Biorevitalization Butel – price

Fountain of youth our skin is a natural component of cells like hyaluronic acid. It is on a sufficient number depends on the elasticity of the skin.

In his youth, this substance is produced in large volumes, and with age the cells lose gradually the ability, and aging occurs, accompanied by wrinkles and sagging.

We can say that hyaluronic acid is a Bracer for the cells, and some makeup, she from the outside, in case of impossibility of the body to fill this resource allows you to save the skin in the desired form.

What it is

Cosmetology today is actively carrying out a procedure for the enrichment of tissues with hyaluronic acid. This procedure is called biorevitalization.

It involves injecting the delivery of substances into cells.

The safest and the most efficient currently considered biorevitalization with the use of Butel, which is based on the drug use of the latest technologies.

The drug

Feature of drug Butel, is its composition, which includes high-molecular hyaluronic acid. Due to this, at the minimum dose means the maximum effect can be preserved for a longer time.

Another advantage regarding its composition, is the absence of additional components and preservatives that often cause rejection and allergic reactions.

Therefore, Butell one of the safest biorevitalization.

He presented three series, which differ in molecular volume of the hyaluronic acid with a certain percentage concentration of the drug.

Different versions are required for specific age categories where there is a corresponding skin condition.


  • «Beutel 30+» — involves the use of those persons who are over thirty, while the main content of hyaluronic acid is presented as 3 million daltons with 1% concentration;
  • «Beutel 40+» is used after 40 and the composition is 1.5% identified 3.5 million daltons;
  • «Butel Age+» — those over 45, this option is the most concentrated on 2% of 4 million daltons of hyaluronic acid.

What is the mechanism of action

Penetrating into the skin via multiple injections of micro-doses, hyaluronic acid of a certain concentration begins to restore the necessary processes at the cellular level.

It «switches on» the function of cells to produce substances such as collagen and elastin in more the missing volume. Prevents the formation of blemishes.

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Also is not unimportant saturation of cells with moisture, which is necessary to protect against toxins, free radicals, and in General for the correct and proper functioning. This supports their life.

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How is the procedure

Before the procedure always required to consult a doctor-cosmetologist, which analyzes the condition of the skin problem areas and assigns the appropriate course.

At the same time is discussed the most appropriate method of implementation. It can be hardware or manual method of injection and safety: papulnaya or reinforced.

Name ways defines their meaning, that is, the injection is carried out through the use of special apparatus or the hands of a beautician.

Regarding equipment, when papulnaya method provides for the administration of the drug exclusively in the upper layers of the skin with fine needles. The micro dose forms a so-called a papule (white ball), under a thin layer of skin with a diameter of generally about 1-2 mm, and the distance between them usually at least 1 cm is Used with minor ageing.

Reinforced technique involves directed injection into the deep layers of skin, about 2-3 mm, with more common mesh between shots.

As when performing any cosmetic procedure, pre-processing of the skin antiseptic, for the purposes of disinfection and decontamination.

Further, provided the application of a certain cream (gel), suggesting to anesthetize the desired area of the skin. After the required time the introduction of appropriate drug in a certain way.

This procedure usually last about an hour, time to be determined primarily by the volume and complexity of the whole work, and also depends on the area of skin exposed cheeks.

The final step is post-processing the injection site with antiseptic and healing agent (usually on the basis of Panthenol).

The result of mesotherapy drug Butel

Butel provides a comprehensive positive impact on the viability and regeneration of skin cells.

This is manifested in the following:

  • pronounced hydration of the skin;
  • more smooth and healthy tone (especially important for the face);
  • reduction and smoothing of wrinkles;
  • the elasticity of the skin;
  • the acquisition of the correct forms of the face;
  • the improvement of the skin (eliminating dark spots and circles, pimples);
  • better functioning and nutrition of the skin at the cellular level.
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Indications and contraindications

The main indications for use of this cosmetic procedure are:

  • emerging signs of aging, when Butel used as a preventive measure;
  • a pronounced thinning of the skin;
  • numerous formation of wrinkles;
  • problems of the skin local type (laxity of the hands, neckline, neck);
  • maintaining the previously implemented procedures, in relation to the rejuvenation of the skin;
  • preparing for the upcoming plastics in the reconstruction and improvement of the skin.

Despite the benefits Butell, it is not recommended, and in some cases just sarasino to apply.

These include:

  • minor age;
  • the time of childbearing and feeding his chest;
  • the period of treatment with certain medicine;
  • inflammatory or infectious problems on the skin;
  • acute chronic forms;
  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • an allergic reaction to any external stimuli;
  • problems associated with blood clotting.


Biorevitalization Butel effective only when it is executed a certain course in multiple sessions. In every situation he is assigned a doctor-cosmetologist. Accordingly, a single procedure will not provide long-term and the desired result.

Minimum course consists of 3 sessions, which are held approximately every two weeks.

If the problems are more pronounced, the number of sessions can be increased up to 6, with an approximate interval of 10 days.

Possible complications

The great advantage of the drug Butel is that its application is almost never observed serious side effects. Most often in such situations, the culprit are the inept hands of a master.

Among the possible unwanted effects include:

  • the entry of infection;
  • temporary swelling;
  • hematoma at the injection site;
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • pain;
  • the redness and irritation.

All of these complications almost nothing to do with the action of the drug. The only side-effect to Butel may be an allergic reaction to the remedy associated with high sensitivity to an increased concentration of hyaluronic acid.

The average cost

Price biorevitalisation with the drug Butel consists of several main components.


  • the cost of appointed means;
  • its required amount;
  • the area which is subjected to correction;
  • the complexity of the work;
  • the required number of syringes;
  • the drugs used in the input procedure;
  • the pricing policy of the clinic and the cost of a cosmetologist.
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After analyzing the average data concerning the total amount for this service, on average, one session will cost somewhere in the range of from 10 to 15 000 000,00 rubles.

Advice beauticians

Having studied the material and feedback about the preparation leading beauticians, you can make a list of basic tips concerning the topic at hand.

Useful tips:

  • can not be carried out during menstruation;
  • the deletion of visiting places with a sharp temperature drop (room) before and after the procedure for a certain time;
  • bring to a cosmetologist information about the received medicines;
  • first day, after mesotherapy, limit the contact and touch with the skin;
  • do not expose treated skin to the effects of frost and direct sunlight;

  • control the certificate of quality used products;
  • watch over the integrity and suitability of the used syringes.

If You are faced with the theme of biorevitalization, and You need to find a quality product at an affordable price, then the choice and the advice of many doctors-cosmetologists will remain with the series Butel.

It has a positive impact from the first moments of penetration into the cell, we should not forget about the high safety of this tool.

Duration of its effect is due to high-molecular formula of hyaluronic acid, allows to save the result longer in comparison with competitors.

Choose your doctor and hospital wisely, because even such a useful drug being in the hands of a negligent beautician, is able to harm Your health.

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