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Every woman desires to look young as long as possible. To meet this need, beauticians are constantly creating new procedures that help to restore the skin and make it more groomed.

One of them is biorevitalization, which is becoming more popular lately. In this article we will tell you about what affects the cost of bio-revitalisation and carry out a review of the various drugs.

On the basis of what is the cost of the procedure

In order to understand how beauticians will determine the value of anti-aging treatments, need to say about what components enter into it.

In the first place is a drug, the quality of which depends on the final price.

The more modern and safe it is, the more expensive it will cost the procedure biorevitalization.

In addition, the cost of this anti-aging services also includes rent, utilities, wizard. Some lay in it and advertising companies that the salon has spent money to attract customers.

An equally important factor is the location of the procedure, as different cities have their own peculiarities of formation of the prices for cosmetic services.

Thus, the cost of mesotherapy laid all costs of the owner of the salon that it incurs in providing services. But in this case the main factor is the drug and the technology of provision of the service (injectable or not), as they determine the final price.

As this figure affects the quality

As already mentioned, the cost of the procedure is affected by several factors, but chief among them is the drug which spend biorevitalisation.

That is why it is safe to say that the cost in most cases closely associated with quality, and in some cases security services.

The better and safer for women to be the tool, the more it will cost. The same principle should be assessed and the wizard, as experienced and reliable beauticians who know their trade.

But in this case it is better to pay more and get good service than to save on the cheeks and not get the desired result. Especially for those women who choose the injection procedure.

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Review of prices for biorevitalization in different cities

As already mentioned, the cost of the procedure biorevitalisation often also depends on what city you are running the wizard:

  • Currently, in Moscow the cost of the procedure starts with eight — ten thousand roubles.
  • In St. Petersburg you can do this procedure for five thousand rubles, but more quality products will cost more.
  • In Sochi, the cost of one procedure can vary from six to twenty-five thousand rubles.
  • For Yekaterinburg, the minimum price is five thousand, but more expensive and high-quality tools also are more expensive.

Thus, some of the most expensive procedures are carried out in Moscow and in other regions of biorevitalization is possible to spend less. But in this situation it is worth considering that a good and safe formulations are expensive, so it is not always necessary to choose the wizard, which offers a minimal price.

Comparison, depending on the drug

Currently, cosmetologists are actively using a variety of tools for the biorevitalization. Consider the most popular among them.


The drug, produced by the French laboratory. It is often applied by the Russian specialists, as it has excellent quality and composition, perfect even for sensitive skin. High concentration of hyaluronic acid allows to achieve quick results, and the absence of impurities does not cause allergic reactions.


Another French drug that uses synthetic hyaluronic acid. Scientists have created it as similar to natural, with the result that it is perfectly compatible with the human skin. The lack of preservatives and other chemicals makes the drug is safe for use.


Development of scientists from South Korea. In this preparation, in addition to hyaluronic acid, also contain other substances that can make the skin more young and healthy.


This is another drug from the French cosmetologists. It contains a small percentage of hyaluronic acid, resulting in ideal for young skin, as well as the most delicate and sensitive areas.


The peculiarity of this drug is that in addition to hyaluronic acid it also contains succinite, which also has wonderful skin rejuvenating and regenerating effect.

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Hardware or injecting — how to choose

Currently biorevitalization is performed in two ways:

  • with the help of machines;
  • with the help of injections.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which should talk more details. Let’s start with the hardware procedure.

In recent years among women have become increasingly popular, laser biorevitalization, which involves the introduction into the skin of hyaluronic acid with laserotherapy.

This method has received such love in women due to its advantages:

  • safe procedure, as its implementation does not require damage to the skin;
  • the absence of contraindications, such as sensitive or Allergy-prone skin;
  • after the procedure the skin looks nice, since there are no distinct traces of active cosmetic intervention, such as swelling, redness;
  • comprehensive skin care. In this case, the positive impact will not only hyaluronic acid but also the radiation from the laser, which further stimulates the skin to produce collagen;

The price of laser biorevitalization will be lower than the injection, but to achieve the desired effect, women often have to visit your beautician. For skin rejuvenation will have to spend about three to four treatments, and then periodically to maintain the result.

The injection biorevitalization also has its advantages. It gives faster and more reliable effect. With the introduction of hyaluronic acid into the skin through injections, clients can be sure that anti-aging remedy have got the right layers and start to do their job.

In this case, it is possible to achieve deep penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin, not only in its upper layers.

Not less important advantage is the fact that the use of hyaluronic acid injections allows women to rid themselves of problems with aging skin at least six months.

If high-quality care and the right cosmetic products, this effect can be extended.

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But in this case, women should pay more attention to choose a specialist as qualifications and skills will depend on their beauty and youth, and health.

Alternative methods

Modern cosmetology is not standing still, so if desired women can undergo and other procedures that will have similar biorevitalization result, but this will be cheaper.

In this case, you should pay attention to hardware cosmetology, which currently offers a wide range of services:

  • photorejuvenation;
  • ELOS-rejuvenation;
  • Thermage;
  • the ozone rejuvenation.

In addition, there are a large number of creams with hyaluronic acid, which are much cheaper biorevitalisation, but it can give a good effect with regular use.

Whether to take out insurance before the procedure

Biorevitalization is a relatively safe procedure, so most women do not arrange the insurance.

But in this case, you should consider several factors, which is to pay great attention prior to the procedure:

  • the professionalism of the beautician, especially if you’ve chosen the injection biorevitalization;
  • a drug that uses a wizard. If you have allergies, it is better to give their preference for safer assets.

If you choose a wizard, in this case, insurance is optional. But if you still fear for your health, that can additionally insure yourself.