Asymmetry after mammoplasty

How does

Asymmetry after breast mammoplasty – specific postoperative complication is eliminated surgically.

Main features:

  1. the difference of the breast size, volume, structure, location relative to the chest;
  2. deformation of the nipple the areola.

If signs these signs are added:

  • redness or blueness of the skin of the breast;
  • pain when walking and touching;
  • the increase in body temperature, then we are talking about the origin of the inflammatory process.

You need to remember that asymmetry after surgery mammoplasty not be immediately apparent.

In the early days the mammary glands are swollen, there are bruises and recovery process takes not less than three months.

Besides a tight compression garment to wear which is necessary after surgery to evaluate the results of mammoplasty.

After the expiry of the rehabilitation of a slight asymmetry of the breast diagnosed by way of measuring the distance from the areola to the handle of the sternum, and to the submammary fold, from the nipple to the center of the chest at the contour lines.

If there is a discrepancy of a few centimetres is not critical, and accordingly, is not regarded by surgeons as a pathology, requiring repeated surgical intervention.


The asymmetry of the breast after surgery for its correction may occur for several reasons:

  1. the use of substandard implants, which can not withstand the physical loads, mechanical impact, the shell of the products passes to the gel;
  2. incorrect positioning of the implant: in this case, the surgeon does not take into account anatomical features of the body;
  3. when reduction mammoplasty (surgery for breast lift) surgeon can be done wrong preoperative marking, as well as reasonable or unreasonable violations of preoperative marking in the course of the operation;
  4. failure to comply with the rules patient recovery period: a too early activity in the physical plane, refusal to wear compressive underwear, sleeping on the stomach;
  5. risk factors for the emergence of asymmetry after mammoplasty includes patients with congenital asymmetry. Little difference before surgery may become more significant thereafter. In this case needs an individual approach: you can get different size implants.
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How to avoid

  1. the first month after mammoplasty are required to wear a compression bra, to handle the seams of prescription ointments, gels;
  2. at least 21 days after surgery, do not lift weights abruptly to bend over to sleep on my stomach. To raise his hands no sooner than 7-10 days;
  3. the rehabilitation period is excluded access to the beach, sauna, Solarium, swimming pool, a banned sport.
  4. at the first sign of the inflammatory process in the breast, neobhodimo immediately consult a doctor.

Can it be fixed

Asymmetry after mammoplasty can be corrected only surgically.

Corrective intervention can be carried out not earlier than six months after the first intervention.

If the patient is diagnosed:

  1. inflammation;
  2. the accumulation of interstitial fluid;
  3. blood in the cavity around the implant (seroma);
  4. tissue necrosis;
  5. excessive bleeding and other life-threatening processes of the implant should be extracted promptly.

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What to do if breast asymmetry after mammoplasty

We must first wait until the end of the rehabilitation period, while holding tissue swelling, hematoma, early to speak about the results of the surgery and post-operative asymmetry.

If after 2-3 months after surgery, there are clear signs of asymmetry, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Useful tips

  1. a rehabilitation period is necessary to monitor their movements, be careful, this primarily concerns the hands and upper body to prevent displacement of the implant;
  2. at least 14 days after surgery, sleep on back;
  3. in rehabilitation period, it is also necessary to completely abandon the intake of alcoholic beverages, as the latter provoke the appearance of complications — first of all, inflammatory processes;
  4. stay connected with your doctor – he knows all the details of the operation and on the basis of available data can make an objective decision in case of any complications, and will advise you in a difficult post-operative period;
  5. the success of the correction depends on the experience and professionalism of the surgeon, therefore, is to take responsibility for the choice of doctor.
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Remember that surgery mammoplasty is difficult, so weigh all the circumstances, consider the validity of your desire, pay attention to the possible consequences of surgery.

It is also necessary to control the quality of implants, prostheses and surgical equipment.

A list of the encountered postoperative complications shows that many problems could be avoided if the patient more thoroughly take care of themselves.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Several months passed after the surgery, mammoplasty, there is asymmetry of the Breasts, but the doctor says you need to wait, everything can change. Is it really so?
  • Yes, indeed, to evaluate the result of the operation mammoplasty in full six months after its implementation.
  1. After breast augmentation implants were placed. Now manifested by the pronounced asymmetry: right breast below the left, which is generally noticeably shifted to the armpit, and the right if spread on the chest, nipples are at different levels. Can I fix this situation? And how could all this happen?
  • If Breasts before the operation was symmetric, it should be stated the unsatisfactory outcome of the operation. There may be formed a pocket for the prosthesis. After 2-3 months the asymmetry will not be as pronounced. Conservatively this can’t be fixed, and surgical correction can be performed not earlier than six months after the initial operation. You want the surgeon who operated on you had the situation under control.
  1. After breast augmentation done 2 years ago, all this time, there is the problem of asymmetry (one iron higher than the other two cm), the implants are very low, saggy Breasts. Possible correction can implants go above? I suffered a severe recovery period, intense pain. What will be the correction in my case? Again the pain, horrible swelling for almost a month of bed rest? Is it even possible to raise the implants?
  • Most likely, You have a dislocation of the implants, correct this issue can and should be. Re-intervention should be less traumatic than the first. In any case, immediate consultation with a doctor.
  1. Before surgery for breast augmentation was asymmetry of the breast. Now the difference in breast size has become smaller, but still preserved. Can the chest be completely identical?
  • If the asymmetry of the Breasts were significantly pronounced before surgery after mammoplasty the breast should be more symmetry. But to ensure that with implants will be able to get rid of the difference in breast size, no one can, no one, even the most experienced and professional surgeon.
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Asymmetry, usually creates not so much a difference in volume of the mammary glands, and the difference in «skin distance» from the middle of the nipple to the armpit and to the fold under the breast.

To correct this situation, you need to remove excess skin and create additional scarring that is extremely negatively perceived by patients.

Therefore, it should be remembered that with the help of plastic surgery asymmetry can be significantly reduced, but the perfect symmetry can not be achieved.

  1. What modern techniques are used by doctors to prevent the occurrence of asymmetry in the conduct of mammoplasty?
  • Yes, now some of the clinics of plastic surgery used in the method of 4D –modeling, which allows to specify the initial asymmetry of the breast and won’t in the future, plastic breast correction cause more difference in size.
  1. After breast lift I had the asymmetry of the Breasts. Dangerous if a second operation is not able to rectify the situation?
  • The operation is not dangerous and is justified, if there is relevant evidence.