Aloe from wrinkles — around the eyes, juice, mask, at home

Composition and properties

Aloe Vera — a bright representative of succulents (from the Latin.succulentus, «juicy»). These plants are made up of special tissues that store water well.

In this group are the cacti, most species of Euphorbia, aloe, lithops and others. Being able to store water, succulents accumulate a significant amount of nutrients.

At home growing agave (aloe) and aloe artisanal. This plant is used all over the world. Cultivate huge plantations of the «miracle doctor».

In aloe contain:

  • about 30 minerals.
  • 20 amino acids, 7 of which are essential (not produced endogenously);
  • sugars (fructose, glucose);
  • vitamins (group B1, B2, B3, B6, B12; A, C, E);
  • enzymes (enzymes).

The plant has many useful properties:

  1. is a biogenic stimulant,
  2. provides adaptogenic, antiseptic, laxative, diuretic, General tonic effect.
  3. stimulates non-specific protection mechanisms of the body.

Properties of the plant relative to the skin:

  1. soothes irritation;
  2. moisturizes and softens the skin;
  3. promotes tissue repair;
  4. reduces the amount of free radicals;
  5. improves elasticity;
  6. antiseptic.

Reducing the impact of negative factors (by removing the irritation by reducing free radicals, destroying microorganisms) and supporting regeneration, moisturizing and give elasticity to the skin, aloe prevents the development of wrinkles and effectively treats existing.

Some sources claim that aloe Vera stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, thereby prevents the appearance of new wrinkles.

There were the work of that aloe not only moisturizes the skin but also involved in the regulation of one of the balance cells. This suggests that even after applying the effect of aloe should be visible for a long time.


Absolute contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • pregnancy;
  • children up to 1 year.

Relative contraindications:

  • chronic renal failure;
  • congestive heart failure;
  • hypertension;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • inflammation of the bladder;
  • inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract;
  • hemoptysis;
  • the stones of the biliary tract.

But in most cases these contraindications is relevant when applying a large amount of aloe inside.

How to cook

It is desirable to use the plant, which is 3-4 years. The leaves are cut off near the trunk.

Best to use lower leaves. In order to «prepare» the plant should not be watered for a week. Then wrap the leaves in a cloth or foil and put in the refrigerator (4 degrees Celsius) for two weeks.

The plant is protected by a biological activation of the negative factors of the environment (no light, cold, hunger) produces «fear hormones» that have a positive effect on the skin. After activating the sheet may be softer, but the amount of nutrients per unit volume will increase significantly.

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Preparation of pure juice:

  • Thoroughly wash the leaves under running water.
  • After the rinse the boiled.
  • Cut the skin from all sides, blend gel, squeeze the juice, it is convenient to do it in blender.
  • Strain through cheesecloth. The juice is ready.
  • You can pour the juice into molds for ice and long-term storing.

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Recipes masks of aloe juice from wrinkles

Face mask with aloe from wrinkles easy to prepare at home. Often, the problem with the availability of suitable plants and required for the biological activation. Recipes masks simple, here are a few examples of masks from wrinkles. Volumes are for 1 day of application.

Firming mask:

  1. Take 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and 1 egg white.
  2. Beat well, apply 2-3 layers for 10 minutes.
  3. It is very effective against wrinkles, but often the effect is short-lived. You can do it before you «go public».

Another recipe:

  • 1 tsp of seaweed powder, 1 tablespoon of aloe juice, 1/2 tbsp of melted honey, 1 ampoule of vitamin E.
  • Before applying wash your face with hot water.
  • The mask is applied and massage gently for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat procedure 2 times a week.
  • Rate 14-20 masks.

Mask with chamomile:

  1. Baby cream (in this case acts as a base), 2 tbsp. l. aloe juice, 1 tablespoon of honey.
  2. Mixed substance apply 2 times a day.
  3. Wash off after 10 minutes.

For dry and normal skin:

  • 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and 1 teaspoon of mustard oil and stir.
  • Apply to skin with a cotton swab.
  • Exposure of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Remaining oil can not be washed and get wet a clean linen towel.

