Alopecia in children (alopecia) , hair loss in children — causes, treatment, symptoms and signs photo

Unlike adults, children have much more reasons that can trigger alopecia, and for each age has its certain reasons.

As a rule, many parents do not consider it fast thinning hair child something meaningful. Many still believe that children should be cut off, the hair grew thicker, girls cut short, so as not to injure the hair while combing, etc.

And few people know that excessive hair loss is the same symptom as fever, cough or runny nose. Only the reasons for the emergence of such symptoms is much more, and often find the cause can only be a doctor, and at times may require the joint work of doctors of several specialties.

Treatment of alopecia in children are universal for all cases no. In each concrete case treatment is appointed only after examination and establishment of the main diagnosis, symptom of which is increased hair loss in children.

What are some forms of alopecia in children:

  • diffuse alopecia;
  • focal alopecia.

Baldness in children of different age

In newborns and children first year of life

All the little kids doing the same: they all actively learn about the world, and they are predisposed to the development of rickets, especially those who were born in the fall and have not received a sufficient amount of ultraviolet in the first months of life.

But because an infant there are two main reasons why they have noticeably thin hairs on the nape:

  • constant friction from that the child moves head;
  • hair loss as one of the manifestations of rickets.

Rickets is usually only hair loss does not occur. There are a number of signs that suggest disease. Because if the problem is your kid you care about, pay attention to it by your pediatrician. The treatment prescribed by the doctor after examination and necessary tests.

Congenital form of alopecia that is caused by genetic defects. Usually the hair falls out and stops growing on the head is total alopecia. On the face and whole body – alopecia universal. Total alopecia may also cause loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.


Some children 1-2 years, rarely up to 3 years, has a habit of constantly patting yourself on the head or pull their own hair. This habit is one of such characteristic of the child’s habits, as thumb sucking or pacifiers, the need to pull at the blanket. Typically, such a habit can be ignored.

But if repetitive movements lead to increased hair loss, the hair can be cut shorter, so they are exposed to smaller mechanical stress. This behavior may continue in the 3-5 years, but then it is a reason to go to a child psychologist to determine the cause and resolve problem behaviour.

Children 3 years and older

At this age the child begins to interact with other children in the children’s collective, with animals outside the city. Hence, more frequent appearance in children fungal infection, which can lead to rounded foci of baldness. These include:

  • microsporia of the scalp;
  • Strigoi zoster.

The disease is diagnosed by the presence of mycelium of the fungus in scrapings from the skin lesion. Treated fungal diseases with antifungal shampoos and ointments, in severe cases, antifungal drugs inside.

At the same age begin to appear the first cases of traction alopecia, as a mom trying to comb a child better in school and often pull too much hair, collecting them in a ponytail, or braiding too tight braids.

Alopecia areata in children (alopecia) also appears in children 3 years and older.

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To date there are no studies that could explain the causes of the disease.

Because most adhere to the theory about the autoimmune origin of alopecia areata: disruptions in the immune system lead to the fact that they recognize its own cells tissues as foreign and attack them.

In favor of this theory are the following facts:

  • pockets of hair loss in alopecia areata are formed quickly, usually within 1 day;
  • the skin in the foci is not changed: no peeling, signs of inflammation;
  • good effect gives the use of corticosteroids that have immunosuppressive action (suppress activity of the immune system).

Over time foci of hair loss may merge and lead to total alopecia.

Treatment of alopecia areata exist, you can assign and adjust depending on the visible effect only a doctor. The result of treatment can be very different: some hair is completely restored, for others, the disease may gradually progress despite ongoing therapy.

Pseudopelade Brock – another form of patchy baldness, which is characterized not only hair loss but the irreversible atrophy of the skin of the scalp.

Unlike the superficial mycoses of the skin in the foci no crusts, broken hair and signs of inflammation. Unlike alopecia areata the skin in the lesions becomes thinner, it becomes smooth and shiny.

The outlines of the lesions resemble flames. Hair restoration in the foci subsequently occurs. Treatment can only stop the spread of skin atrophy to the adjacent areas.

Age 6-7 years

Usually at this age the children go to school. The expectations of parents increase, thus increasing the psychological burden on children that may affect their health and well-being. At this age, manifested such diseases as trichotillomania and telogen alopecia.

Trichotillomania is a disorder in which the child has the need to pull out your own hair.

Own child is not able to control this habit, because usually need help of a psychiatrist.

Most often hair loss with trichotillomania focal. The hairs are broken at different distances from the skin. Hearths of broken hair gradually expanded.

Often such obsessive-compulsive disorder only the ejection of the hair is accompanied by the habit to eat your hair. Because these children in the stomach to form clumps of undigested hair.

The disorder responds well to treatment if it is begun in time. The hair on the injured areas are restored.

Telogen alopecia is the reaction of the hair follicles on any problems in the body.

Its causes can be:

  • worm infestation;
  • any disease, especially if it is accompanied by fever and severe intoxication;
  • medication (children most often these drugs are antibiotics);
  • overdose of vitamin A;
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • prolonged stress (the need to adapt to schools and new requirements to the child);
  • meager, monotonous diet;
  • diseases of the thyroid gland.

