Bad breast implants — looks complication


The main purpose of surgery mammoplasty is to improve the breast shape by enlargement, reduction (reduction mammoplasty), breast reconstruction after resection of it.d.

However, there are certain risks that the operation may not give the desired result, and sometimes even worsen the situation.

The reasons for unsuccessful mammoplasty there are a number of factors:

  1. unprofessional actions of the surgeon;
  2. violations of patient rules the rehabilitation period;
  3. low-quality implants.

Looks like

There is breast implants and underarm pojaluista. In the first case, the implant is placed under the muscle, in the second case, under the breast gland.

Also the implant can be inserted under the fascia Lata, are sometimes used combined method.

Examples of unsuccessful podzolistoi mammoplasty:

  • Skin ripples, the so-called washboard effect:

This, in essence, visibility of the implant in case of insufficiency of the tissues, it covers.

  • Kapalama contracture

This forms scar tissue around the implant, so that it becomes thick looks unnatural, there is pain, the chest acquires a similarity with the coconut.

  • Asymmetry of the breast

Asymmetry after mammoplasty occurs as a result of displacement of the implant.

The reason for this is:

  1. incorrectly selected denture;
  2. failure, without taking into account of the anatomical peculiarities, the place of introduction of the implant;
  3. failure to comply with the rules patient rehabilitation period.

Although all of the above complications can occur in the case of combined axillary and mammoplasty, it is believed that the method of placing implementata under the muscle gives a smaller percentage of such postoperative complications.

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A more common complication in case of placement of the implant under the muscle is the strengthening of deformation of the breast when the muscle tension of the chest in the form of double folds:

Video: Features of the operation

Complications unsuccessful mammoplasty

Among the complications of failed mammoplasty distinguish between General surgery and specific complications.

General surgical complications

  • hematoma and seroma. These complications represent an accumulation of blood and serous fluid between the implant and the breast tissue. Maybe caused by damage to blood vessels during the operation, but in this case, the surgeon is monitoring the situation and will not finish the operation without stopping the bleeding.

If the integrity of the vessels is disturbed in the postoperative period, it is a problem.

Such complications are often recorded:

  1. in patients with poor blood clotting;
  2. when properly selected size of implants;
  3. the sharp jump in blood pressure (for example, intensive physical exertion);
  4. the refusal to wear compression underwear.

The accumulated fluid is removed by drainage. Also, you need to determine the cause of the development of this complication and correct it.

  • inflammation of the breast as a result of contact infection in the wound. This is a very serious complication, which if the failure to provide adequate medical care directly life threatening.

The infection can get into the wound as the fault of the surgeon, and failure to comply with the rules of patient care for the chest in the rehabilitation period.

Intensive antibiotic therapy, and in the absence of a result – removal of the implant;

  • keloid and hypertrophic scars. Scars spoil the aesthetic appearance of the breast, towering above the thick cushion.
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This complication occurs if the patient has a tendency to their formation.

These scars are eliminated by surgical methods, laser resurfacing, wearing tight bandages, vnutritrubnoj the introduction of steroids, cryotherapy.

Also used local application of silicone patches and gel. Effective is the combined use of several treatment methods;

  • complete loss or reduction in sensitivity of the areola and nipple as a result of damage to the nerves of the nipple-alveolar complex. Is a frequent complication of reduction mammoplasty.

Specific complications

  1. the asymmetry of the Breasts. Occurs as a result of using inferior implants, improper location, failure to comply with the rules patient recovery period: it is too early physical activity, refusal to wear compressive underwear, sleeping on the stomach. Also often asymmetry of the breast following mammoplasty occurs in patients with congenital asymmetry.
  2. double pleat. Occurs as a result of improper installation of the prosthesis, visually looks like iron «flows» in the implant.
  3. calcification – looks like a small seal located on PERIMET