Back liposuction photos before and after, cost, laser, what threatens

Many people who are watching their figure, often sitting on a diet and working out at the fitness clubs, sometimes do not pay enough attention to the condition of his back, but rather the deposition of fat on her.

Basically, all trying to pull:

  1. belly
  2. chest
  3. hip,
  4. hands.

However, back to ease the deposition of unnecessary fats that can spoil all the achievements its not the aesthetics of the folds and humps.

The structure of the fat

Fat is a compound of glycerol and fatty acids of a certain type. Thus, it is possible to explain different options: vegetable oil, lard, butter, etc.

The human body needs a certain daily amount of fat, to restore spent reserves. It is deposited in the form of a layer under skin, surrounds the internal organs, a part of cells and organs (brain cells in most of the fat cells).

The main functions of fat:

  • Energy. Fat is the main energy source of the human body. When splitting we receive in times more than from carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Protective. Thanks to its layer protected the internal organs and bones from external sources of exposure, eliminating and mitigating possible injury.
  • Teploreguliruth. The fat composition practically does not conduct heat. In turn, this allows the body to maintain and support normal body temperature, eliminating overheating or overcooling.

Fat man in different places, formed a certain kind of structure and form. Somewhere it is most dense, somewhere loose, and in certain places is a part of the cells. Depending on perform it’s main function and defines the structure of adipose tissue.

For example, loose brown fat is the main source of additional nutrients, and fat cells in the intestine and allow absorption of important minerals and substances in the digestion process.

The location of fat

Regarding back fat tissue in norm there is on the entire surface below the skin is small in the thickness of the layer. The deposition of «junk stocks» in this place there are certain problem areas.

Areas of fat deposits on the back:

  • the neck in the region of the seventh cervical vertebra;
  • area blades and underarms;
  • the lower part of the rear ribs.

The so-called «greasy backs», you notice many, even quite thin people.

Adipose tissue is deposited in the neck under the influence of several factors:

  1. long time spending at the computer
  2. menopause-women
  3. hormonal failure
  4. a sedentary lifestyle.

Adipose tissue here is very dense, so it is excessive inventory have the shape of a hump. Besides the fact that it’s not beautiful, it is also great inconvenience, as there is a constant feeling of dull pain.

Blade «fat» slowly, but so to say for a long time. The fat in this place is deposited a dense long coat.

The excess can be a real health problem musculoskeletal system. Strong stiffness and contraction of muscles can cause unbearable pain.

Hanging fat folds on the back in the rib area more soft and loose. They look very ugly, especially waddling through the straps of the swimsuit and lingerie.

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The differences between a man and a woman

Depending on sex fat deposited also different. Men tend to gain extra pounds more slowly than women.

The original place of deposition is also different.

The male body almost always:

  1. first comes a large part of the adipose tissue in the abdomen and sides,
  2. leaving the back, arms and thighs for later.

The woman immediately will be celebrating the inventory everywhere:

  • belly
  • Boca,
  • back
  • hands
  • chest
  • hips.

Female body, on the nature of their hormonal levels inherent in initially greater volume of adipose tissue. Therefore, the fat on the back, that’s the trouble with most of the female than the male.

Back liposuction as a way to solve the problem

The difficulty in solving the pending problems of fat on the back is that it is virtually impossible such methods as:

  • exercises
  • diet
  • wrap,
  • massage, etc.

The only effective way to remove excess fat from the back is liposuction.

Modern methods of its carrying out allows to obtain the desired result for a short time.

Today, liposuction of the back is carried out in several ways, sometimes together, thereby achieving the goals with minimum injury with a short rehabilitation period.

Most commonly used vacuum and laser liposuction. These two techniques are usually combined for greater efficiency.

The main objective of surgery is to remove the excess layer of adipose tissue and dense passages between the folds (a kind of indent), and to minimize sagging and injury to the skin.

Total laser liposuction of the back (vacuum and laser techniques) can be performed under General anesthesia and under local anesthesia. This is determined by the complexity of work required and duration of the process.

The main stages of this operation:

  • the designation of problem areas;
  • the introduction of anesthesia;
  • heating the fatty tissue with a laser beam through a small puncture;
  • with the help of vacuum equipment is pumping liquefied fat;
  • treatment with a special laser beam the inner surface of the skin where they had been bulging fat, due to this fact, the internal thermal burn, resulting in produce the necessary collagen and regenerates tissue;
  • handling and suturing the incisions.

This method of liposuction involves the back almost invisible in the future, the seams and hems. For owners of supple leather, it’s almost the complete procedure. In place of Your yesterday’s folds and humps, can only smooth the skin surface.

