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Injection cosmetology based primarily on the principle of security. Princess rich – universal filler which gives a nice effect with a minimum of side reactions. The drug meets all international standards and is successfully used by leading specialists in 2009.


Princess Rich is used for biorevitalisation of the face, neck and decollete. The number of wrinkles after the treatment is considerably reduced, skin will be moisturized and tightened.

All preparations of the line Princess, like other biorevitalization developed on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Produces filler Austrian company Croma.

1 ml biorevitalizing contains 18 mg of hyaluronate, United with molecules of glycerol (20 mg V1 ml). It’s two basic components of the corrector.

Synthetic hyaluronate adapts perfectly to the layers of the skin and rarely cause allergies. Glycerin is a support component that provides viscosity and an additional filling effect.

Production technology and operating principle

Biorevitalization is focused on the body structure and facial contour, eliminate bags under the eyes and improve skin turgor.

Innovative technology S. M. A. R. T. allows you to develop hyaluronate, saturated cellular chains with a high degree of viscosity. With this technique the filler practically does not cause side effects and has a more prolonged effect in comparison with other analogues.

The unique composition of the filler:

  • activates metabolism in tissues suffering from lack of hyaluronic acid.
  • acid is able to retain moisture, to quickly restore cellular resources and restore the natural architecture of the skin.

Concealer is injected into the upper layers of the skin. Viscous, plastic consistency promotes easy distribution and allows us to achieve a uniform effect.

The result can be evaluated within a few hours after injection but the full effect is a week.

Unlike other injections of youth

The main difference between the rich Princesses from other fillers is the presence of glycerol in the composition.

The General positive properties are complemented by those associated with this component:

  • glycerin coupled with hyaluronate enhances the moisturizing effect of the corrector;
  • glycerin enhances the molecular interaction of hyaluronate chains and thereby increases the viscosity of the filler, so that the result lasts longer;
  • the composition is distributed in the tissues evenly and gently clear the contouring there, as the excess moisture is directed into the intravascular line;
  • the antioxidant effect is provided by the free radicals.

The entire line of Princess products meet the highest quality standards.

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Varieties of Princess preparations for biorevitalisation

Medications Princesses are available in four versions – each one designed to appeal to certain characteristics of the patient and has its scope:

  1. Filler copes with the correction of wrinkles of medium depth (concentration GK 23 mg/ml).
  2. Volume is best suited for oily and combination skin. Concealer fights acne and however, smoothes out wrinkles. In conjunction with Princess Filler composition restores large amounts of soft tissues in the elderly. Available in concentration of 23 mg GC 1 ml.
  3. Princess rich restores the moisture balance of the skin and triggers the natural renewal of cells. Biorevitalization with Princess Rich is somewhat cheaper than treatments with Filler and Volume, however, is the most popular of the entire line. Concentration is 18 mg of hyaluronate in 1 ml.
  4. Contour – a new development Corporation Croma. He has not yet arrived, but it is already known that it is possible to make correction of the entire body. The concentration is 20 mg of hyaluronic acid per 1 ml preparation.

What they say beauticians

The main feature biorevitalization Princesses, so that they have earned the appreciation of beauty is the high quality degree of cleaning and sterilization and safety of use.

With preparation, you can work without fear of adverse reactions or undesirable results. Because of this, the specialists of the leading clinics with confidence include a tool in your Arsenal.

It should be noted that for the proofreaders line of Princesses was more than one million injections with no adverse reactions. This gives the therapists more confidence, and the patients gives a good natural result.

Each of the fillers Princesses multifunctional: Volume and Filler used mainly to create different effects in aesthetic cosmetology. As already noted, is more suitable Filler for the correction of superficial and deep wrinkles, it is also used to model stiffeners and frame the face.

Volume works best with medium and deep wrinkles, contuinue oval and builds body tissues.

According to cosmetologists, biorevitalization with Princesses rich yields results no worse than other drugs of the series. However, the choice of corrector the doctor should be approached very responsibly because the joint use of two or more compounds is not allowed.

Medications Princesses are in the skin, undergoing progressive resorption from eight months to a year. For the duration of the effect is influenced by many factors and the individual characteristics of a particular person (e.g., the amount and activity of produced in the body by the enzyme hyaluronidase).


Princess Rich is assigned to restore normal levels of moisture in the skin and its cellular components. The procedure struggling with pronounced age-related changes and signs of fatigue. Corrector boosts skin tone and contoured the models face oval.

In addition, these injections allow you to:

  • to achieve a healthy color and glow;
  • to eliminate minor exterior imperfections (sagging, traces of acne);
  • to reduce deep folds and wrinkles, to delay the future for a long period.

The indication may also be the recovery of the skin after treatments or preparation for plastic surgery.


Injection methods of rejuvenation are not suitable for everyone.

Contraindications are:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • inflammatory and infectious lesions;
  • individual intolerance of the drug components;
  • cancer;
  • inflammation on the skin.

Side effects

The rehabilitation period as such after the correction there. However, the patient should be aware that injection technique itself is traumatic and can cause temporary complications.

Adverse reactions include:

  • bruising, small bruises, needle marks;
  • swelling in the injection area;
  • infection, accompanied by itching and redness of the skin (the failure of technology and the introduction of sanitary standards);
  • allergic reaction (very rare);
  • the uneven distribution of the composition and as a consequence the roughness of the skin (a rare complication);
  • allergic reaction.

Such phenomena disappear on their own in the third, a maximum of the sixth day. But if there are doubts and worries, it is better to visit a beautician. You may need additional treatment.

To minimize the risk of side effects should follow some rules:

  • apply caring cosmetic products, prescribed by a physician (these drugs usually contain antiseptic and prevents the development of infection);
  • the first days will have to do without makeup (after biorevitalisation pores should remain clean and unscored);
  • reduce physical activity (gym and active loads should wait);
  • it is impossible to prevent skin exposure to high temperatures (Solarium, beachfront, sauna, Hammam, temporarily banned);

  • in the first week, you should limit the intake of fluids, especially before bedtime, as it can cause additional swelling.

If any side effects manifest, it is usually due to non-compliance with doctor’s recommendations.

The average cost

The final cost immediately no one will say, so you should not focus on the price list at the clinic. For starters, you need to personally visit a beautician, he will examine the skin, evaluate the severity of defects and recommend a suitable treatment.

It is important to choose a good specialist, because of his experience and skills depends on the effectiveness of the correction. The price of the procedure depends largely on this factor.

It is also necessary to remember that treatment can only a doctor, trained and certified.

The cost of mesotherapy with Princesses rich may seem relatively low compared to other similar procedures.

Filler can be purchased for 4000-5000 rubles.

However, we must note that in so much cost only one session. A full course usually includes three or four treatments and more, so you need to prepare for the fact that to achieve a prolonged result will have to pay at least 16,000 rubles.

Can arise and additional costs in the form of consulting the doctor and anesthesia. If you pay the full rate immediately, these services may be free.

Rejuvenation with Princess rich is a simple and reliable method to improve the skin and slow down aging. Filler has proven itself as an effective and safe remedy, moreover, it almost does not cause side reactions and has a minimum of contraindications.

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