Aqualix (Aqualyx) — reviews, price, photos before and after, side effects, contraindications

Also called a drug for non-surgical liposuction, so as to remove the fat there is no need to make incisions or punctures of the skin, the procedure is done without anesthesia (no anesthesia or local anesthesia) and the recovery period requires wearing compression underwear and special care for the treated area.

More lipolysis therapy against localized called «office liposculpture» because the introduction of the drug and the recovery period after the procedure does not violate the habitual course of life and does not cause temporary disability. Because we can safely do the procedure dull in the winter, then to Shine on the beach, instead of having to spend on bringing the body in order your precious vacation.

Patents and certificates

The drug was developed in Italian University of Ferrara physician Motolese Pascual, who is the Vice-President of the Italian society of aesthetic medicine and surgery. They was invented a special drug that provides a slow release of the active substance, and a special needle for drug injection.

Aqualyx has a European quality certificate. In Russia the product has registration certificate of Russian Ministry of health.

Mechanism of action on the body

Aqualix is lipolytic, i.e. a substance that affects the adipose tissue and breaks down fat, which are fat cells. In principle, its active ingredient can break down skin and muscle tissue, if starts to make contact with them. It can be with incorrect administration specialist, at the lack of thickness of subcutaneous fat layer of the patient, or the introduction of excessive amounts of the drug.

So, the medication breaks down fats and can damage the fat cells themselves. Because the active substance of Aqualisa is released after introduction into the body gradually and is valid for nearly 20 days, even in the destruction of a significant number of fat cells disorders well-being is not happening.

The body excretes split fats and cellular debris through circulatory and lymphatic system and eliminates them in the liver.

Do not expect that the treated area Aqualisa fat cells are permanently destroyed and never restored, as it happens after liposuction. A number of researchers claims that the drug causes cells to bring fat and this fat breaks down, contributing to its development. If after the procedure to continue abundantly to dinner, avoid physical exertion, the volume in the treated area may eventually recover.

The drug for weight loss?

Those who expect the introduction of the drug, a significant reduction of body weight, will be disappointed. One procedure can bring a significant amount of adipose tissue, but you need to consider the fact that fat weighs much lighter bones, muscles and skin, because to achieve significant weight loss with it will not work. But to reduce the volume of the body or its parts.

Depending on the amount of drug administered, the body region, adherence to nutrition and physical activity, additional treatments aimed at lifting, you can lose 1 to 2 sizes.

Note that the most efficient use of the drug to eliminate fat from the so-called «fat traps». This means that before the treatment the body weight it is desirable to normalize the maximum.

The drug

The active ingredient of the drug is 12-alpha-hydroxy-5-beta-24-deoxycholic acid sodium salt. Despite the complicated name, the substance is not alien to our body.

Such substances are synthesized by the liver and enter into the composition of bile, the purpose of which is the breakdown of fats into smaller pieces.

The support component is a three – dimensional polymer of galactose, which is much like a sponge, holding the active ingredient and contributes to its slow release after injection into the tissue. Galactose is also not alien to our body. It contains several products and is involved in a large number of reactions.

As substances included in the composition of the drug in the body present all the time, the drug is completely biocompatible, without a trace absorbed in the tissues after a month after introduction and does not cause allergic reactions.

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Currently, analogues of Aqualisa, if injecting drugs, do not exist. This is due to the fact that usually the developers of the drug have the right to prohibit producing analogues of the drug for up to 10 years to regain the money spent on the invention and research funds. So it is possible that analogues of the drug should occur after 2019, will make the procedure much more affordable.

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If to speak about the procedure, which can be analogues of Aqualisa as «non-surgical liposuction», here we can recall the electrolipolysis and through a friend, which can locally remove fat by physical effects on adipose tissue.

Aqualix and lipolytic mesotherapy

In the presence of a number of injection techniques, both new and already known, the difference between all of them to know is often not necessary. The only thing to understand is that the level at which a lipolytic mesotherapy is much more superficial. And drugs for intralipoterapii been deep in the folds of fat.

Superficial subcutaneous administration of Aqualisa is a gross technical mistake and can lead to complications.


  • activation of metabolic processes and excretion of fat from «fat traps»;
  • improving contours of the body.

The introduction of perhaps the almost all problematic areas of the body.


General contraindications:

  • the preparation is not introduced in those areas where the fat layer is thinner than 1.5 cm;
  • prohibited the introduction of the drug in areas where a large number of blood vessels (hands, feet);
  • strictly forbidden for one to enter more than 5 bottles (40 ml).

List of diseases in which lipolysis therapy against localized can be harmful:

  • pregnancy and GW;
  • obesity (body mass index more than 30);
  • any acute and chronic diseases of internal organs, in which there is dysfunction of the internal organs, especially the liver, kidneys, gall bladder;
  • infectious diseases, including colds;
  • cancer;
  • diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the treatments of fungal, bacterial and viral nature;
  • psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • diseases of the blood system, disorder of blood clotting;
  • vascular disease;
  • idiosyncrasy of the drug;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • mental illness;
  • diabetes type 1 diabetes and decompensated diabetes mellitus type 2;
  • Allergy to lidocaine and its derivatives.

Features drug administration

The technology of the procedure intralipoterapii is the technique of the radial injection deep under the skin with special needles, the length of which can be from 7 to 10 cm are Called such as needle Lipoinject, they are made of surgical steel and produced in Germany. This means that a large amount of the drug is distributed in a large volume of subcutaneous fat from a single puncture.

