Almond peeling — what is it, reviews, prices, photos before and after, indications and contraindications, at home

Mandelic acid belongs to the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA-acids), which are better known as fruit acids. Chemical name is hydroxy-phenylglycol. Receive this substance from the kernels of bitter almonds, because it’s a completely natural product.

By itself, it refers to toxic substances. But keep in mind the fact that in concentrated form it can irritate skin, cause burns of different degree, up to the appearance of blisters.

The basic properties of acids

  • keratolytic effect (exfoliating): it is capable to destroy the ties between the individual scales of the Horny layer of the epithelium and thus promotes more rapid skin renewal;
  • antiseptic properties before the advent of antibiotics the calcium salt of mandelic acid is used for the treatment of infectious cystitis, and now she copes with the bacteria that cause acne;
  • comedolytic action is achieved in two main ways – by the exfoliation of the epithelium in the region of the orifices of the sebaceous glands and dissolution of black pixels in contact with the acid in the pores;
  • relatively large molecules
  • do not penetrate deeply into the skin, because the effect of almond peel confined to the epidermis;
  • no reduces the activity of melanocytes – cells responsible for the appearance of sunburn and hyperpigmentation, because pigment spots become lighter and disappear only by exfoliation;
  • does not affect the intensity of formation of collagen and elastin of the skin: smooth the fine lines and pores is due to the reduction in the thickness of the dead layer of the epidermis and make it elastichnost;
  • the molecules of mandelic acids penetrate the skin relatively slowly, because the procedure can be carried out with the thin and sensitive skin.

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Who is peeling mandelic acid?

Almond peeling as samostoyatelnaya procedure can be shown to young people with problem skin to eliminate the fat, as a remedy for pimples and blackheads. Patients older can be used as preparation for uhodom procedures for deeper penetration of active ingredients into the skin and median peelings.

This summer the peeling?

For healthy skin, with no tendency to the formation of pigment spots, this peel is safe. Especially if immediately after the procedure, not tanning and use a sunscreen at least the first three weeks.

Almond peeling is now often recommended for use in the spring and summer months. But certain restrictions for it are those who already have or were pigmentation, whatever the reason, it caused.

If there is pigmentation or patient not so long ago got rid of it, any kind of peels are best left to the autumn and winter. The reason for such caution with the existence of the skin of some mechanisms of protection from harmful solar radiation, one of which is thickening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis in the summer months.

If you deliberately destroy the skin protection from ultraviolet radiation and not to create her protective shield with the help of sunscreens, you can get complications.

With rosacea

Rosacea is not a contraindication. After the procedure due to compression of the skin, the best moisturizing and normalize the sebaceous glands of the severity of the vascular network may be reduced. By desquamation may disappear papules (acne rosacea).

But no therapeutic action of almond peels for rosacea has not.

To treat and care for skin with rosacea used azelaic exfoliating and beauty products for home use with azelaic acid.

Indications for

  • excessive oiliness of the skin, oily seborrhea;
  • acne, acne, acne disease easy and moderate severity;
  • the presence of skin lesions of hyperpigmentation, poor complexion, signs of photoaging;
  • hyperkeratosis, roughness and roughness of the skin;
  • the presence of small surface wrinkles;
  • melasma;
  • lentigines;
  • poor tolerance of glycolic peels;
  • 3-4 skin phototypes according to Fitzpatrick;
  • folliculitis.


  • pregnancy and period of breastfeeding of the child;
  • fresh tan;
  • viral (warts, herpes, molluscum contagiosum), bacterial and fungal (microsporia, trichophytosis) diseases of the skin;
  • the presence of purulent Risa on the skin in the treated area;
  • the presence of abrasions, cuts, wounds, scratch-free and in place of peeling;
  • decompensated diseases of the cardiovascular system and internal organs;
  • Oncology;
  • colds, accompanied by a rise in body temperature;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • tuberculosis;
  • psoriasis;
  • atopic dermatitis in the acute phase;
  • retinoids topically or inside;
  • the holding of traumatic skin cosmetic procedures (microdermabrasion, laser, etc) in less than 4-5 weeks to almond peeling;
  • allergic to any components of the preparation for peeling.
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The main drugs are presented in the salons of Russia

Mediderma (Mediderma)

The company has been successfully engaged in the development and manufacture of products for exfoliation. Almond peeling Mediderma 2 – aqueous-alcoholic solution and gel exfoliant.

  • The water-alcohol solution Mandelac

Unlike gel gives a more rapid effect, which is manifested by the appearance of white residue on the skin after a few minutes after applying the product. In the composition of water-alcohol drug mandelic acid 40%, Dimethicone 1%. HP solution is 1.5.

Packaging – glass bottle with a volume of 60 ml. Usually water-alcohol solution does not require neutralization as the acid quickly «falls» into the skin where the catalyst to get it simply can’t. Because drug residues wash off with abundant water.

