Biorevitalization and alcohol — compatibility after can I drink

The main task of modern cosmetology – maintaining the skin in good condition. A woman has a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Alcohol gives opposite effect – makes the skin aging. The conclusion from this is that alcohol can’t be helpful either before or after biorevitalisation.

How alcoholic beverages affect the skin

How alcohol affects the skin depends primarily on the quality of beverage, frequency and amount of its use. One or two glasses of quality red wine for a festive dinner is unlikely to cause irreparable damage to the beauty and health.

If the regular drink, the body immediately report it.

Excessive use of alcohol dehydrates the body, and the first water leaves the subcutaneous tissue. The result is dry skin.

Parched skin loses its smoothness, becomes «stale». Fine lines become more pronounced.

Alcohol destroys the reserves of vitamins C and E, which retain the collagen – a protein responsible for skin elasticity.

Oval faces are the drinker becomes less clear, the skin starts to SAG. Every woman should remember that alcohol abuse causes changes in the body which cosmetology is much more difficult.

Why you should not drink alcohol

Spirits on their own, without additional factors that cause swelling.

The simplest proof of this is a reflection of puffy, rasplavilsya face in the mirror the morning after the feast.

With regard to injection techniques (mesotherapy, biorevitalization), the swelling is also a side effect after them. You should not aggravate the situation, then to blame a poor result the doctors or composition of the drug in the event of adverse effects.

The opinions of experts

Biorevitalization – a kind of mesotherapy. It consists in introducing into the skin tissue non-stabilized hyaluronic acid.

It is an essential element of the intercellular space of the skin, regulating metabolic processes in tissues.

Hyaluronate has a moisturizing effect, activates the production of connective tissue, thereby achieving anti-aging effect.

Alcoholic drinks not only hold liquid but also widen blood vessels. This can negatively affect the effect of beauty treatments.

That’s why doctors prohibit the intake of alcohol for some time after the procedure – it can cause severe swelling and reduce the duration of result.

However, the opinions of experts in this question disperse:

  • Some believe that drinking alcohol within 8 to 10 hours after administration of hyaluronate. In their opinion, the acid has already be distributed to tissues and will not be affected by ethanol.
  • Others believe that it is best to wait a day or two before drinking.

Neither one nor the other and failed to present credible evidence in support of his point of view. However, to follow certain rules still need.

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Compatibility of drugs for biorevitalisation and alcohol

Microinjection is performed by a special vitamin formulations – «beauty cocktails». The doctor selects for each client’s individual recipe, but all the teams usually include the following components:

  • hyaluronate;
  • vitamin complex;
  • glycolic acid;
  • vasodilators.

None of the components are not «friends» with the ethanol. Alcohol also dilates blood vessels, enhances blood flow and thereby causes even greater expansion.

Cocktail when it starts to circulate is not the direction necessary for correction.

Alcohol destroys the vitamins, and the result will be ineffective. Besides, it is impossible to predict the consequences of neutralization of vitamins or other interactions with ethanol.

Hyaluronate under the influence of alcohol is excreted more rapidly and the duration of the effect will be less. Moreover, the advanced vessels acid can be used in vehicles not designed for the correction region, which is highly undesirable.

When you can drink wine

So, it is important to learn the following: compatibility of bio-revitalisation and alcohol impossible.

Ideally from alcohol should be abandoned for two or three days prior to the procedure and within the same time after.

A clear time frame the doctors give, but the longer the abstinence, the longer and more pronounced the effect.

Useful tips

Many women hasten on reception to the beautician before the big celebration. Naturally, they are interested in the question of what happens if you drink alcohol after biorevitalisation and what to do in this case.

If the procedure is scheduled a few days before the event, nothing bad happens, moreover during this time will have time to papules.

If the trip to the beautician is scheduled the day before a holiday, the session is better to postpone: to hold it for two or three days sooner or later. In the salon you can always negotiate about the transfer procedure.

Important advice: swelling and swelling, minor bruising after the injections disappear quickly and completely with a healthy lifestyle.

But to accelerate this process, especially important on the eve of important events, you can use absorbable ointment or homeopathic drugs. To independently assign itself does not need anything – all the information will be provided by the doctor.

Photo: Before and after

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