How to prepare

Like any other surgery liposuction of the back requires some training.

First, you need an appointment with the plastic surgeon. He will analyze Your problem areas and highlight areas that will undergo liposuction of specific methods and techniques.

Here You will be given the maximum information about the upcoming operation, will answer all of your questions, and will warn you about possible side effects, as well as talk and agree on further action plan.

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Second, we need to undergo a series of examinations and delivery of key analyses in order to exclude contraindications.

Thirdly, it is necessary to mentally adjust yourself to the fact that after the operation will be more and rehabilitation when required forces for the restoration and compliance with all recommendations to achieve the desired result of the transformation.

Peculiarities of rehabilitation

The recovery period depends on the complexity of the conducted liposuction. From where and how much was cleaned from adipose tissue.

The average rehabilitation in this case to last for months. During this time You will get away swelling and bruising.

About a week after the operation the stitches are removed. The doctor prescribes a course of treatment with certain drugs. You also need to wear special underwear – corset, which will help to get Your back in shape.

Physical activity at this time should be excluded.

Weakness, fatigue, dull pain is normal during the rehabilitation period. In the areas where we removed the fat may be a sense of numbness, which will gradually take place.

Anyone banned from liposuction

Some people any type of liposuction is forbidden and not recommended.

This category includes the following:

  • with exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • carriers of infections;
  • pregnant and lactating;
  • ill with cancer or hepatitis;
  • persons with problems of the cardiovascular system;
  • suffering from poor blood clotting;
  • children.

What are the risks of this procedure

Speaking about side effects after liposuction, they should be divided into two groups: temporary and permanent, the first characteristic of any operation, they are, but the last, alas, will stay on at all.

Temporary postoperative consequences:

  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • pain;
  • weakness;
  • the loss of sensitivity.

Stable non-desired side effects:

  • the formation of pits, depressions and mounds on the skin;
  • laxity and sagging skin;
  • the appearance of age spots;
  • the emergence of pain syndrome in the field of liposuction.

When you can see the result

The result after laser liposuction of the back is manifested in all different ways, and it depends on the volume of removed fat.

Of course, if there were several layers of fatty tissue from different areas of the back, then You will feel the effect almost immediately. If the correction was not significant, then evaluate the first results will be somewhere in a couple of weeks when I come down the swelling.

Basically, the month You wear shapewear after you stop taking it Your skin will begin to smooth out and level off.

The final result can be assessed after three months, in more complex cases, six months.

Sometimes, if in the course of liposuction of the back, are large folds of skin or sagging it appears, have resorted to lifting.

Photo: Before and after

The average cost

The prices for liposuction of the back depends on several factors. It is impossible to name the amount, as it consists of a number of figures in each case. We note only those aspects that affect the final cost.

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The main components of the cost of liposuction of the back:

  • the correction area;
  • the number and thickness of harvested fat;
  • the General condition of the patient’s skin;
  • the type of applied anesthesia;
  • the total volume and the complexity of the operation;
  • preliminary tests and examinations;
  • regional affiliation of the clinic and reputation of the plastic surgeon.

All of the above factors and determine the final price.

According to statistical data can result in average cost of liposuction of the back in different cities of our country.

The prices for liposuction of the back (in Russian rubles):

The city



75 000,00

Saint Petersburg

60 000,00


20 000,00


50 000,00


35 000,00

Useful tips

In order for the result of the surgery met your expectations, requires implementation of and compliance with the basic rules before and after liposuction.

Among these we note:

  • study and analysis of the topic of liposuction;
  • competent and responsible approach to the choice of clinic and surgeon;
  • perform all necessary preliminary surveys;
  • clarify all aspects of interest and questions from the doctor;
  • strict compliance with aftercare recommendations;
  • compliance with the subsequent diet and correction of the diet;
  • sports.

Remember that fat in the human body needs in reasonable quantities. The problem of excess weight primarily has a detrimental effect on Your health in General.

The problem always easier to prevent than to eliminate. Try to monitor yourself in terms of food intake, bad habits and an active lifestyle.

Liposuction refers to extreme measures to combat fatty tissue. If you decided on surgery, which is sometimes necessary, try to treat this with full responsibility for yourself.

Fat can grow and after liposuction. Even in other places, or old, as fully fat layer is not removed. This happens in cases of non-compliance with doctor’s appointments, and excessive and wrong nutrition.

Do not forget that even modern technologies and techniques, specifically, back liposuction is a surgical intervention to Your body, and the consequences are sometimes unexpected. Try not to resort to the re-correction previous sections of the body.