Blepharoplasty where better to do — in Moscow, incision

What to look for when selecting a location for operation

When choosing the medical institution where you will conduct a blepharoplasty, is the importance of the following factors:

  1. the ability to perform the necessary operations;
  2. geographically convenient location of the clinic;
  3. the reasonable cost of services.

After selecting several options, one must estimate the medical facility for:

  • the existence of the license and the permit for medical activity;
  • the presence of diplomas, certificates is the fact that the clinic is modern, it specialists improve their skills, constantly improving the quality of services provided;
  • the availability of modern surgical instruments and other medical equipment is directly affects the quality of surgeons and the end result;
  • the presence of resuscitation is actually a very important criterion, because each operation is the risk in surgical complications can arise from allergic reactions to anesthesia and to the problems with the cardiac activity;
  • an examination prior to surgery and post-operative care;
  • a site clinic where you can see the equipment, learn information on the qualifications of the staff. Better if the photo you will see not only beautiful interiors, but the presence of high-end equipment, as well as the results of practicing it doctors (usually presented before and after the surgery);
  • reviews about the clinic: you can see them on the website of the medical facility and speak with former clients personally;
  • you should alert as too chic interiors and free (have to pay) and require urgent repairs to the wall — there is a legitimate question about the availability of quality equipment in a hospital;
  • choosing between public and private by the clinic, it should be remembered that in public health facilities are insured against accidents very rarely, and private clinics in the vast majority pay compensation in the event of unsatisfactory results. To figure out the issue with insurance is better during the first consultation, the doctor;
  • when signing a contract with the clinic be sure that the license and the contract name of the legal person coincides.
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Video: Features and nuances

Overview of clinics

Medical institutions specializing in the field of plastic surgery, there is a great variety.

We offer you an overview of some clinics in Russia (major cities) and abroad, where the surgery blepharoplasty.

Look, analyze, and which one to choose – you decide.


  • NKclinic clinic implant center.

The doctors carry out operations of cosmetic and aesthetic plan, in particular, blepharoplasty. The clinic has high-tech modern equipment. The price level in the blade – «business»;

  • clinic «Family» — is a network of clinics in different fields in Moscow and regions of Russia. At the clinic on Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya is based Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Moscow state medical University. Sechenov. Plastic body is one of the specialized areas of the institution.
  • clinic of plastic surgery and rehabilitation medicine Dr. Gulnara Shah.

The clinic practiced a highly personal approach to patients, take into account national peculiarities and the peculiarities of the age, physiology, health, etc. the Clinic has an intensive care unit and rehabilitation.

  • Institute of beauty on the ol. The doctors carry out plastic surgery broad-spectrum.
  • clinic «charm». The clinic provides plastic surgery since 1988, provides a wide range of plastic surgery services;
  • «Platinumtel», international surgical centre. In this clinic to improve their appearance artists, politicians and other public personages. The clinic widely uses innovative technology of plastic surgeries.

St. Petersburg

  1. clinic Aestimaclinic, is located in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, performs plastic surgery broad-spectrum.
  2. RAMI, a multidisciplinary clinic was created in the image and likeness of the leading medical institutions of Europe and America;
  3. Parade, center of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  4. clinic «Grandmed», specialization is plastic surgery. In its activities the clinic uses modern techniques and the latest equipment.


  1. medical center «Crown», provides a wide range of plastic surgery services;
  2. medical center «Untested», is recognized as one of the best medical institutions of this direction in Belarus.
  3. private clinic «Astarte plus», a modern medical center that uses advanced medical technology. It is important that the clinic is focused on patients not only from Belarus, but also in countries near and far abroad.
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Renowned surgeons

Good plastic surgeons have a lot.

Call some of the most well-known, well-established in the field of blepharoplasty:

  1. Naumov Vladimir Viktorovich. Works in «Rossolnik», Moscow. Experience – 30 years. One of the few specialists in aesthetic surgery, listed in the Russian encyclopedia «WHO IS WHO». Recognized as the best surgeon in the field of blepharoplasty on the results of a ranking survey (online survey performed in the framework of the special project site «Medafarm»);
  2. Grudko Alexander, winner of «Breakthrough of the year 2014» in the nomination «the body Sculptor». Clinic «GMT CLINIC», Moscow. Applies the achievements of the world’s leading hospitals, is the author of the advanced techniques of plastic surgery;
  3. Babayan Hayk Pavlovich, winner of «grace», has scientific publications, experience of the plastic surgeon – 25 years. Clinic of plastic surgery «charm», Moscow;
  4. Grishkyan David Rubenovich, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences. Belongs to a new generation of plastic surgeons, well educated and talented. Practicing in private «Clinic Dr Grishkino».
  5. Andrey Iskornev, the young but already experienced and talented surgeon, well educated. Owns two clinics in Moscow, in Kazan (clinic «Platinumtel»). Clients of the doctor are celebrities (Evelina Bledans, Lolita, etc.). The winner of the award «Pro beauty and health» in the framework of the international prize «grace».

Photo: Before and after

Where they make an incision blepharoplasty

When upper blepharoplasty (classic version) an incision is made in the physiological fold of the upper eyelid and remove excess skin.

Plastic surgery of the lower eyelids the incision is made under the eyelashes.

If excessive skin is missing – it concerns mainly young patients, it is transconjunctival blepharoplasty meaning the incision is made on the inner side of the eye, and through him removed the fat bag. In this case, the scar after healing is absolutely not visible.

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However, there are clinics that use advanced techniques, in particular:

  1. the plastic of the upper eyelid is performed in a seamless way;
  2. lower the plastic simultaneously with the lifting of the cheeks, while the intervention is performed through an incision in the ciliary region.

In particular, such methods possess specialists of the clinic «Platinumtel», Moscow.

Review of prices

If you do the operation in Moscow – the prices range from 25 000 rubles to 150,000 rubles.

It all depends on the extent of the operation, its complexity, and the level of equipment and comfort of the clinic.

For example, upper eyelid plastic surgery (includes anesthesia time and hospital stay) – from 35 000 to 75 000, lower eyelid plastic surgery from 40 to 45 000 to 70 000 -75, circular eyelid– 75 000 — 120 000 rubles. Roughly similar prices in Saint — Petersburg.

In Minsk these services are – new 1150 rubles.

In General, blepharoplasty in Minsk in terms of US dollars is somewhere in the range of 420 to $ 800. The quality of services is not worse than in Russia.