Blepharoplasty removal of stitches — the upper eyelids when

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which is performed to change the size of the eye or eyelid shape, by excision of the fat formations and excess skin.

The rehabilitation period after the procedure lasts about a month. At this time, it is necessary to strictly comply with all recommendations of the doctor, in order to avoid the consequences in the form of visible scars.

Indications for blepharoplasty are:

  • the presence of hernias located in the lower or upper eyelids;
  • bruises or bags under the eyes;
  • the decrease in muscle tone in periorbitalnah region;
  • swelling in the eye area;
  • highly pronounced wrinkles on the eyelids or under the eyes;
  • asymmetry of the eyes.

Important features

Surgeons apply several techniques blepharoplasty, depending on the age category of the patient and the characteristics of the structure of the face:

  • classic eyelid surgery. Mainly it is used for correction of age of patients with marked age-related changes, aged more than forty years. With its help remove fatty hernia, the overhang of the upper eyelids and removes excess skin under the eyes.

Have used this technique for the correction of both lower and upper eyelids.

If you operate on the lower eyelid, the suture is located slightly below the edge of the lashes, and when surgical intervention on the upper eyelids, an incision is made at the place of attachment of the skin to the muscle (in the supraorbital crease).

The seam in this case, do intradermal cosmetic. Given that it is located in natural folds, the result of the operation will be thin, almost invisible scar;

  • operation «Singapore» (the Asian century). With the help of surgical intervention to change Asian eye shape in Europe. This method is quite complex, as the representatives of the different races the age structure is different. The incisions in this case are made on the lash line, and the seams are almost impossible to notice.

As it happens

Immediately after carrying out operations on places where there are joints, aseptic bandage is applied. Its daily change with the application of a solution of furatsilina and ointment Levomekol.

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During the operation can use catgut, which is a bioresorbable material. In this case, to remove the sutures is not necessary.

Stitches after surgery, can be removed only by a doctor under sterile conditions, to pathogenic microorganisms, did not get into the wound.

Because, despite the fact that she healed, still there are passages, through which the infection can get into the depths of the wound.

Before removing the stitches the wound is treated with antiseptic solution.

For the procedure used:

  1. anatomical tweezers and cutting tools (small scissors with a sharp edge or scalpel);
  2. the ends of the threads with tweezers are captured and do a cut, then the threads are drawn from the wound;
  3. if the seam overlaps intradermally, it is not removed, only cut the thread from both sides, tighten them a little and madscout;
  4. if you need to remove one end of the wound stick, and gently pull the thread;
  5. in the future, the seams re-processed antiseptic solution, and are stuck with special adhesive.

In order to get rid of bruises, you must apply the gel Lioton, twice a day, for seven days.

The procedure of removing stitches is not painful, but unpleasant enough. Although it lasts for a very short period.

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When sutures are removed after blepharoplasty

In the first days after surgery the patient is under the supervision of medical staff, then sent home.

Removal of stitches after blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids takes place on the fourth, fifth, or seventh day, depending on the depth of the cut.

Healing occurs in several stages:

  • during the first month, is the phase of granulation, formed a new connective tissue with a network of blood vessels. Immediately after surgery the scar is red and the end of this period, it becomes pink;
  • over the next months, the scar turns into a thin white line, not raised above the skin;
  • complete healing occurs in two or three months, the seam becomes almost invisible.
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Photo: Before and after surgery

Useful recommendations and prohibitions

In order to avoid negative effects after the blepharoplasty, during the period of rehabilitation should adhere to the following rules:

  • it is impossible to massage and stretch postoperative scars;
  • during the rehabilitation period need to wear sunglasses to protect eyes from UV exposure and avoid the pigmentation of fresh scars;
  • for vision correction within three weeks after the surgery need to use glasses and not contact lenses;

  • in order to reduce eye strain, it is necessary to abandon long watching TV or long hours at the computer;
  • it is necessary to limit physical and occupational activity;
  • you should refuse from alcohol or salty foods in order to avoid the appearance of edema, which can adversely affect the healing process of tissues;
  • it is necessary to normalize the water, people prone to edema, you need to limit the amount of fluids you drink;
  • you need to abandon to visit the baths, the sauna, the Solarium or the beach;
  • not too low to bend, because it can cause a rise in eye pressure
  • need to sleep on a high pillow, it will prevent the appearance of edema;
  • after three or four days, as agreed with the doctor to apply on the eyelids cold compresses to reduce swelling.

Take a shower, the next day after the blepharoplasty, but it should be carefully to protect the stitches from getting water on them.

During the first week to touch while washing your face forever prohibited. You need to wash with warm boiled water or infusion of chamomile (teaspoon of flowers per Cup of water, infuse for 40 minutes, then carefully drain).

In the future, you can use a special hypoallergenic lotions or foams.

Many patients are interested in whether to use a special medical creams or gels to accelerate the healing of scars.

In most cases, under normal current of the postoperative period and compliance with all physician orders, do not have to do. The human body is able to cope with the effects of the operation on their own.

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In order to accelerate healing of sutures in the postoperative period, at the expiration of two weeks and in coordination with the doctor, you can use techniques such as:

  • lymphatic drainage massage that improves blood circulation and speeds up healing;
  • hydrating compresses, to prepare which use herbs or special remedies.

A special word cosmetics

Doctors do not recommend to use cosmetic products for two weeks after surgery. In the future, you can use hypoallergenic cosmetics that can be applied to the surgical area.

Better to buy certified cosmetics manufacturer which are firms that are well established in the market.

This will help to avoid negative reactions and the formation of edema. Also should use cosmetics that were used in order to be sure that they will not be allergic.

A week after the surgery, you can make a beauty mask for the face, while not affecting areas without eyes. But the use of scrubs, it is better to return no earlier than two weeks after blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty, is a not too complicated surgery and the recovery afterwards is quick.

You need to listen carefully and to follow all the recommendations of your surgeon, to coordinate our actions with it in relation to the seams and scars.

And most importantly to choose the right clinic and technician who will carry out surgery.