Blepharoplasty how much heal — seam

Blepharoplasty is an effective procedure which allows to eliminate many problems relating to age.

Despite the simplicity and ease of this intervention, it is associated with certain risks and threats. In particular, many people concerned with the question of how many heals blepharoplasty.

Misconceptions and facts

Many patients believe that after blepharoplasty incision’s healed literally within 1-4 weeks. If this does not happen, the person starts to panic.

However, experts argue that any cut needs a sufficient amount of time that is required for the full retraction of scarring on the skin.

4 weeks is not enough time to start worry. Healing scars after blepharoplasty goes through several stages.

To completely smoothed out the skin and restore your complexion, it takes at least 10-12 weeks.

This, of course, does not mean that throughout this period the traces of the procedure are visible. At this time, you can hide them with makeup.

And in some cases this is not necessary, because the scars are practically not apparent.

The lateral scars, which are localized in the outer area of the eye, usually seen stronger than the other sections. However, just a few weeks later, their appearance is significantly improved.

Thus, we can conclude that the full healing of the skin after carrying out this procedure will take at least 2-3 months.

Where are the seams

The eyelids have very thin skin, which is perfectly fused. Precisely because of this scarring are not visible too much.

The location of the joints is largely determined by the kind of plastic surgery:

  1. When transconjuctival access the doctor makes an incision on the inside of the lower eyelid. In this case, the stitches and scarring are completely absent.
  2. Upper blepharoplasty requires suturing in a natural crease, which is located on the upper eyelid. That is why subsequently, the resulting scars will not be noticeable.
  3. At the bottom — seams are located under the lower lashes. Scars that are formed after their removal, is also not too visible.

During the procedure the doctor can suture using absorbable suture.

Subsequently, they do not require removal, but at the request of the patient, the surgeon can remove them. If you use ordinary thread, the stitches will be removed after 3-4 days.

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How is the recovery process

The duration of the recovery process influence important features:

  • the age of the patient;
  • the type and condition of the skin;
  • individual structure of the epithelium in the region of the eye.

It is very important to be patient. Do not think that just on the second day after surgery, your appearance will be restored.

The result of the operation can be seen immediately. Not to worry, that under the eyes appeared small bruises – this phenomenon is very normal after plastic surgery.

As a rule, they are located underneath the lower eyelids and are the result of gravity. During the 7-10 days they completely disappear.

To speed up this process, you need more rest. Within 3-4 days you should abandon exercise.

To healing occurred properly, you need to comply strictly with all recommendations of the attending physician and to take drugs.

It is important to note that smokers healing is slower, and the bruises appear more often and hardly disappear.

In the process of healing the sensitivity of the skin in the eye area may be reduced, but this phenomenon will soon disappear.

How many heals seam after blepharoplasty

Approximately 3-4 days after procedure sutures are removed. In some cases, doing it in 6 days. Many patients believe that the healing of scars should be carried out after 1-4 weeks.

However, experts are not tired to repeat that for any healing process takes time to fully scar has shrunk and smoothed out.

To complete the process usually requires 10 to 12 weeks. However, this does not mean that the entire specified period, the scars will be visible.

Using cosmetics can easily hide these shortcomings.

So, after blefaroplastika the following changes occur:

  1. Within 1-4 weeks, granulation postoperative scar. In this case, it is gradually replaced by new connective tissue, which contains many small blood vessels. By the end of the first month, the incision is only a small scar is pink.
  2. Over the next 1-2 months the scar transformirovalsya in a thin white stripe, which is almost not visible above the skin surface.

How to prevent severe scarring

To prevent the appearance of rough scarring on the skin, you should strictly adhere to all recommendations of the doctor.

To prevent excessive growth of connective tissue, increasing the size of the scar and too strong its seal, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. It is not necessary to provide a strong mechanical pressure or friction in the incision area. The treated area of skin is strictly forbidden to RUB or stretch.
  2. It is important to avoid a long stay under the influence of ultraviolet rays, therefore it is not recommended to stay long in the sun or in the Solarium. If you cannot avoid sun exposure, be sure to use sunglasses.
  3. It is important to avoid physical stress or lifting heavy objects.
  4. Should refuse to visit the baths or saunas.

All of these recommendations after surgery gives the doctor. Due to their adherence to be able to prevent the skin coarse or keloids.

In the choice of tactics of recovery specialist must take into account the peculiarities of the patient.

If he already has hypertrophic or keloid scars, the doctor prescribes the introduction of medicines directly into the affected area.

How to speed up the rehabilitation

To speed up the recovery process after the procedure, you must strictly adhere to all your doctor’s advice.

The first time a specialist recommended to visit a few days after surgery to remove stitches.

The doctor will prescribe medications for eye-washing and explain how to use them properly.

To speed up the recovery after blepharoplasty by following simple recommendations:

  • apply antiseptic drops;
  • the first 3 days after the procedure is to stay home and give up physical activity;
  • should sleep with your head elevated a bit that the face touched the pillow;
  • to wear sunglasses;
  • to perform special exercises for eyes.

As a rule, after the procedure there is no need to use special ointments. However, in some cases to speed up the recovery will help the ointments and gels with a silicone base.

An important role in the rehabilitation period are special exercises for eyes. They must appoint a physician.

Through such exercises can restore muscle activity, to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate stagnation of lymph.

Numerous testimonials indicate that such exercises have a positive effect on the resorption of hematomas and eliminating swelling.

Hardware methods of correction of scars

If after the operation still had scars or scars, you can resort to hardware methods of correction:

  1. Mesotherapy. This procedure involves the implementation of therapeutic injections that doing in the middle layer of the skin. Part medications that are used to perform mesotherapy with vitamins, extracts of medicinal plants, amino acids, minerals. For injection using ultrafine needles which are inserted to a depth of 1.5–3.9 mm.

This procedure allows to eliminate many skin problems, locally acting and very effective.

Positive results are achieved by the improvement of microcirculation in the mainstream of blood vessels, increase elasticity of the skin in the area of the injection.

In the course of performing mesotherapy is possible to provide access to the middle layer of the skin, making this procedure more effective than external funds.

This allows you to stimulate the metabolic processes, intensify and accelerate the blood circulation and cell regeneration.

  1. Laser resurfacing. During this procedure the eyelid is hardware exposure to laser. The efficiency of this polishing because the surface layer of the skin perfectly absorbs the laser radiation.

A positive aspect of this method is that during its use there is no damage to the surrounding tissue.

The procedure controls not only the beauty, but the computer – it clearly determines the degree of exposure to the beam.

  1. Fractional thermolysis. To awaken the sleeping cells apply a fractional rejuvenation using the laser. This procedure stimulates metabolic processes in cells and helps to cope with the scarring on the skin.

During the procedure of cells experiencing heat shock to ensure that they are awakening.

As a result, the part of cells dies off and falls away, then how viable are beginning to share that leads to the restoration of the epithelium.

Also during the procedure is the synthesis of collagen and elastin that promote skin renewal.

To make the effect more delicate, the laser beam is divided into several parts, which form a kind of lattice.

Blepharoplasty is an effective procedure that helps to solve a lot of problems. On the healing process of the skin after holding such interference is affected by many factors.

It is especially important to strictly adhere to all medical advice. This will help to avoid the appearance of scars after surgery.

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