Augmentation mammoplasty


Modern medicine does not stand still and now can give every woman the Breasts that she wants, with the help of a procedure called augmentation mammoplasty. Or, to put it in simple terms, breast augmentation.


This operation is to increase women’s breast by fitting filled with silicone or gel implants — implants.

This method is used not only to add volume, but also allows you to adjust the shape, remove the asymmetry.

Under the breast augmentation is not meant to make the bust unnatural, and unnatural.

On the contrary, a qualified specialist will always recommend the optimal size of the implant that is in harmony with the complexion and characteristics of the shape of the patient.


Indications for surgery for breast augmentation:

  • age-related changes forms glands;
  • deformation after pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss;
  • asymmetry;
  • a woman’s desire to increase small birth size;
  • inadequate (hypoplasia);
  • disproportionate body chest;
  • the need for breast reconstruction after partial or complete removal of one or both glands.


Augmentation mammoplasty prohibited under 18. It is important to wait for the final formation of the glands.

Also contraindications include:

  • the presence of cancer;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • serious diseases of internal organs;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • the clotting of blood.

Side effects

Side effects of the operation are:

  • tissue swelling;
  • pain;
  • the formation of hematomas;
  • the feeling of strong tension of the skin of the breast.

Tips for choosing implants

The choice of implants is made together with the surgeon who will carry out the operation.

They are chosen in accordance with the planned shape and size of the breast, the physiological characteristics of the structure of the glands and chest.

Implants come in various forms:

  • round — used to small increase in size;
  • teardrop — significantly increase breast size, to achieve the most natural result, but are more expensive;

If the glands are different, you can apply two different the shape of the implant.

Mind filling exist:

  • silicone – with a special gel inside, which can be viscous and cohesivenes;
  • saline containing a physiological solution.

The size of the implant corresponding to the size of the breast, generally measured in milliliters:

  • 1st – 150 ml;
  • 2nd – 300 ml;
  • 3rd – 450 ml.

Experts recommend to make a choice in favor of endoprostheses known brands that provide a lifetime guarantee:

  • Polytech implants German production;
  • Ceroform, Eurosilicone – France;
  • Allergan – USA.


At the first consultation, the doctor must warn you about the possible risks and complications, which are also prescribed in the contract on rendering of paid medical services.

These include:

  • deformation of the areola, as a result of improper calculations, and layout;
  • joints;
  • ptosis or prolapse of the glands;
  • rupture of the prosthesis;
  • the displacement of the implant, and as a result asymmetry;
  • complete loss of nipple sensitivity.

If the patient is dissatisfied with the result, a ruptured implant, or severe prolapse of the glands, it is an indication for re-mammoplasty.

Video: Surgeon talks about the reasons for the operation

How to prepare for surgery

Before surgery at the consultation the surgeon listens to the wishes of women and using computer graphics is shaping the future model of the breast.

Assigned the necessary research:

  • biochemistry of blood and urine;
  • test to determine blood sugar level;
  • mammography;
  • fluorography;
  • electrocardiogram.

Two weeks before the planned day of mammoplasty should be abandoned:

  • from alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • receiving blood-thinning medications (aspirin, anticoagulants).

How to carry out augmentation mammoplasty

In order to understand how operation, it is necessary to explore what kinds of surgical access for placement of implants are and what areas they are installed.

The selection is made solely by the surgeon on the basis of physiological data women don’t always coincide with her wishes because of the peculiarities of body Constitution.

There are three types of access:

  • Inframammary – the most simple and safe form, which involves the product of the incision under the breast in the area of physiological folds. The implant is placed under the muscle without affecting the gland tissue. Seam hides the inframammary crease.

Women with flat chest small scar can be removed with the help of cosmetic procedures, for example, by laser resurfacing.

  • A circumareolar incision is made along the contour of the lower border of the areola. This method allows you to simultaneously adjust the shape of the areola and get rid of its skewness.

The weld is located in the pigmented area, therefore eventually becomes completely invisible. Immediately after surgery, the nipple can lose sensation but she soon recovered.

  • Axillary type involves an incision in the armpits at the rear of the large pectoral muscles. As with the inframammary access, the breast tissue is not affected, so not injured.

The seam is more noticeable here, but it can be easy to get rid of a cosmetic method. The implant to establish uncomfortable, so the quality of the final result depends entirely on the experience and skill of the surgeon.