  • Gel exfoliant Mandela

Acts more slowly compared with the water-alcohol solution, but deeper. Indicated for patients with melasma and wrinkles. Before the advent of the white mask on the face is more time.

Gel the drug penetrates into the skin gradually. Therefore it is advisable to neutralize the remnants of the acid in the layer of gel and then rinse any residue with water. The drug: mandelic acid 50%, Dimethicone of 1.05%. No solution is 2.0. Packed in a plastic bottle with a volume of 100 ml.

To prepare for the procedure the developers cosmetics Mediderma recommend:

  • Almond scrub Mandelac Scrub Face and Body.

In the scrub contains mandelic acid 1%, aloe Vera, chamomile, polypropylene balls and chlorhexidine digluconate.

  • Mandelac moisturizing gel Moisturising Gel that contains 8% mandelic acid and 5% glukuronova acid;

  • Mandelac moisturizing cream, Moisturising Cream, consisting of mandelic acid 5% and 5% glukuronova acids, vitamins E and C, allantoin and lecithin

  • Moisturizing serum Mandelac Serum Moisturising, which enters 10% mandelic acid, hyaluronic acid and chlorhexidine digluconate.

The gel has a light texture, which is no fats and oils, and is designed to prepare for peeling, oily skin, seborrheic skin, skin prone to acne. The gel is applied 1-2 times a day. The cream texture is more dense. Because the cream is more suitable for normal and sensitive skin, skin with signs of photoaging. Apply it 1 time a day morning or evening.

Can be used as a makeup base. The serum comes in capsules and is intended for the preparation to the procedure of peeling in patients with age-related changes of the skin such as sagging skin, wrinkles, blemishes. Apply on the face 1-2 times a day.

Typically, the scrub and the gel/cream/serum on the choice of the beautician shall be appointed for two or three weeks before the first exfoliation. But some beauticians, to meet the wishes of customers who want to save on a pre-peeling care, just applied for the first time a smaller amount of the drug to the peel and keep it on the skin less time than it should have under the Protocol procedure. Is it worth saving, you decide.

How is the procedure

Stage 1. Purification. Removal from skin of dirt and cosmetics made with milk and tonic Hidraderm.

Stage 2. Degreasing. Degreasing is performed with a special liquid Degreasing Solution.

Stage 3. The application of acid. Sensitive skin areas like eye corners, the junction of the skin in the nasal mucosa and red border of the lips are protected by special protecting drug SilkSES.

Aqueous-alcoholic solution or gel can be applied separately, and you can combine them in one procedure.

  • Water-alcohol solution Mandelic applied to the skin with a cotton swab homogeneous layer. After about 4-5 minutes there is a white mask on the skin in the places where was applied drug. After the mask you can apply one or two layer product for deeper penetration of mandelic acid in the skin.
  • Gel Exfoliant applied to the skin, even layer. The gel in 2-3 minutes are easy to massage until the white mask.
  • Gel Exfoliant you can apply a second layer after the alcohol and water solution for a more uniform and gradual penetration.

Washed out the drug for peeling large quantities of water.

Stage 4. Final. After washing, wipe the skin with Hidraderm cleansing milk and apply a layer of cream AcGlicolic.

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In the post-peeling period you can continue to use daily those cosmetic preparations which are recommended for skin preparation procedure.

It is mandatory to use sunscreen makeup with SPF SunySeS 80.

Martinex (Martinex)

Drugs for peels, pre-peeling preparation and postelnogo care is presented in a series MedicControlPeel. Almond peeling MandelicPeel contains 40% almond acid.

For pre-peeling preparation used cream PrePeel Light or PrePeel Medium or Anti Acne Complex, depending on skin condition and problems to be solved. The cream is applied at night after cleansing with a special Cleanser mousse Mousse for 2-3 weeks. In the morning apply on the skin sunscreen Mediscreen.

Protocol procedures

1 step. Purification.

Washing of the skin is performed using a special mousse. Mousse is applied to the skin is distributed in soft circular motions and left for 15-20 seconds, then rinse. The face after washing you must dry.

Step 2. With a brush peeling solution is applied to the skin of the face in this order: forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, nose, eyelids.

Forever the solution is applied in a thin uniform layer without affecting the ciliary margin of the eyelids. Is the drug on the skin for 1-5 minutes. A sign that the procedure must be completed, is the appearance of slight reddening of the skin.

Important!!! The drug does not constitute a «white mask», which usually beauticians determine the effectiveness of the procedure. Because it is a slight reddening of the skin is the signal to start neutralizing the acid.

The catalyst is applied in the reverse order: the eyelids, nose, chin, cheeks, temples, forehead. After the reaction, neutralization of the drug residues are washed abundantly with water.

Step 3. Final.

After washing the skin to apply a special mask with antioxidants VC-IP Mask for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. Closes the face cream VegeFarma.

Post-peel care

The first two days the customer is recommended to use the cream VegeFarma, then you can go to the Postpeel cream Light or Postpeel Active, or Anti Acne Complex. Within 3 weeks after the procedure it is mandatory the use of sunscreen Mediscreen.