Telogen hair loss in itself does not require treatment. Requires identifying and eliminating the causes that caused it. Usually hair starts to fall out after a few weeks-a month after the acute effects on the body.

Duration can be up to 6 months. Then some time is required the hair follicles to regain their normal functioning. About a year after the start of the telogen baldness, the hair density is restored.

Irrespective of age the hair of children is different from adult hair more brittle, prone to dryness if not properly maintained, exposure to loss because of the easy coming of imbalances in the body.

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If the child has no serious illness, and all the important reasons that could cause hair loss is resolved, you can take note of our simple tips on the proper care and prevent the development of alopecia in the future.

What NOT to do for the treatment of alopecia in children

To cut it off

Each child is gradually formed a sense of themselves. and in this view a hair have a certain value. So even a short haircut after a long period of wearing long hair for a small child uncomfortable.

Being shorn bald, the children experience a double stress: changing his appearance, and he ceases to be similar to other people from their environment, where all go with the hair. To increase density, this technique does not work, because the amount of hair on the skin of the scalp, the thickness and the average life of each hair is determined genetically and can only be slightly adjusted nutrition and care.

Use essential oils and plant extracts and tar

The essential oil in its pure form can cause burns of the skin. The vast majority of essential oils, even diluted it is prohibited to use children in their ability to cause allergies.

Use oil masks

In children the sebaceous glands are still very imperfect, because the application of masks from oils is undesirable. The oil can be mixed with water and emulsifier (can be bought in shops of the components for making homemade cosmetics).

The effect of this mask on your skin and hair will be like butter, but the blockage or disruption of the sebaceous glands will not.

To apply cosmetic preparations for the treatment of hair loss intended for adults

Causes of hair loss in children and adults are not identical, because of therapeutic and cosmetic products must be chosen with regard to the age and the reasons that triggered the alopecia.

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What can you do to strengthen hair from a baby

To properly wash your hair

Often modern parents tend to bathe your baby every day. It’s good from the standpoint of hygiene, and promotes rapid fall asleep in the evening. Usually, after swimming for body skin use moisturizer. And the scalp is left without a protective lipid film. This can lead to significant dryness of the scalp and worsening of the condition of the hair.

To prevent excessive drying of the skin of the hairy part, you need to use baby shampoo and a spray for easy combing hair and use it once a week and on other days, rinse the hair decoction of herbs, such as chamomile, rosemary, birch leaves, nettle. Baby hair is not salted as fast as the hair of adults, because washing the herbs will be enough for complete purification.

To monitor the diet of the child

There will be harmful as excessive feeding, and the paucity of the diet. For healthy hair it is important adequate intake of protein intake, vitamins and minerals.

Maliek it is not necessary to force-feed, or constantly Express their concern and dissatisfaction with the fact that the little child ate. Psychological stress also contributes to the health of the body in General and hair in particular.

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Help there will be a balanced vitamin-mineral complexes, matched for age and supplementation of fish oil.

Fish oil can be given in capsules, because of its unpleasant taste now the kiddies are not a hindrance. The fish oil contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in optimum concentrations. These acids are beneficial to the health of the cardiovascular system, improve skin, hair and nails.

Easy to do moisturizing mask, with a marked dryness of the skin and hair of the child

The most simple, effective, and safe face mask for kids is this:

  • 1 teaspoon of black radish juice;
  • 1 teaspoon of aloe juice (can be fresh, ready shop, but without the alcohol);
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil.

All components are mixed and applied to the skin of the baby’s head is already in the bathroom during bathing. Mask should be spread on the scalp with gentle massaging movements and leave for 5 minutes. The hair is then rinsed with normal baby shampoo.

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Another version of the mask like this:

  • 1 teaspoon milled in a slurry of pine nuts;
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil (can substitute olive unrefined);
  • 1 teaspoon of milk.
  1. Pulp to be mixed with milk.
  2. When you need milk you can add a little more.
  3. The mixture insist 2 hours.
  4. Add the oil and stir.

Ideal in this recipe to add the yeast at the tip of a knife, but the smell of yeast is usually too unpleasant for the kids, and they can opt out of the use of the mask. The mask is applied to hair just as well in the bath and left for 20 minutes and then washed off with a mild shampoo.

It is not necessary to use masks mustard or red chili pepper, even in dilution.

These components are popular among supporters of the popular ways to care for your scalp and hair. But such means children can cause unbearable itching and irritation on the skin is pleasant warmth, a familiar adult.

Correctly comb hair

Be to comb the hair from ends to roots, especially if your hair is long. Hair, prone to frizz, it is best not to wear loose, especially on the street.

Choose loosely hairstyles

It is better to give preference to such hairstyles that do not pull much hair and do not hurt the skin. It could be ponytail, and braid, and a bun. The most important thing is to create a hairstyle to use soft elastics and these clips that do not scratch the skin.