Angelina Jolie after surgery photo before and after plastic surgery

But if you look at coke it was in his youth, even the naked eye can see that the actress somewhat disingenuous. Yes, a surgeon – truly jewelry, but the difference in the photos is still visible. All about plastic surgery, which made beauty, knows no one of the most famous plastic surgeons of America, which monitor all the metamorphoses her appearance.

It is known that the actress has done rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction after the mastectomy, and regularly resorted to the procedure of plasmolifting. Other operations cannot be confirmed.

Photos of the actress before plastic

Looking at what appears to us the photo of Jolie in her youth when she began her career as a model, we see a boyish figure, smooth lines of the cheeks, a chubby face with a wide nose, neat chin and sensual lips. Comparing these images to what it is now, just to notice the differences.


At sixteen-year-old Angie, who looks on us with numerous photographs of the period, the nose is much wider, and the tip a little more. Shortly after the release of the movie «Hackers» all saw a chubby snub nose turned into a smooth Greek profile.

Experts say that plastic surgeons so I tried inserting the implant that now many fans just don’t believe that it’s nose was altered. But it is clear that he itself to be transformed could not.

Plastic face

In addition, comparing all those pictures, you can see how to change the shape of your face: cheekbones become sharper and more pronounced, the cheeks more plump, and her chin began to protrude. Most likely, all this is due to the implants, although it can be only in the play of light, make-up or hairstyle.

In 2009, the paparazzi spotted the scar behind the ear Angelina and immediately rumors that this photo Angelina Jolie after surgery otoplasty. Although many surgeons say that the scars are not characteristic of either changes of the ear, nor to the procedure for face lift.

The second wave of rumors has risen in 2010, when all those paparazzi took photos where you can see the appearance of strange formations on the cheeks that go on the neck.

According to one version – it’s an unfortunate result of the use of Botox. Although the photo quality leaves much to be desired and maybe that’s a trivial installation.

What were her lips

Business card appearance Angie – her plump sensual lips. They were from childhood, so all the talk about the fact that this is a consequence of injections is only speculation. Angelina Jolie lips plastic is not exposed. Perhaps, of course, surgeons and worked on the outline, because in his youth he was not very clear, but a hundred percent sure to be impossible.

Breast surgery

In 2007, she quite lost a lot of weight, but the fact that her Breasts did not become less, but rather even increased, has caused the emergence of talk about the fact that the actress went under the surgeon’s knife and inserted the implants. By this time she was not fed daughter Shiloh Breasts, that curvy shape is the result of the natural process of lactation, however.

But if you look at what it was in his youth, we can see that at that time her Breasts did not differ with it’s size.

In the spring of 2013 the world was shocked that the doctors did her surgery to remove the mammary glands. This is due to high risk of developing breast cancer, to which it is genetically predisposed. Now Jolie after surgery of 2013 boasts new Breasts and the fact that the risk of tumour formation is minimal.

Video: Jolie underwent surgery to remove the breast

Photos of Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery

Angelina Jolie after surgery of 2013: photos

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