Biorevitalization neck neckline, a before and after photo, contraindications

Stay young and beautiful is the dream of every woman and many men. The procedure of rejuvenation, biorevitalization neck and décolleté is one of the most popular in modern cosmetology.

Feature of mesotherapy involves injection of drugs designed on the basis of native and non-stabilized hyaluronic acid under the skin in problem areas.

The cause of skin aging

After 25 years, the woman’s skin begins to fade much faster. In most cases, the process of age-related changes starts to occur in the neck and décolleté.

Due to the fact that the skin in this area of the body most thin and delicate, as he has virtually no sebaceous glands and melanocytes which perform a protective function of the skin from impact of external factors (sunlight, wind, frost, etc.).

Often daily care (creams, serums, masks) pays attention only to the face, décolleté and neck care only a few.

Under the influence of many factors, the skin begins to age and lose elasticity:

  • rock conditions;
  • violation of exchange substances;
  • imbalance weight;
  • lifestyle;
  • anatomical features;
  • and others.

As a result, thirty years observed the presence of sagging skin and formation of wrinkles (folds).

To turn time into sleeping, and to correct mistakes it is impossible, therefore, many resort to the procedure of biorevitalization of the décolletage and neck. Maybe a combination of rejuvenating this area with the face area.

Description of the procedure

Biorevitalization is a procedure for the introduction into the subcutaneous layer of hyaluronic acid, not undergone chemical treatment.

The aim of the injections is the stimulation of skin structure and stabilization of the natural processes taking place in it.

The result of the introduction of drugs becomes the rejuvenation of the skin. Feature of drugs for biorevitalisation is a cumulative effect, giving a long and persistent result.

Be performed procedure can in two ways. A common method used by cosmetic injection of hyaluronic acid. But there is another method – the laser.

This method of accepting funds under the skin is less traumatic, but the effect of the procedure is smaller because the laser beams cannot perform drug penetration into the desired concentration.

Spend biorevitalization neck and décolleté should be exclusively beautician, qualified and authorized to perform such sessions.

At home to perform biorevitalization is prohibited.

After a few sessions indicated a positive result:

  • returns skin tone;
  • wrinkles decrease or disappear;
  • skin texture becomes smooth
  • moisture balance is restored.

Unlike many procedures, for example Botox biorevitalization is not the filling of wrinkles and the effects on natural processes in cells that have been broken.


Biorevitalization neck and decollete – effects on the skin by injecting it under the special preparations that contain hyaluronic acid and a complex of amino acids and vitamins.

All funds used for biorevitalisation, include hyaluronic acid, which is not processed chemical components.

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It is the absence of chemical treatment allows you to safely insert it under the skin to replace natural acids.

With the right mixture of drugs interacts with the fibers and cells of the dermis, without causing adverse reactions.

There are many drugs that can be used for biorevitalization of the décolletage and neck, the most effective are three tools.

  1. Hyalual?: it has a unique regenerative and rejuvenating properties. Acting at the cellular and tissue level, increasing cellular respiration and metabolism.
  2. Alupro: has a unique composition (synthetic hyaluronic acid and amino acid). Contributes to increased development of natural collagen. In the result, the skin structure is strengthened and moisturized.
  3. Beautelle: a French tool developed by adding artificial high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The drug is safe and gives long-lasting effect.

Range of tools is quite large. The main difference between them lies in the type of hyaluronic acid (concentration and cleaning method). The higher the concentration of the primary component substance, the more pronounced the effect and the longer the action of mesotherapy.

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Indications and contraindications

Procedure rejuvenation may be recommended by a cosmetologist or the person himself dares at her, noticing age-related changes in the neck area and décolleté. The majority of patients beauty parlor, women aged thirty years.

Indications for biorevitalisation can be changes in the skin of the neck (the neckline):

  • dryness and sagging;
  • formation of wrinkles;
  • photoaging of the skin;
  • age-related changes;
  • loss of elasticity and firmness.

Biorevitalization of the décolletage and neck fairly safe procedure if it is carried out according to the rules.

Due to the fact that the transformation process involves the introduction of a foreign fluid injected in the subcutaneous layer of tissue, it is only natural that there are contraindications for biorevitalisation of the neck.

Not recommended procedure:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in the period of breast feeding;
  • in violation of the integrity of the skin (neck, decollete);
  • skin diseases in the treatment area;
  • in the period of exacerbation of the disease chronic form;
  • in case of oncological pathologies;
  • in infectious and viral diseases (certain types);
  • if you are hypersensitive components of the preparation used.

Before the procedure should not take blood-thinning medications and affect blood pressure.

