Bath for paraffin (bath) — how to choose, reviews, prices


Paraffin treatment for hands and feet is no exception. Moreover, home treatments are the salvation, not only for economical but also for the squeamish.

Still, carry out the procedure at home and use your wax just for yourself much more hygienic and safer than doing it at the salon.

To those who wants to carry out this procedure at home, usually, the question is how to make it as quick and comfortable.

For this, you often have to spend money on a special tray. And if five years ago, such an appliance had look and there was little choice, now there are lots of options with a huge number of additional functions.

What’s wrong with warming the wax in the pot?

There are people who heat the paraffin in a water bath and not feel discomfort. But all this is exactly to the moment until their life appears bath for paraffin.

In comparison with the method of heating on the stove it has the following advantages:

  • there is no reference to the kitchen, the procedure can be performed in any room, the main thing that there was an electrical outlet;
  • paraffin wax is heated to the desired temperature relatively quickly (in modern devices for 40 minutes), and at this time do not need to stand over the stove and stir the wax, you can go about your business;
  • specified temperature in the long time can be maintained unchanged through a built-in thermostat, because it is not necessary to preheat the paraffin, if there is a need to conduct a paraffin foot and then the hands;
  • there is no risk to «kill» the stove, this is especially true for steklokeramika, which is difficult to tolerate such things as warming up of paraffin and attempts to prepare sugar paste for hair removal;
  • no risk of spoiling the dishes as clean from the wax to the capacity of the bath is much easier than the pan;
  • no risk of burns, no need to try the temperature of the wax with your finger or apply it on small area of skin in the experiment;
  • there are additional features such as heated container with aromatic oils and others that can do your procedure even more enjoyable.
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If, to be perfectly honest, the only disadvantage of the baths is the need to spend money on them. But even this may not be an argument against the use of this appliance. Prices of well-known brands range from half to four thousand. Not so much when you consider all the benefits that you will be able to use.

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How to choose the right vanecko

There are several important criteria that you need to pay attention.

  • Volume.

In order to choose the best volume and functionality of the tub, you must decide whether you want to apply the wax only to hands or to the hands and feet. In the first case, the foot Spa, you can choose a small amount (about 2 kg of paraffin wax), the second will have to choose a unit more volume (3-4 kg of paraffin wax).

  • Types of used paraffin.

Not worth buying a tub, is intended for some specific types of paraffin. The more you will have the choice, the better.

  • The presence of thermostat.

It should have the function of heating the wax to a certain temperature and the ability to set temperatures to maintain. This is very convenient since you don’t need to try the wax with your finger or to determine its temperature «by eye».

  • Fast heating and energy class.

Optimally, if your device is going to heat the specified volume for 40-60 minutes. Energy class A. There are models of tubs, in which the paraffin can be heated for just one procedure. This feature may be of interest to those who periodically paraffin face and doesn’t want for the sake of warming from 2-3 kg of paraffin.

  • The presence of additional functions.
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There are trays, which during cooling of the wax can maintain the desired temperature of the water in the tank for a manicure, warm the container with aromatic oils. Has a multi-purpose trays that can be used for heating stones for stone therapy. Because if you ask for, for the same money you can get more opportunities.

  • Protect from spillage of wax.

Even in the presence of special means for removing paraffin from surfaces after cleaning paraffin may be not so pleasant.

Therefore it is better to choose a device with a special shape of the edges of the trays, which are designed to protect against accidental spillage of wax.

  • The ease of cleaning.

The most convenient in this respect, bath with Teflon coating and a special mesh on the bottom.

What else to buy for the procedure

On it now not need to wrestle with. In most stores and online stores, you will be offered ready-made kits, which will include the bath for paraffin, the wax in the required amount, cellophane and cloth gloves, and socks. Additionally, you can just buy the tool for easy removal of paraffin from the surfaces. This will facilitate the cleaning process many times.

With this tool you will no longer need to scrub or scrape paraffin or wax from surfaces. Simply wipe them moistened with tool cloth.

How often to change

If you use the device only for myself, then throw removed from the skin the wax is optional. In the salons, where the procedure during the day many people come to such savings could end badly, as it significantly increases the risk of Contracting various skin diseases. And here at home is another way of saving on salon treatments.

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To clean the paraffin bath and paraffin can be change about once a year. All this time the wax will be suitable for use and good for the skin.

The price of paraffin

Product name Cost, rubles
Bath-heater Gezatone WW3900 from 3400
Set Gezatone WW3900 bath, paraffin, protective bags, mittens from 4100
Bath-heater Gezatone WD916 2500
Set Gezatone WW3500 bath, paraffin, protective bags, mittens from 3500
Bath JessNail SD-56 From 2300