Biorevitalization Mesovarian — reviews, thickens the skin

Age – related changes- the object of attention of scientists and physicians.

Clinics and centers of esthetic medicine offer a variety of rejuvenating treatments:

  • mesotherapy,
  • biorevitalization,
  • bioreparation, etc.

Each of which requires a special preparation – a filler or a «cocktail of beauty». On the market there was a novelty – a composition for injection Mesovarian.

What it is

Mesovarian (Meso Wharton P199) is an innovative biological product, medical devices, developed by us company ABG Lab in collaboration with the Russian scientist Boris Petrikovsky is one of the best specialists in the world for fetal surgery.

In 2010 the drug was approved by the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health for implementation in the Russian Federation.

After a few years, filler has earned a reputation as one of the most effective anti-aging compounds, which entered the Arsenal of the leading clinics.

Mesovarian used in injection cosmetology for persons older than 40 years. The action of the composition aimed at the activation of proliferative properties of stem cells and restoration of the physiological regulation of cells.

The drug

The main active ingredient is synthetic analogue of embryonic peptide that acts as an activator of stem cells.

Peptide promotes cell renewal of the dermis, enhances the activity of fibroblasts, activates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The opening of the peptide associated with the scientific activities of well-known gynecologist and surgeon B. M. Petrikovsky. The Professor has earned global recognition as a result of operations during an abnormal development of the fetus.

The study of the composition of the gel-like substance of the umbilical cord yielded a peptide regulating the activity of stem cells through the activation of growth factors.

In addition to the peptide in the composition of the drug include:

  • oligo — and polypeptides, which are factors of cell growth (insulin-like, epidermal, fibroblast growth factor, tireotoxic), and the Tripeptide, providing a regenerative effect;
  • high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (concentrate of 1.56%);
  • amino acids, including specific collagen;
  • trace-elements;
  • nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, flavinadeninnukleotid, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, ornithine, coenzyme a, taurine and other substances involved in major biochemical reactions.
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All components are in low concentrations and perform a regulatory function.

What is the mechanism of action

The basis of preparation is not an ordinary hyaluronate (although he is contained in the composition), while a patented polypeptide Wharton Jelly Peptide P199.

It is an artificial peptide analogue of the human embryo, providing intensive division of stem cells.

In the skin contains a number of stem cells. Their transformation and replacement of dying cells contribute to signaling molecules and growth factors. Due to this, the skin is updated regularly, starts the production of elastin and collagen.

Over the years, the process of dividing stem cells is slowed down – in other words, aging occurs. It is manifested in the form of reduced tone and elasticity, wrinkles and pigmentation, facial contours become less defined.

Mesovarian developed for solving these problems.

Experimentally proven, that its introduction leads to an increase in the number of stem cells, restoring the skin youthful state.

In addition, increased reducing properties, helps the skin more smooth scarring.

Part of the hyaluronic acid and vitamin / amino acid cocktail enhance therapeutic and aesthetic effect of the procedure.

How is the procedure

The drug is available in sterile syringe with a volume of 1.5 ml. This quantity is enough for a single treatment of the face, neck and décolleté, either two or three treatments just for the face.

Before the injections the skin is cleaned and processed local anaesthetic, so any discomfort the procedure does not deliver.

The technique is no different from usual Protocol, i.e., is a selection of microinjections into the dermis.

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After the injections on the skin to apply a soothing cream or mask. Some time on the skin are small papules (bruises), they disappear after two or three days.

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The result of mesotherapy drug Mesovarian

After a full course:

  • there is a noticeable improvement of the complexion and skin texture,
  • fade age pigmentation and superficial wrinkles
  • increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin,
  • the skin becomes noticeably hydrated,
  • eliminates sagging,
  • to contour the face.

Photo: Before and after

Indications and contraindications

The indications for the procedure are:

  • prevention of early aging of the skin;
  • age-related changes (wrinkles, saggy skin, decrease in elasticity and tone);
  • preparations for plastics;
  • restoration of the skin after surgery;
  • restoration of the skin after aggressive cosmetic procedures (chemical peels, laser resurfacing);
  • pigmentation.


  • the age of 40;
  • acute inflammation in the correction area;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • taking anticoagulants (aspirin, heparin, etc.);
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding – a temporary contraindication.


The course duration is set individually and depends on the following factors:

  • the original skin condition;
  • its type;
  • the presence of comorbidities.

The doctor must be informed about:

  • the regularity of the menstrual cycle
  • taking hormonal medication.

Training patients in menopause requires a different approach.

As a rule, the course consists of 4-8 sessions that are held every one to two weeks.

For the age group of 40-50 years intensive course consists of 4-6 procedures: 3-4 weekly session, then 1-2 treatments at intervals of two weeks. To maintain the injection is made once in two months.

An intensive course for persons over the age of 50 suggests 5-6 weekly sessions and two session every two weeks. Maintenance therapy every four weeks.

Possible complications

No side effects and complications after administration of Mesovarian to date were noted.

However, as with any other techniques associated with stem cells, scientists have expressed concerns with regards to the possible consequences in the long run.

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Formula was developed not so long ago – in 2008, the market appeared even later, so the exact statistics about it yet.

Thickens the skin from this procedure

The effectiveness of the filler proved instrumental method: by ultrasound scanning of the skin before and after the session. The scan shows that the dermis and subepidermal structure condenses, the skin becomes properties close to young skin.

The average cost

Biorevitalization Mesovarian is not cheap: the average price in Moscow and St. Petersburg is 15000-20000 rubles per 1.5 ml.

This price includes myself keying (microinjection).

In other cities of the correction is somewhat cheaper – in the region of 12,000-15,000 rubles. The price can be reduced if you pay the whole course at once.

Advice beauticians

After the procedure you need to follow some recommendations:

  • treated area cannot be exposed to heat (baths, saunas, Solarium);
  • during the day it is impossible to apply cosmetics;
  • to bruising went down faster, you need to use absorbable ointment;
  • in summer, always use sunscreen.