Biorevitalization of the hands — for, brushes

It is not easy to determine the age of a woman who carefully monitors the figure, and cares for the person. However, if you look at her hands, you can learn the truth.

Even professional and neat manicure is not able to hide the real age ladies. That is why many women resort to various anti-aging cosmetic procedures.

Why aging hands

The skin on the hands is very thin, there’s little of the sebaceous glands that create a protective film and prevent moisture loss. In addition, hands, and face, are constantly exposed to aggressive external factors.

The main enemy of the youth hands – ultraviolet. It destroys collagen, initiates the formation of free radicals – the culprits of wrinkles, causes pigmentation.

The «sunspots» appear even in thirty women and men.

Hands suffer in winter: cold air and changes in temperature damage the capillaries, causing impaired blood circulation and nutrition of the skin. Hands become dry and peel.

Harmful effects and household chemicals.

Powders and dishwashing detergent contain a large number of surface-active substances that destroy the lipid protection of the skin and lead to dehydration.

After 45 years comes biological aging: the skin there are irreversible changes, impaired function, which inevitably affects the hands. The concentration of estrogen decreases, the skin is dehydrated, the muscles lose tone. Venous nodes complete the picture.

Not less than a hot topic – age pigmentation. On the hands there are small dark spots, which will eventually increase. On the hands appears the so-called senile «buckwheat».

There is such a thing – «age hands.» They are:

  • visually shrink and stiffen,
  • the skin is easily going to fold
  • age spots getting bigger.

All these phenomena are directly related to a decrease in the content of hyaluronate in the dermis.

Salvation for the skin of the hands will be biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid.

The indications for the procedure

The procedure can be carried out at a young age to prevent early aging.

30-35 years degenerative changes progress, contribute to this:

  • stress,
  • unfavorable environment,
  • ultraviolet,
  • unhealthy lifestyle, etc.
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After the aggressive effects of sunlight biorevitalization provides a visible rejuvenation of the skin. But most of all, injections are popular among «age» clients who wish to undergo «anti-age».

Correction is also indicated for people who frequently wash their hands, use cleaning products without gloves, often visit a Solarium.

Biorevitalization can be performed separately or coupled with other methods like peeling, grinding etc. the Effect after such therapy will last longer. The injection of hyaluronic acid well prepare the skin for laser correction and contribute to a quick recovery after it.

What is the service biorevitalisation hand

Biorevitalization helps to restore the skin, saturate it with moisture, preventing further dehydration. The technique has long been used for the correction of facial and décolleté area, but this care program for hands entered recently.

Biorevitalization for hand – injection procedure involving the injection of hyaluronic acid in the middle layer of the skin. The main goal of treatment – to improve skin tone and delay the aging process.

Therapy consists of a series of injections with a synthetic hyaluronate.

It does not cause allergies and is contained in the preparations in the optimum concentration. Filler fills and smoothes wrinkles, helps restore water balance, increases skin turgor.

The drug is administered on the dorsum of the hand using very fine needles. Before injection, the skin is cleaned and is treated with anesthetic.

Hyaluronate after getting into the middle layer of the skin attracts water molecules fill cavities in the tissues and stretches the skin. Along with this starts the process of collagen and elastin.

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What effect

The duration and number of sessions, the choice of filler with a certain concentration of hyaluronate depend on the age of the patient, the initial state of the skin, its type and the expected result. All this is discussed individually with the beautician.

A rejuvenating effect is observed already after the first session – after the swelling subsides (one or two days). Over time, the effect is amplified.

Few weeks the cells begin to produce its own collagen and hyaluronate.

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To achieve pronounced and long lasting result, you need to undergo a course of treatment. After a full course, the duration of the effect lasts for five to six months, and some patients have longer.

It depends on the age, lifestyle, rate of consumption of hyaluronic acid and home care products.

Possible side effects

After injection therapy can occur following complications:

  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • expressed pain.

In the area of administration of the drug may develop in inflammatory and allergic processes. Before the correction necessary to make samples of the composition to detect a possible Allergy to it.

Age limit

In 30-35 years to rejuvenate the skin of the hands will only need a mild surface peeling (if the change is not very pronounced).

However, people aged 40-50 years (especially avid gardeners) is to think about injecting the restoration of skin, because in this period, and sometimes earlier reduces the elasticity of the skin, thinner layer of subcutaneous fat, pigment spots appear.

The procedure is especially relevant for women in premenopausal.

This is due to the fact that subcutaneous fat is even more exhausted, my hands look dry and wrinkled, and begins to draw blood vessels.

Who should not use this procedure

The procedure is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, etc.);
  • inflammatory skin disease;
  • Oncology;
  • infectious disease;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Biorevitalization of the hands has no seasonal restrictions.

Useful tips

To maintain a constant effect every two or three months you need to carry out supportive care: to do extra injections with a lower content of active substances.

This allows you to get rid of the need for full shots in the future.

To eliminate old wrinkles on the backs of hands and wrists, you can go through the plastic surgery of the hands. For this purpose, various techniques of plastic surgery. You can also do non-surgical skin tightening: laser or radiowave lifting.

Also note the following point: in the market there are numerous highly effective fillers, which are well struggling with wrinkles, folds, support contour and lip volume.

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But the drugs, well coping with the main duties can not be suitable for correction of age changes hands.

This is because the skin is no separate wrinkles that require correction, there are other problems: broken pigment of skin, under which veins looming, tendons, and skeletal relief.

The task of rejuvenating the hands is to achieve the effect of uniform child swelling of the hands. Using conventional fillers is very difficult to do.

That is why you have to carefully select the compounds that is able to uniformly fill a region with a lack of volume and be distributed in the deep layers of the skin, creating a natural appearance young hands.

One conventional filler can not provide a young hand – in need of repair and the quality of the skin. Thinned, pigmented, dry, with reduced tone, skin needs nourishment. To do this, the skin of the hands pierced with 2 ml biorevitalizing that provides moisturizing and brightening effect.

The filler is injected through a soft cannula, allowing to simulate the lost volume without the risk of damage to vessels and nerves, as well as minimizing pain therapy.

Such a complex effect allows you to adjust any stage of your skin and eliminate the three main signs of aging:

  • loss of elasticity,
  • contouring of blood vessels,
  • hyperpigmentation.

The procedure allows to achieve a good appearance of the hands for a period of six months to a year.