Also contraindicated performing biorevitalization of the neck (neckline) people with mental disabilities or in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

How to spend biorevitalisation neck and décolleté

Biorevitalization of the décolletage and neck are often controlled with the application of anesthetic or administration of an anesthetic drug by injection.

Use painkillers for that zone more often than when processing faces, as the neck and neckline is very sensitive.

After applying local anesthetic the patient’s waiting time until it will work (about 30 minutes)

Any drug hyaluronic acid be stored in the refrigerator. So twenty minutes into the session it comes out and give the opportunity to acquire room temperature.

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Opening the packaging and capsules should only be conducted when the patient. The patient has the right to inspect the packaging and the drug to meet all the requirements (integrity, shelf life, etc.).

The process of introducing drugs into the skin is performed only after the surface treatment antiseptic. Injections are performed at a slight distance from each other.

The doctor should enter the game is not too deep. The number of punctures may be large. While pain must be absent (with the use of anesthetic).

After all the cleavage and neck will be treated, the cosmetologist must apply a cooling gel (cream). In conclusion, the skin lubricated with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic cream.

What to do after the procedure

The result from biorevitalization of the neck (the neckline) appears after a few days, sometimes weeks. But in order for the recovery period of tissue smoothly and without any complications, you should follow the recommendations of specialists in the care of a treated surface of the skin.

Recommendations cosmetologists.

  1. To eliminate unpleasant sensations, track marks and swelling should be applied daily healing and soothing preparations for local use. It is advisable to use products that have natural ingredients.
  2. In the first week should not be a long time under the action of ultraviolet rays (the sun) and also visit the sauna or bath.
  3. Excluded excessive exercise. To begin the exercise, recommended not earlier than in two weeks.
  4. Not to use cosmetics within three days.
  5. To exclude the application of peels and scrubs for one or two weeks.
  6. In the first day not to take a hot shower (the bathroom etc).
  7. Wash only with warm water.

In order to reduce the effect of solar radiation on the décolleté and neck, you can wear a closed jacket, and in hot weather, apply protective means.

Visit tanning salons is not recommended until the end of the course procedures.

Post-procedure care is very important, as disregard the advice of cosmetologists may cause at least the appearance of blemishes. If in first three days appeared side effects when executing all the recommendations, it is not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor. The results can be disastrous.

Side effect

In most cases, biorevitalization neck and décolleté is well tolerated but may cause side effects. Negative reaction to the drug can manifest itself in different ways.

Side effects are divided into two types.

  • primary (eliminates on its own within two to three days);
  • secondary (resulting from the violations, and causing serious pathology).

The primary adverse reactions include slight pain and other sensations in the treatment area, causing discomfort. But most often, these symptoms disappear the next day.

Primary adverse reaction can manifest in the form of bumps or dots at the puncture site. Due to such a feature is the presence under the skin of hyaluronic acid, which will gradually dissolve.

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Secondary symptoms side effect include more serious violations:

  • damage to the blood vessels, which causes the formation of a hematoma under the skin or bruise;
  • inflammatory or infectious processes;
  • severe allergic reaction;
  • the distribution of the drug in the blood or deeper layers of the dermis.

If after three days the intensity of adverse reactions is not reduced, then need to contact a healthcare professional. A second course of biorevitalization at the risk of the adverse effect should not be.

Advice beauticians

The opinions of experts about the procedure biorevitalisation neck and neck diverge. Some beauticians believe this treatment useful and safe enough. Others, assessing risks, do not recommend it. Come to a consensus impossible.

To reduce the likelihood of side effects, if taken into account the advice of experienced professionals.

  1. You cannot biorevitalization in non-specialized clinic.
  2. You should not trust beauticians in words, you need to check the documents confirming their qualification.
  3. You choose the product you need, based on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  4. Should not be sessions of rejuvenation in the presence of contraindications.
  5. After the procedure is necessary to properly care for the skin.

The result of the mesotherapy depends on the beautician and drug, which is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. Careful attention to such important moments can play a key role in achieving the desired effect.

The average cost

Depending on the preparation used and the selected facilities (clinics) by the cost of biorevitalization of the neck and décolleté can vary significantly. The average cost for one session is 10 000 rubles.

It is worth considering that to obtain significant results it is necessary to conduct at least three procedures. Thus, a full course of mesotherapy will cost an average of 30 000 rubles.

If you use more expensive drugs, the price for one session can reach up to 40 000 rubles. The maximum number of sessions to five. In the end, the cost of facial rejuvenation can be 200 000 or more.

Photo: Before and after