Sesame oil half tsp, half tsp honey, 1 tsp aloe juice. The resulting mixture is applied on the face. Wash off after 10 minutes.


  • Aloe Vera juice — 1 teaspoon, cream — 1 teaspoon lemon juice 5 drops.
  • Apply 2 times a day.
  • Pustules on the skin are contraindications to the application of nourishing masks.
  • After 15 minutes rinse with warm and then with cold water. Apply a nourishing cream.


  1. Mix 3 tablespoons of heavy cream, 1 egg yolk, 1 tbs. liquid honey, 2 tsp of aloe juice.
  2. Apply for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Rinse.
  4. Apply the cream, which is used daily.

Extraplastidic care:

  • Required ripe sour-sweet fruits such as apricot, peach, and raspberry.
  • The flesh of the fruit, wipe the face.
  • Fruit acids prepare the skin to the effects of aloe.
  • Fruit removing the mask from the face, apply the aloe juice after adding the 2 drops of essential oil of Jasmine or lavender.
  • If you have dry skin you can apply in several layers. After 15 minutes, remove the mask with lukewarm water.
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Can apply on eye area

Aloe from wrinkles around the eyes can be applied.

As the aloe release, even in the injection solution and used in various branches of medicine, nothing to worry about.

Unless, of course you have no adverse reactions or contraindications.

The skin around the eyes depleted by the sebaceous glands, resulting in less natural protection from the damaging factors of the external environment. In this area is rapidly formed swelling, swelling. After 25 years with the region have problems.

Properly care for skin around eyes, apply makeup remover on a swab, leave for a few minutes, after remove makeup by massaging.

When applying aloe from wrinkles around the eyes also need to observe the massage lines. On the lower century is a direction from the outer corner of the eye to the nose and the upper in the opposite direction.

Pure juice can be applied overnight. Numerous sources claim that the effect is visible already after the first application.

You can wipe the ice cubes from the juice of the aloe. Tones and invigorates the skin.

Indeed, you will definitely see the discoloration of the skin, it will be naturally matte. The bruising will decrease due to lifting (vascular pattern is not so clear). If it will help to get rid of wrinkles is more dependent on the type and maturity of the skin. But the reduction of wrinkles for several hours after a proper application is guaranteed.

Are there any side effects

Even Paracelsus said: «All is poison, all — medicine; that, and the other defines dose». Adverse reactions can be caused by any substance, but the important dose. Most adverse reactions relate to the use of aloe in or injecting.

These include:

  1. allergic reactions;
  2. increase in blood pressure;
  3. hyperthermia;
  4. diarrhea.

Applying aloe topically is unlikely to develop adverse reactions in addition to allergic.

In order to avoid them enough before application to run allergodil. Run it with pure aloe juice and mask.

Apply a small amount of what will make a mask on the inner surface of the forearm. If within half an hour the reaction is not identified, you can apply. Possible delayed reaction the delayed type. Security can only be judged after 48 hours.

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Whether used in beauty salons

Aloe Vera for face is used in many beauty salons. You yourself can see this writing on the Internet or going to the nearest salon.

But most use the newfangled creams, gels, masks which cost a lot of money to get more benefit for themselves.

Just imagine what is the size of the greenhouse and how much of aloe that need to provide constant care for 3-4 years.

Some salons acquire already grown leaves or a ready-made juice. But it’s easier to make masks with aloe extract from the ampoule. As most often in beauty salons you can meet with true aloe juice that you can prepare at home, and with his «substitutes».

Retention rules

Pure aloe juice for a long period of time can be stored frozen. But the usefulness is slightly reduced. In the liquid mask, you can add vodka in the amount of 20% from the mask. But alcohol has tannins that dry the skin. For the application of masks from wrinkles is not desirable.

Better to do portions of the masks or juice for use from 5 to 7 days. After use put it in the refrigerator. To ensure that the bacteria have settled in your mix. Observe the consistency, color, smell.

Given the above we can draw the following conclusions. Aloe Vera «natural doctor» which is used worldwide for the treatment of many diseases. A large amount of minerals, amino acids and vitamins has many positive effects on the skin. Aloe Vera juice is considered effective in the fight against wrinkles. Try to improve your skin.

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