Autohaemotherapy — what it is, how to, reviews


Used in dermatology, now in cosmetology, gives good results in the treatment of acne, helps with boils, gets rid of warts. But, unfortunately, when the method ceased to be purely medical treatment with strict indications and contraindications, began to appear unhappy customers, which the autohemotherapy did not help to get rid of problems, despite the financial and time costs.

Let’s face it, in some cases it is necessary to pass a session of autohemotherapy, what you need to do before you decide on the procedure to find out more about these procedures at your girlfriend, if her treatment helped.

Why does not help everyone

Medicine involves a systematic approach to the problem of treatment of any disease, when the attention of a doctor aimed at the whole body rather than individual symptoms.

But against cosmetic blemishes such as pimples, acne, boils, often this approach is not applicable because:

  • people with cosmetic problems do not seek treatment, is used as a guide to action, the experience of friends and acquaintances who «helped» or information from advertisements and commercials.
  • people turn to doctors, but not bring the survey to the end because of the constant redirection from one specialist to another;
  • the doctor prescribes the patient the procedure, which is the price companies, despite the fact that the procedure may not provide the desired effect (for example, some salons sell autohemotherapy as a rejuvenating procedure for the face).

Add to this the Intrusive marketing by the manufacturers and sellers of cosmetic and medicinal products, cosmetic procedures, and you will get the answer, where we have so many people who «tried everything, but nothing helps».

If she begins to sell as a salon service, before which the patient is not assigned to any tests or examinations, the effect is not guaranteed. You might get lucky, and maybe not be so lucky.

What problems can be solved by the introduction of autologous blood

In response to subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of blood, the body develops a number of shifts in metabolism, aktiviziruyutsya defense mechanisms, increase reactions to increase the body’s resistance to adverse factors.

The most striking manifestation of changes occurring in the human body are reactions of the immune system when the body starts to cope with a number of challenges:

  • resolved sluggish infectious and suppurative processes processes;
  • disappear papillomas and warts;
  • clears the skin from annoying acne and boils;
  • body successfully resists seasonal SARS;
  • not recurrent herpes.
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This short list can be used as indications of autohemotherapy in cosmetology.

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What the advertising promises you should not believe

  • The autohemotherapy to get rid of acne.

Can be deliver, but maybe not. If the cause of acne is a pathogenic flora, it is undoubtedly the immunity and the body’s ability to resist infection will lead to the disappearance of the rash or reduce the number of its elements on the skin.

If it’s hormonal status, the presence of H. pylori or diseases of the sexual sphere, the introduction of its own blood may not give a result.

  • Normalizes the endocrine system.

A very General formulation, which also allows any potential customers to invest in her any sense. The introduction of his own blood will not allow you to stop taking thyroxine to people with insufficient thyroid function or insulin patients with diabetes.

Therefore it is better during the consultation, ask the doctor specific questions about a disease or problem that you have.

  • Displays the body of toxins.

Don’t be distracted by the unscientific words «slag», and just agree that this term will be to understand the products of metabolism of cells of the human body that should be displayed to the sweat glands, kidneys and liver.

Renal or hepatic insufficiency autohaemotherapy does not replace the hemodialysis or hemosorption.

And to cleanse the body of toxins on a regular basis is much more effective with a balanced diet, regular exercise, water treatment, normalization of the bowel.

  • Restore health, increase vitality.

Self-hypnosis is everything. Depression, constant lack of sleep, overwork the introduction of his own blood in the ass won’t cure. Need relaxation, restful sleep, change of scenery, meeting friends, positive emotions every day. All this to replace a medical procedure will not work.

What else you need to know

  • The use of drugs to carry it out.

Currently, the main way of holding autohemotherapy is the introduction of fresh blood from the vein into the gluteal muscle of the patient. But it is also called the various methods under which the venous blood before its entry add medicinal or homeopathic remedies.

What does it mean? If a friend tells you about the real miracles with the skin after autohemotherapy, don’t forget to clarify that she was introduced.

If it was an antibiotic, it is not necessary to spoil to itself veins. It is enough to drink a course of antibiotics in tablets or capsules and get the same effect.

In some cases, autologous blood injection with alternate injection of calcium gluconate. This course also differs from the usual course of autohemotherapy in the effect of both of its constituent components separately and in combination, what effect you can get from the procedure.

  • The use of drugs local action or means for the reception inside at the same time with autohemotherapy.
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Comprehensive treatment gives the best results for a longer time. If with the introduction of autologous blood person appointed locally talker, inside drugs, recommend to change skin cosmetics, completely not at the time of decorative and some food, then lead to the improvement of the skin could any of these factors or their combined effect.

By itself, the autohemotherapy without the rest of events would not give effect.

  • This procedure is completely safe and harmless.

It is a medical procedure and a whole science about the treatment of diseases of the method of introducing their own blood to the tissues of the patient. As medical science it must be administered by professionals, not sales services in white coats.

And as for a medical procedure, the introduction of autologous blood should be carried out in a treatment room with the observance of sterility that the procedure was not more harm than good. To spend at home costs only in the case that perform the procedure will be a nurse or doctor. Also, the method has its contraindications and side effects.


These procedures are not prescribed and do not hold in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • mental illness in the acute stage;
  • epilepsy;
  • arrhythmia;
  • cancer of any localization;
  • acute myocardial infarction.

Temporary contraindications for are:

  • the use of alcohol, in which the patient comes to the procedure in a state of intoxication;
  • the General severe condition of the body;
  • fever and some others at the discretion of the attending physician.

Schemes of the autohemotherapy

Currently, several schemes developed, among them are classic, used without change since the days of the Soviet Union, and modern authors, which are used by doctors in their clinics for the treatment of diseases in various fields. Often uses the following.

  • Classic
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The technique of the procedure is simple: blood is taken from a vein in the arm and injected into the gluteal muscle. During the first procedure take 2 ml of blood, during the second 4 ml and so as long as the blood volume reaches 10 ml at a time.

Injections are given every day or every other day. In some cases after reaching a volume of 10 ml is carried out several procedures during which the volume of injected blood is gradually reduced to 2 ml.

  • Minor autohaemotherapy with ozone

In the syringe, first dial 5 ml of the mixture of ozone and oxygen, and then taken from a vein 10 ml of blood. The contents of the syringe gently mixed and injected intramuscularly.

  • Most ozone

In a special sterile container gain 100-150 ml of patient’s blood, add an anticoagulant (a drug that prevents blood clotting) and put 100-300 ml of a mixture of ozone with oxygen. The tank contents stirred for 5-10 minutes and then injected to the patient intravenously.

  • Speed of Reckeweg.

The procedure is divided into four stages. During each stage, venous blood is enriched with one of the homeopathic medicines and is administered to a patient intramuscularly.

  • Biopuncture.

Venous blood is injected under the skin in the area the location of acupuncture points. Side effects:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • the appearance of the seal and soreness at the injection of blood into the muscle or under the skin;
  • bruising;
  • the emergence of infiltrates in the muscle followed by suppuration;
  • deterioration of health, the intensification of the disease process in the body.

How often can I do

Usually between courses of treatments prescribed breaks no less than three months. More detail on this question can be answered only by a doctor. In some instances, repeated courses may not be necessary.

Prices in Moscow

The name of the procedure Cost, rubles
classic autohemotherapy 800
Minor autohaemotherapy with ozone 1100
Step autohaemotherapy 1300