Natinoal (Natinuel)

The Spanish cosmetics company has long been known to cosmeticians.

To obtain a good effect right after the procedure, the developers peels, Natinoal rejected the idea monolingo when one drug is present in only one acid, and has created five combined means:

  • almond peeling Mandelic Peel: almond, blocka, lactic acid, glycolate;
  • exfoliating AHAs-BHA 25%: glycolic, mandelic, malic, lactic, and salicylic acid;
  • peeling antioxidant AHA-AKA 35%: glycolic, almond, wine, pyruvic and phytic acid;
  • antioxidant exfoliating AHAS-BKA 40%: glycolic, pyruvic, mandelic, phytic acid and wood resin Boswella Serrata;
  • peeling anti-acne: glycolic, mandelic, pyruvic, azelaic, salicylic acid, cyclodextrin, retinol.

All preparations for peeling, Natinoal necessarily neytralizuya before washing out.

A distinctive feature of the peels, natinoal is the almost complete absence of peeling and irritation, because immediately after the peel, you can continue with your daily life. But the effect of them is above all praise, as even after one treatment the skin is noticeably firmer, its colour becomes more even, visibly smoothed skin defects.

Renovis (Renophase)

Almond peeling Renophase in addition to almond acid contains kojic acid and arbutin components, lightens dark spots, and complex of phytoestrogens that have anti-inflammatory action and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Brightening and soothing ingredients penetrate deep into the skin as a result of baking acids on the epidermis, and by a special transport system PRP-hydrogel-matrix, which is the development company of Renovus.

Kosmoteros (Kosmoteros Professonel)

French cosmetics manufacturer adheres to the bio-concepts, according to which the makeup should be free of parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances.

Kosmoteros was released recently and is a novelty on the Russian market of cosmetic services.

Post-peel care — General rules

On the first day after the peel it is not recommended to expose the skin to high temperatures (sauna, steam bath, steaming), chlorinated water (pool, washing).

You should not engage in heavy physical work or sport, as it promotes perspiration. Sweat can irritate the injured acid the skin and contribute to the conservation of irritation and redness.

After must use sunscreen or a powder with SPF not lower than 30.

How often can I do

Currently developed several schemes of carrying out of almond peel. Which one suits a specific person, usually solves the beautician, on the basis of what drugs are available and what evidence is there of the patient. Classic course almond peeling is performed as follows: 1 procedure 1 every 7-10 days. The course may be conducted 6-10 treatments.

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More often it is used simultaneously with mechanical cleaning. The composition for peeling is applied before or after mechanical cleaning. When applied prior to the procedure facilitates the extraction of blackheads and pimples due to loosening of the skin. Trauma to the skin is much less as there is less reason to use the spoon UNO, loop or spear.

If the client cleaning is easy, but remains expressed dot of redness on the skin, then the drug can be applied after cleaning. In this case, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action of mandelic acid provides a rapid disappearance of the redness and irritation of the skin.

Cost in salon

The average price of treatments in different salons ranging from 2,500 to 7,000 rubles and depends on many factors: used cosmetic lines, the number of stages of the procedure, when after peeling can be applied serums, masks, alginates for deeper hydration and more. Therefore always check with the salon that you can offer for the money you pay for the procedure.

If the cabin is not a basic vaporizer and you will be asked to pre-steaming of the skin sitting over a bowl with a decoction of chamomile, this procedure cost a lot of money can not by definition.

Almond peeling at home

Yourself this procedure can be done with the help of salon tools. That is why the article is so detailed stages of preparation, carrying out peels and poselenova care. Buy professional products is now not only the residents of the capital and major cities. Most online stores, send their goods by mail in all regions of Russia.

The cost of professional cosmetics high. But its expense on one procedure is minimal, because you can buy drugs in clubbing with friends or just to buy drugs for two or three seasons peelings. To get an idea about how technically are the main stages of the peeling procedure, view the following video.

Video: Homemade Exfoliating Scrub Coconut-Almond

You can spend at home, the procedure is a lot like the scrub rather than peeling, but also using almonds and acids. Variants of preparation of the drug several. Here are the main ones.

Recipe for face

Take 1 rounded tbsp ground almonds, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal. half a tablespoon of powdered milk. Mix. Add a little water to make a homogeneous mass consistency of thick cream.

The mixture should be applied on face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Close the face after a home peel, you can use any cream, chosen for your skin type.

Recipe homemade body peeling

Take 2 tablespoons of ground almonds, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal 5 ml of water, 10 ml of aloe juice, 1 tablespoon of almond oil and kaolin, a few drops of lavender essential oil. Components mix and fill with water whose temperature is 60-70 ° C. Give them a little to thicken and apply it on the skin for 10-15 minutes. You can close the composition of the cellophane, but no more than 10 minutes. Rinse the part with warm water. Can be applied on top or a warming anti-cellulite body cream.

The before and after photos

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