The choice of implants are the following:

  1. Under the connector shell, which is the pectoralis major muscle, in the space between the breast tissue and muscle (subfertile location). This method provides the best fixation of the breast shape.
  2. Directly under the chest muscle (submuscular). This allows you to keep the natural shape of the gland and also makes the implant virtually invisible. The disadvantage is the increase in the duration of operation and more difficult period of rehabilitation.
  3. The location of the implant between the breast tissue and muscle (subangular) looks the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing. However, if the breast tissue is thin, the implant will not only palpable but also visible.

On the day of mammoplasty, the patient is mandatory preoperative planning in which a doctor performs:

  • assessment of the status and thickness of the tissue marking breast:
  • photographing breast in profile, full face, in turns by 45°;
  • disinfection with antiseptic the operated surface.

The surgery is performed under General anesthesia, which is performed in one of two ways:

  • intravenously;
  • endotracheal.

During plastics doctor will make the incision divides soft tissue and subcutaneous tissue, forming a tunnel and a pocket for prosthesis. Then places the implant, stitch the soft tissue, impose cosmetic seam.

Augmentation mammoplasty lasts about 1-2 hours depending on the choice of access method and location of the implant.

After surgery, if necessary, installs a drainage exit formed body fluids and prevention of stagnation in the formed cavities for the implants.

The chest is fixed either bandages.

The first meal and water is allowed not earlier than in 6-12 hours.

Day to stay in bed and not lift the hands to the head. Discharge from hospital is carried out in 1-3 days.

Photos before and after surgery

The recovery period

Immediately after discharge the patient can return to normal rhythm of life.

Allowed to take a shower and to engage in moderate physical activity.

A doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory, decongestant and painkillers individually.

Evaluating actual results plastics occurs after 6-9 months. Visible after surgery red scars will eventually become bright, and a year later almost invisible.

The woman in the period of rehabilitation should adhere to simple rules:

  • to wear a compression garment for 1 month;
  • do not do physical exercise 2 months;
  • not to use the pool, Solarium or sauna for 5 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

I dream of enlarge breast through what incision it is better to install the implants?

The most universal is considered the access area beneath the breast.

But individually for each patient. For example, for women with flat chest for such a cut is unacceptable because of unexpressed submammary fold. This leads to the fact that the scar will be too noticeable.

In this case, it is preferable to place the implant via the areola that allows you to hide the scars.

But this method also has its drawbacks. In forming the pocket are affected ducts that may in the future become an obstacle to breastfeeding.

Then it is better to opt for axillary access, which allows to install the implant under the big breast muscle.

There are many different nuances, so to determine the choice of access is possible only on internal consultation of the plastic surgeon.

It is preferable to install the implant under the muscle or under the gland itself?

In most cases the implant is placed so that it covered additional fabric.

This gives the best visual effect and also makes it virtually unnoticeable to the touch. Therefore, it is preferable to install the implant under the pectoral muscle.

Besides, the result in this case more durable and sustainable.

Will I be able after the operation to give birth and to breastfeed your baby?

Gradually, the implant is cluttered with tissues, forming a kind of capsule around it. It does not affect the ducts and its contents are not in contact with the milk, so the baby can feed.

But before surgery it is important to agree on the characteristics of productions of the implant. It is usually placed under the muscle, no access through the areola.

Will affect whether breastfeeding after breast augmentation its form?

The implant itself supports the muscles of the chest, as if a basis that does not allow it to fall. Because of the weight gain during pregnancy can stretch and SAG the skin that will lead to the change of shape of the glands.

As necessary is lifting and the chest returns to its former appearance.

How soon after breast feeding you can do the operation?

Not earlier than six months after the completion of lactation.

Whether you need to replace the implant? If Yes, through what period of time?

All depends on the manufacturer and type of implant. Most companies give a lifetime warranty. On average, the life quality of the implant for at least 15 years. After this period, becomes the question of his replacement.

But if the shape of the breast did not happen significant changes, and it is entirely satisfied with the woman, the denture does not change. Instead, it can be made correction by tightening.

According to the research data of psychologists, many girls are seriously proud of small Breasts.

They have considerably underestimated self-esteem, they are more susceptible to psychological illnesses, nervous breakdowns and depression. If there is such a problem, it needs to be addressed.

After all, is dissatisfied with her body a woman can never be happy. Output two: to love myself for who I am, or to decide on drastic measures.

Without significantly mammoplasty to enlarge the Breasts either by taking drugs or by physical exercise or cosmetic procedures impossible.

The use of modern technology in plastic surgery allows previously seemed a pipe dream for many women – not only to increase but also to lift the Breasts, improve the shape and correct asymmetry.

And quality designed in compliance with all requirements, the implants will preserve the result for life.

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