Ampoules against hair loss — overview, reviews, the comparison of Constant Delight, Vichy, Loreal, Kerastase, etc


On the one hand it is good because now you don’t have to pay for a salon procedure, you can just apply the ampoule the drug on the hair of the user at home.

And on the other side of the ampoule are not produced only lazy, because you need to be vigilant and not to rely solely on advertising promises and unimaginable prices.

How to know when you really need

Before you go to Sephora or the drugstore, it is necessary to find out, and whether in fact you have the increased hair loss that can stop cosmetic or cosmeceutical agents.

With a quick test: a strand of hair from the temporal or frontal region must be routed between two fingers. If between the toes remains five or more hair, then you have a reason to think. If there are four or less, then the purchase of the vials from falling out can be canceled.

Important! The test is conducted on the third or fourth day after shampooing or scalp massage. Typically, during such manipulations the hair fall out more, and then for a few days hair loss is reduced.

When you brush your hair, pay attention to whether they have white bulbs on the tips. If your hair falls out, then the ends are whitish thickenings if they break off, both of the hair will be the same in color and thickness.

Against breakage of ampoule preparations are chosen with the corresponding effect of the products against falling powerless here.

The following method of determining the presence of excessive hair loss is counting the number of hairs that have left the head for the day.

On the third or fourth day after shampooing counted the hair on the pillow and linens in the morning and all the hairs on your comb after each brushing. Normally, the number of fallen hairs should not exceed 60-80.

Norm is the loss of 100 hairs just in case, if you notice the abundant fluff from the newly regrown hairs in the forehead and on the parting.

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In some cases, they will help?

So, suppose you have installed increased hair loss. Now we have to deal with, as all ampoule drugs can help only in cases of diffuse hormonal alopecia (hair loss that occurs evenly across the scalp). The first thing to do is to pay attention to the density of hair in different parts of the head and to compare the state of each area to its condition in the past. The most significant areas are the forehead, crown, temporal region, the region of the parting, if you are doing it in the same place constantly.

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If the hairline has noticeably moved to one side of the crown, the hair parted on the crown and at the temples have thinned noticeably stronger than in the neck, it is a chance to contact a trichologist.

It is possible that increased hair loss are caused by hormones and increased sensitivity to them of the hair follicles. To treat this condition alone is not worth it because you miss time.

If your hair falls out evenly over the entire head, it is possible to suspect any stress effect on the organism in the recent past:

  • a strict diet, monotonous poor nutrition;
  • large volumes of work in tight deadlines, chronic lack of sleep, conflicts with important for you people;
  • climate change;
  • acute and chronic diseases of internal organs, not connected with change of a hormonal background.

In these cases, you can proceed to the selection, purchase and use of ampoules, as in these cases, they will give effect. Strengthen their action will help you rest, positive emotions, the diet changes with the normalization of caloric and dietary protein intake, vitamin and mineral complexes for hair health.

If no apparent reason is not, it is best to consult a doctor the gynecologist-endocrinologist and a trichologist in order to pass the necessary examination and treatment and not to waste money on cosmetic products, which in the case of hormonal disruptions will be absolutely useless.

What components should they contain to help?

Truly effective components that reduce hair loss and help restore the density of hair not so much. And the action of these drugs is limited by a number of factors. If you know these components, you will always be able to distinguish the dummy from a standing drug, and be able to assess the real value of the drug and to provide them with a cheaper counterpart.

Was aminexil

Now the most common and the most effective component in stopping hair loss and stimulating the growth of new hairs. Explanation action aminexil mysterious and not confirmed by serious medical research.

The manufacturer claims that the mouth of the hair follicles become tougher because of the compaction of collagen. And aminexil prevents the hardening of collagen and prolongs the lifetime of the hair.

However, judging by the huge number of reviews in Russia and abroad, aminexil works in cases when you need to restore the life cycle of hair, which was disturbed by any stressful effect on the body in addition to hormonal distance.

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Vials of aminexil now produce:

  • Vichy (vichy): ampoules were AMINEXIL PRO, remedy for hair loss for women and men from the Derkos;

  • Kerastase: Kerastase Specifique in the form of capsules and spray;

  • L’oreal (Loreal): L’oreal Professional Aminexil Advanced.

Despite the fact that all of the above drugs have the same active component, reviews on them are significantly different. If the Kerastase and l’oreal reviews are mainly laudatory and enthusiastic, about Vichy reviews are as enthusiastic and abusive.

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Tricomin and folligen

Currently still little known in Russia, but there are special Internet shops where it is already possible to order them. Tricomin and folligen are polypeptides of copper that penetrate into the mouth of the hair follicles and stimulates metabolic processes in cells. It has a beneficial effect on the growth rate of hair.

Beauty tools tricomin and folligen used for a long time, until the stable recovery of hair growth.

Prefabricated compounds, including amino acids, panthenol, vitamins, plant extracts, precious oils

Such teams ampoule drugs have rather a tonic effect on hair follicles, as a specific point of application to solve the problem of hair loss they have. Improving the condition of the scalp, these drugs indirectly affect the state of hair follicles.

These include:

  • Yves Rocher ampoules with extract of Lupin;
  • Selective Professional: produced separately for men and for women; judging by the reviews, the main consumers of men’s vials are our women who believe that men are doing more of everything, without understanding in important differences in the causes and forms of baldness in persons of different sexes;
  • Salerm.

Nicotinamide (vitamin PP)

The nicotinamide has one very interesting property is the ability to cause a momentary rush of blood to the head and face when taken inside or applied to the skin. And the hair follicles is only right.

Nicotinamide is part of:

  • Constant DELIGHT: ampoule with a rich structure, including panthenol, menthol, camphor and plant extracts;

  • Kaaral: contains methyl nicotinate and a large number of extracts and oils

With the placenta

In principle, cosmetic products based on placenta long gone, already when there were compelling reasons against hormonal makeup. Still means with the placenta can be found here and there, but the producers already about hormones not saying (and the placenta differs from other tissues of the body with a high content of certain hormones), and pay attention to the fact that the placenta is possible to obtain amino acids and other nutrients.

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Most interesting is that the amino acids in the placenta are the same as in other tissues. Thus, the ampoule preparations of placenta: dikson polipant complex, which in addition to placenta extract contains banal red chili pepper and alcohol that provide blood flow to the scalp and improve nutrition of hair follicles.

What we have in the dry residue?

  1. Tincture of red hot pepper from the pharmacy is worth a penny and used a very long time. Gives a pronounced catalytic effect. In this plan, you can pay more for Dixon Poliant Complex, but not for marketing a story about the effectiveness of the placenta, and for the more convenient application of the drug from the vial. No more of that.
  2. All products, which based on the cooling and warming effect of the menthol and camphor also can be easily replaced pharmacy menthol and camphor, which are not so expensive, especially compared to vials.
  3. Preparations on the basis of nicotinamide can be replaced by any other drugs that provide blood flow to the scalp, same with pepper or camphor. Long to take vitamin e inside is also not necessary, since it is excreted primarily by the liver and much it loads.
  4. Vials of oils and extracts have the same effect as a mask with the same oils, but their significant advantage is the ease of application and rinsing.
  5. To replace aminexil or tricomin will not work, since at home I do not get to cook anything that would provide the same biological effect. But the action of these drugs is quite possible to enhance homemade masks for hair with all the above components.

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