Blepharoplasty Asian eyes (plastic surgery) — before and after photos, prices, reviews

This operation plays an aesthetic role for people with Asian appearance, allows you to rejuvenate the mind, to lift the eyelids. She is called «Singapore» or ethnic blepharoplasty.

Who should do such an operation?

For those who want to give their eyes to make the eyes look more open, it is possible to approximate the parameters of its appearance to the European this operation will be indispensable.

Mostly people with Asian appearance tend to that change. Because the structure of their eyes is determined genetically and has some differences from a person born in Europe. They have no crease on the eyelid and the upper eyelid hangs much.

The eye muscles are arranged a bit differently than the Europeans, the point of attachment of a muscle located otherwise, there is the so-called epicanthus — fold over the overhanging century.

The eye itself is much tighter. The face looks tired, sleepy or terrible. The eyes look raised, tender due to the large amount of fat.

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The methods used by surgeons?

Removal of epicanthus

The so-called «Mongolian fold» covers a lacrimal area, can be of different sizes, lunate, she passes vertically from the upper eyelid to the lower. Often bilateral.

Considered a developmental anomaly, if it is not representative of the Mongoloid race or Australian-Negroid. To remove it the surgeon cuts two flaps of skin and moves it to a triangle.

The incision begins along the corner of the eye, the ciliary line, it is almost invisible.

Without incisions

Suitable for thin skin and mild drooping of the eyelids. Done a few small stitches along the aponeurosis of the muscles. Traces of these punctures form required by the European fold.


The classical way. Does the removal of skin through incisions on the upper eyelid. The most common method. Remove the fatty tissue forming a double supraorbital crease. Possible removal of part of the circular muscle of the eye.

Cosmetic seams

With the help of cosmetic sutures and needles sewn leather with the aponeurosis of the muscles. In places where the lashes through incisions get rid of the remnants of adipose tissue.

Removal of fatty hernia

Can occur as closed or open method. Outdoor flows traditionally, when the thread runs along the upper eyelid, flaking skin from the muscle, and removes the unnecessary body fat. Closed (transkonyunktivalnaya). This method provides a simple approach to removal, does not require incision, which speeds up healing and avoids problems with the inversion of eyelids.

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The methods presented can be combined together if necessary. Depends on the individual case and the patient’s wishes.

The consequences and complications?

Complications of a different nature can occur with any surgery, and eyelid surgery is no exception. Every patient has a right to know. Blepharoplasty can be:

  • the presence of subcutaneous, retrobulbar hematoma;
  • the development of conjunctivitis;
  • dryness;
  • watery eyes;
  • some tingling of the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • ripping the seams;
  • the divergence of post-surgical scars.

Also there may be eversion of the upper eyelid. The above symptoms occur immediately after grafting.

They are easily treated and disappear. The main thing that plastic Asian century does not require repeated surgical intervention, while maintaining the effect until the end of life.

In the further course, and if the operation is done correctly, and may have complications such as blepharoptosis, i.e., drooping of the eyelid, constant tearing due to the displacement of the lacrimal points. As well as the asymmetry of eye and low healing of scars.

Plastic Asian century in Moscow at good clinics, prevents development of complications in their patients, here you trust your health to skilled specialists.

Aesthetic Asian blepharoplasty is an operation that does not require General anesthesia, only in exceptional cases. The duration takes a maximum of three hours.

The postoperative period for about two weeks. And the result lasts throughout life.

Must be seen by a doctor 3-4 months after surgery and to observe some simple rules.

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The postoperative period

Perhaps after your surgery you will feel minor pain in the eyes, dryness, pain. To 14 days you will have swelling of the tissues. This should not scare you, all the signs of pain gradually go away. Follow the advice of a doctor.

Recommendations after blepharoplasty Asian eyes:

  • to avoid any unnecessary irritation of the eyes. Cosmetics better not to use it next time lenses;
  • to go out preferably in the dark, avoid direct sunlight. To always have on hand sunglasses;
  • eye drops will help get rid of dryness in the eyes, will remove the remnants of inflammation and promote early healing, prevent bacterial infection;
  • apply the cold. The cold reduces swelling;
  • set aside reading books at least two weeks;
  • do not overload your body with intense physical loads;
  • forget for a while about the use of alcohol;
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Approximate prices

Remains the perennial question about the price of such an operation. The price for Asian blepharoplasty Vek in Moscow is about 40 000- 45 000 rubles. It depends on how long you stay in the clinic, the complexity of the surgical technique, the postoperative period. Here the approach is individual.

list of procedures prices in rubles
Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids 42000
Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids 54000
Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is performed 54000
Blepharoplasty upper and lower eyelids 86000

Patient testimonials

Eldar, 28 years old, Moscow, Russia My ethnicity – Kirghiz. And I live in Moscow. So I have a few stand out from the crowd, and for me it is really a problem. I feel that is not like the others, it binds me. In the first place my eyes draw attention to themselves. Particularly strong upper eyelid lay over the eye. The surgery I decided immediately, but do not regret it a single minute. I had concerns about the continued quality of vision, fortunately they did not materialize.

The doctors said that I have no contraindications, and came to the conclusion to remove 6 mm of the upper eyelid to the eyelashes. During the surgery I felt nothing, was a local anesthesia. The incision is made longitudinal, did not care. I had post-operative bruising, I used drops from dryness in the eyes.

Soon out of the surgery gone, I outlasted the postoperative period at home, and after my eyes became more clear. Opinion as it is opened. I began to go to crowded places, more meeting new people. Of course, all the color of the skin, hair does not change, but something that with plastic surgery you can make!

Lena, Saint – Petersburg, 34 years, My main occupation in life is work, I work in the city of St. Petersburg. I was born and grew up in Buryatia. It so happened that my appearance affects the conditions of work, and I couldn’t find a promising place in the way in his career because of it. Well, not a woman of Asian appearance to represent the Russian company. And I got to thinking about the operation. It turned out that blepharoplasty is not a complicated operation. And does not require much time. I have it only took two hours. After intravenous injection the doctor I was under anesthesia, the doctor removed about one centimeter of tissue, the fatty part is removed and part of the muscle to enhance the look in his eyes. Next, I observed in the clinic for four hours.

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Then you can go home. The doctors told me to apply cold to the face, because the skin around my eyes was red blue. A week and a half I had to spend at home, the bruises are gone, the skin refreshed, ever significantly raised, eyes widened. The sutures resorbed after two months completely. Due to cosmetics I hid minor flaws and traces of the operation remained. I could not find out! Blepharoplasty went for me!

Ainura, 23, Tashkent as soon As I learned what cosmetics, immediately my eyes began to undergo a daily war paint. And all thanks to the Asian section of my face. I always wanted them to increase by any means. I believed that I have a very heavy and gloomy. Finally I heard about plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty changed my life. I just found out the price for the operation, decided on the clinic and spoke to a plastic surgeon. With him I watched a special computer program, what will my eyes after the surgery. What they saw surprised me.

Contraindications to the surgery I had, everything was in order. At the appointed time I went in for surgery, I was injected intravenously, the doctor did an incision on the mucosa of the eyes, so visible changes after operation does not remain. From anesthesia, I came out with no problems. A little uncomfortable to blink. All the blue gradually from the skin around the eye began to leave. The narrow slit now, and the makeup takes much less and only to emphasize the expression, and not to expand the visual section.

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The before and after photos of blepharoplasty Asian eyes