mammary glands;
  • six months after surgery need to abstain from going to the sauna, the Solarium and on the beach. Also, in the future, you should avoid contact with the Breasts to direct sunlight.
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Following the above tips, breast implants will be most successful and yield the expected result.