Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid (plastic surgery) — what is it, types, photos before and after , prices

The thing in the very delicate skin of this part of the face, which quickly betrays the true state of things. And in the moment, and it seems that the time has come of aging, comes to the aid of plastic surgery. In this case, can only help the surgeon professional.

Your attention is presented a blepharoplasty is a surgical correction of eyelids, which will allow you to resolve various shortcomings. She can handle problems such as wrinkles and age hernia. Manipulation has been divided into two types ( plastic upper and lower eyelids).

As a rule, they are held simultaneously, but there are times when done separately on each age. The method can choose only a doctor, after a preliminary examination of the patient.


Lower blepharoplasty

Lower blepharoplasty known as lower eyelid plastic surgery. It greatly improves the appearance of skin under the eyes. Making your look very expressive, and the skin more beautiful, healthier and younger.

Because eyelid skin is very delicate and sensitive, primary age-related changes visible on it.

The first signs of aging can be expressed already at the age of 30. This is manifested in the form of bags under the eyes, wrinkles, etc.

Indications are the following problems:

  • bags under the eyes and excess skin around the eyes.
  • the presence of large or fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids
  • the presence of swelling under the eyes that give the feeling and appearance of “closing” the eye

Photo: Blepharoplasty: before and after photos


This procedure is considered the least dangerous of all methods of blepharoplasty. In this surgery, a small incision is made on conjuctive over which this occurs remove the excess fat.

The traditional procedure transconjuctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed in the case where it is necessary to remove not only a hernia, but an excessive area of skin under the eyes.

  • Through a small incision along the lower eyelid, remove the excess fat. After that, the surgeon removes excess skin.
  • Then superimposed cosmetic seams.
  • They are disguised by the folds of the skin in the eye area.
  • Postoperative scars after some time become pale and almost invisible.
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Laser blepharoplasty of lower eyelids is a relatively new achievement in the field of rejuvenation of the eyelid skin. It allows you to restore the beauty and youthfulness of the skin in the eye area of patients without using a scalpel. This procedure can benefit people of any age.

The main advantage is the transparent laser beam. This allows the surgeon to fully see the operated area( in a standard blepharoplasty, the surgeon partially covers the operated area with a scalpel).

Dissection of tissues the beam occurs gradually, layer by layer. This in turn significantly reduces the risk of damage to the cornea, the eyelids and the eyeball. In addition, it has some coagulating properties.

Due to the radiation there is a “sealing” of small blood vessels in places of cuts. This process helps reduce postoperative discomfort, which is expressed by the appearance of bruises and swelling. When using this type of, these troubles are virtually absent, as well as rehabilitation and recovery period.

Indications are the same manifestations as for traditional blepharoplasty ( excess fat on the lower eyelid dark circles and bags under the eyes, wrinkles, etc). The procedure lasts about 50 minutes.


No matter how good blephaplasty, yet she, like all of these procedures has its drawbacks. One of them is complications.

All complications can be divided into two types:

  • early;
  • late.

Are considered to be early complications, which occur soon after the operation. These include: edema, haemorrhage and eversion of the lower eyelid.

Resulting swelling is normal after this procedure and can disappear in a few days.

But if it doesn’t subside in a week, then you should sound the alarm.

Edema can affect vision:

  • blurred image;
  • diplopia;
  • double vision.

In addition, you may receive a headache. If you encounter these symptoms should consult a surgeon.
Bleeding may occur in first minutes after surgery and a few days later, the cause — bruising. They can be divided into two types:

  • subcutaneous hematoma;
  • retrobulbar hematoma.
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The latter is considered the most dangerous. Subcutaneous hematoma, blood collects in the skin century, and during retrobulbar join multiple symptoms (limitation of the eye, protrusion of eyeball,pain).

To eliminate common hematomas, as a rule, sufficient to perform the puncture and the appearance of retrobulbar hematoma, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist, for further evaluation( tonometry and control over the circulation in the retina of the eye).

Eversion of the lower eyelid after blepharoplasty is early in the complication. When it occurs creates a situation where the lower eyelid is turned down. As a result, the eye open much more than necessary, which causes the drying.

This complication may occur due to removal of a large area of the skin during the procedure. It threatens to further strain century, when the emergence of such problems are assigned to a special massage and gymnastics. In some cases sutured.

Late complications

To the late complications of lower blepharoplasty are the problems that arise after the rehabilitation period:

  • Tearing is the result of swelling. Occurs as a result of displacement of the lacrimal point outwards, or as a result of narrowing of the lacrimal tubules that occurs because of an invalid scarring of tissues.
  • Suture — a very bad moment, which requires re-stitching the wound. This process, in the future, may lead to the formation of rough scarring of tissues.
  • The effect of “severiana eyes” or “hot eye”. Signs of this complication are partially closed eyelids. As a result, the eyes are not moistened. Necessary to carry out a second operation. This complication arises when the patient, without waiting for full recovery from one of plastics, is to carry out the following operation.
  • Cyst — formation occurring at the suture line. It, without much difficulty, removed the surgeon. There are cases when a cyst dissolves on their own.
  • Asymmetry of the eyes — wrong outcome scarring or wrong stitches. Is re-operation.

It should be noted that complications are rare, but almost all of them require additional surgical procedures. To avoid this you should take a responsible approach to the choice of cosmetic clinic and surgeon.

If we consider the feedback of customers who have used this corrective surgery, you may notice that most of them have noticed a distinct change not only in their appearance but also in psychological state.

After the blepharoplasty many felt a level of self-esteem and increase confidence. But of course it is impossible not to notice the overall rejuvenating effects of this procedure.

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The cost of the operation

If we talk about the cost of such a plastic procedure, it is easily accessible not only for well-off people. Price lower eyelid blepharoplasty varies from 50000 -70000 rubles , depending on the operated area and the time of the operation. in each case, the cost is calculated individually. Rehabilitation is not required.

The name of the procedure Price, RUB.
Elimination of eversion of the lower eyelids 65000


Lower eyelid blepharoplasty before and after photos