Before and after brachioplasty


If you believe the Americans, then the top 3 women with the most beautiful hands looks like this: Michelle Obama: her hands with the correct form of the arms, thin wrists and fingers is often the standard of beauty for American women turning to plastic surgeons;

But the ugly are recognized as the hands of the Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The photo of the Madonna it is evident that her hands have lost much of fat because the singer is actively involved in sports diet. Lost tone skin can’t hide the protruding muscles and veins. Hands is the first thing that betrays her age. Because singer carefully hiding them under clothing.

Hands Sarah Jessica Parker one of journalists have called «zombie hands» because in the hands of the actress clearly konturiruyutsya bones and bursting through his skin wreaths. As you can see, in our culture the term «brachioplasty» is usually associated only with the tightening of the shoulder.

In European and American culture this term means and plasticity of the sagging skin of the shoulder, and fat grafting of the shoulder, forearms and hands, laser resurfacing of the skin in order to hands has been kept secret with women.

Fat grafting

Often fat grafting is performed on the hands, as the skin of the fingers and back of the hand most quickly lose body fat and become flabby.

In addition to brushes to adjust own fat can also your forearms and shoulders.

Video: tightening of the skin

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is good because under the action of laser stimulation of collagen and elastin, which contributes to lifting and damage and killing pigmented cells of the skin, which helps whiten and eliminate pigmentation.

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Surgical face lift

The disadvantages of this method is:

  • the need to move serious traumatic surgery under General anesthesia;
  • scars on the inner surface of the shoulders, which pass into the axilla.

If the surgery itself doesn’t scare most patients, the probability of scars stops many.

Confuses potential clients of plastic surgery clinics and the passion of the creators of the advertisement sites to photoshop.

As you can see here, for example. The shoulder line is too smooth to be natural. Yes and the scar that is not visible. Although completely get rid of the scar in this area will not work by any means. In addition, sometimes a couple of years after surgery, the skin on the shoulders is stretched to its former level. This contributes to weight gain or weight loss, and the skin condition changes with age.

In some cases, clients have not need surgery because their problems are often far-fetched. But surgeons still undertake the surgery. It turns out about the following. Sometimes it happens that the amount of muscle on shoulder small due to the constitutional features or do little physical activity.

If a plastic surgeon does not take into account this feature and removes too much skin and subcutaneous fat, the size of the shoulder may be less than the volume of the forearm, which is in itself absolutely unnatural.

Video: What is brachioplasty

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