The photo shows that the points puncture the skin on one side of the abdomen two, and they are a fan diverging red stripes, which indicate the direction of insertion of the needle from the puncture. As a technique of drug administration requires special precision and any error can lead to complications, carry out the procedure can only doctors who have higher medical education, specialty cosmetologist, doctor-dermatologist, plastic surgeon, and passed courses of Endermologie and working with the drug Aqualix.

Lipolysis therapy against localized and compression

Wearing compression underwear, not all experts consider mandatory, but compression enhances the effect of the procedure for a number of reasons:

  • Micro-massage.

Due to the springy tension and reduce when moving linen accelerates the lymphatic drainage of the treated area, which significantly reduces the load on the lymphatic system. Faster the swelling goes.

  • Compression.
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Due to the pressure that compression has on the soft tissue, the skin constantly suffer the effects of gravity, because faster is tightened and becomes loose after you take the entire volume of the destroyed fat.

Usually a compression garment is recommended to wear the first week after the procedure. To pick up a set worth with the degree of compression of 12 mm Hg.St. Compression is especially effective after the introduction of Aqualisa in the chin area and neck. Here elastic bandaging is an excellent prevention of sagging and sagging skin.

How is the procedure

Before the procedure is mandatory to consult a doctor, which defines the indications and contraindications to the introduction of Aqualyx. Not necessarily a long consultation. Often it can be carried out directly before the first procedure.

But not necessarily during the consultation the patient should get all the necessary information about the procedure and its consequences and sign the «Informed consent» of the established sample.

When a drug is mandatory compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, i.e., the punctures should be performed under sterile conditions, what is required to perform injections and other manipulations, which affect the integrity of the skin. This is usually the treatment room. Place of the proposed procedure is handled with an antiseptic solution. The doctor uses medical gloves, which are also handled with an antiseptic solution. Depending on the number of zones, subject to correction, is administered from 1 to 5 vials of the drug through punctures turns technique.

The introduction of the drug is usually painless or causes a slight sensitivity during needle. Pain of low intensity may appear after drug administration as a result of increasing tissue edema, which is a normal reaction of the body. Gradually increasing swelling may worsen and the pain. This happens for another 2-3 days.

After completion of the injection meta punctures are treated with an antiseptic solution again. Some time after the procedure the patient is under medical supervision. If retained after the procedure, soreness in the injection site, the doctor can apply to the skin spray with anesthetic.


No special care area of the drug administration is not required. Wearing compression underwear is highly desirable. Plus it often reduces pain in the site of the injection. In the first week until the swelling increases, it is necessary to exclude all heat treatments, even such as taking a hot bath. In the first two or three weeks, it is undesirable to sunbathe and Solarium.

It is mandatory the diet. He does not necessarily have to be very strict, but regularly to sort out calories, as no effect of the drug. The more a patient is involved in sports, the faster output and consumed fat from problem areas.

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Treatments that enhance the effect of the application

On the day of administration of Aqualisa no procedure undesirable conduct. But starting from the following day at the discretion of the doctor-cosmetologist, you can:

  • B-Flexy;
  • LPG massage;
  • pressotherapy;
  • the cold wraps.

A week after the procedure, allowed manual lymphatic drainage massage. These procedures are aimed at increasing excretion of fat and metabolites. If you combine the injection of Aqualisa and procedures such as cavitation, thermolabels on the unit Viore ReAction or through a friend, the effect of the fat cells will be more intense, and the effect of each of the procedures carried out in the complex increase.

The consequences

  • Transient redness, burning, feeling of heat in the area of administration.
  • Itching of the skin at the puncture site for injection.
  • Swelling.

From the first hours after the procedure begins to increase swelling, which reaches its maximum on the second or third day and then for 2-3 weeks gradually subsides. To evaluate the results of treatments is only after the swelling completely subsides.

Swelling is a necessary consequence of the introduction of the drug is all patients.

  • Hematoma.
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I’m in the case that during insertion of the needle was damaged blood vessels. Hematoma is seldom large. Are themselves.

  • Pain at the injection site.

Usually in all or nearly all. But normally, the intensity of the pain a small. The duration of the conservation of pain varies from several days to two weeks.

  • Change the sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the skin at place of injection may increase to a period of several days. Or Vice versa to decrease. The reduction or complete absence of sensitivity may persist for up to 2-3 weeks.

  • The presence of seals under the skin.

Usually the areas of the seals appear for several days after the procedure, but gradually soften and dissolve. Resistant seal – it is a complication procedures that often require surgical treatment.

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Side effects

  • The proliferation of connective tissue in the injection site.

The growth of connective tissue may be sufficiently small in speed and volume. In this case, the patient may not learn about a host of subcutaneous adhesions to the time do not refer to a plastic surgeon for skin tightening or perform liposuction.

Any surgery can be adhesions more difficult.

Abundant growth can lead to the formation of a relatively large size seals, which may be palpable through the skin. Such seals are removed surgically.

How often can I do

Typically prescribed from 1 to 3 procedures, the introduction of Aqualisa on one area. Breaks between treatments should not be more than 20 days. The optimal break – a month.

Due to the slow release of the active substance the drug requires a minimum of 20 days in order to fully be spent and inaktivirovanie. Layering a new dose of the old, as it increases the risk of side effects of the procedure.

You should also consider the fact that the blood and the lymphatic system needs time to clear the impact area of Aqualisa from the dead fat cells and their contents.

Prices in Moscow

Name of service The cost in rubles
Aqualix 1 vial (8 ml) from 4000 to 6000
chin 4000
local body (8 ml) from 5500
locally body (16мл) 10,000
locally body (24 ml) 15000

The contents of the vial is not split, the rest cannot be stored and used for another patient. Therefore, even if the patient don’t need so many paid for a full bottle.

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