Bluefroger wrinkle cream — for face, eye, cosmetology

The skin of the face and neck requires regular cosmetic care, especially with age, when the epidermis is more susceptible to aging. For this reason, many women look for new means to improve the condition of the skin. One of those is the drug Bluefroger. About what this means and how to use it and will tell in this article.

What is

Bluefroger is a drug, the drug complex effects that can be used for dryness of the eyelids, blepharitis different classification and other pathologies of the ocular system.

Despite this medicinal purpose, the drug is recently actively started to use to eliminate wrinkles on eyelids the area around the eyes.

Settle such effect medicine because it contains hyaluronic acid – a substance that has a positive effect on the rejuvenation of the epidermis.


The composition of the drug Bluefroger include such active ingredients:

  1. Natural aloe Vera juice. This ingredient helps to relieve inflammation and decrease skin irritation. It also helps repair skin cells (good for regeneration).
  2. Hyaluronic acid is a useful substance which has a marked anti-aging and antibacterial effect. Also, this acid helps to retain moisture in the skin and has strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Glycerin. It has a moisturizing effect.
  4. Metilparaben – synthetic preservative.
  5. Karbomer – synthetic thickener.

The types and their characteristics

It is important to know that the drug Blafasel has two separate types:

  1. Bluefroger No. 1, in addition to the main components of hyaluronic acid. It is used for skin rejuvenation, because it is this substance promotes development of healthy skin cells, retains moisture in the skin and makes it softer.
  2. Bluefroger No. 2 does not contain hyaluronic acid, so it is not practiced to fight against wrinkles.

Externally, both types of drug are also a little different, so No. 1 from No. 2 to confuse would be difficult.


Bluefroger not originally intended for removing wrinkles.

However, in various forums it is actively recommended to use for such testimony:

  1. Dry skin related to moisture deficit and nutrients.
  2. Skin, prone to rashes and acne.
  3. The appearance of small facial wrinkles.
  4. Deep age wrinkles.
  5. Man’s desire to slow the aging of your skin (prophylactic application of ointment).


Contraindications to the use of this drug for the purpose of rejuvenation are:

  1. A weakened immune system.
  2. Individual intolerance to the substances of the drug (allergic to them).
  3. Watery eyes.
  4. Increased sensitivity of the skin.
  5. Various skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, etc.).
  6. Open wounds on the skin.
  7. Suppurative lesions of the epidermis on the face.
  8. Irritation or rash on the skin.
  9. The age of a person to twenty five years, when the skin around the eyes still covered with wrinkles, and a need to use such tools simply do not.

We should also say about the use of Leverages in the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding. To do rejuvenation with this tool women in a similar position is possible only after prior consultation with the doctor.

Most likely, the doctor will have to defer such a course of getting rid of wrinkles until the full completion of the period of carrying a child and breastfeeds a woman to not hurt myself or the baby.

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Application in cosmetology

In cosmetology used it Bluefroger No. 1. He:

  1. helps to deeply moisturize and restore the skin
  2. gets rid of dullness and dead skin cells.

This preparation cleanses the skin, eliminates inflammation and irritation.

Bluefroger can also be periodically used for hygienic care of the eyes and eyelids in the prevention of inflammation (this is especially useful if the person wears contact lenses).

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Instructions for use of Leverages from wrinkles

Apply Leveraging to two times a day, light patting movements. For maximum anti-aging effect of duration of use of the drug should not be less than six months.

There are also the following considerations Leverages of wrinkles on the face:

  1. Apply the medication need to cleanse and steamed skin. So it is better absorbed and penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  2. Before use of the ointment should not be applied on the face any cosmetics. Also, after the procedure, you should not use decorative cosmetics, especially for eye (irritation may occur).
  3. If after first application of ointment you feel itching, burning or a feeling of skin tightness, then you need to immediately rinse and seek medical advice. Maybe these symptoms indicate an allergic reaction. If so, what is the use of Leverages should be discontinued.
  4. It is not advisable to apply the gel right before bedtime, since it will be absorbed and in the morning can cause swelling of the delicate skin of the eyelids. This includes the use of other masks for the eye area.
  5. To ointment is better absorbed, it can be slightly rubbed into the skin massaging movements with the fingertips. It is important not to overdo it — the skin should not hurt.
  6. Before applying the ointment, it is necessary to remove the lens from the eye. To wear them back only after the asset is fully absorbed (not earlier than half an hour later).

  7. If you are allergic to at least one component of the drug is not recommended.
  8. Can not be combined Leveraging with other similar drugs, the main effect of which is not aimed at the rejuvenation of the eyelid skin.
  9. It is not recommended to use the drug if it’s stored in the wrong conditions or had expired string life. Also, we apply the ointment when the sealed packaging has been damaged.
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Is it possible to apply on the area around the eyes

Bluefroger can be applied over the area around the eyes from wrinkles, but before that be sure to test for allergic reaction. For this you need a small amount of gel to apply to wrist area and wait a couple of hours.

If the skin is not red and not itching, the tool can be used on the face.

When applying the gel to the eye area need to ensure that the drug does not come by accident to the cornea.

If that happened, then we should not panic – you only need a quick rinse eyes with warm water.


The result of the use of Leverages will be visible not at once. Should be about three weeks before the first signs of skin rejuvenation.

After a full course of such rejuvenation you can achieve the following effect:

  1. Overall improvement of the skin.
  2. Reduction of deep wrinkles and small mimic wrinkles.
  3. Deep hydration of the skin, especially around the eyes.
  4. To increase the elasticity of the epidermis.
  5. Eliminating irritation and dryness of the skin.
  6. Purification.
  7. Improving blood circulation.
  8. Eliminating acne.
  9. The elimination of microbes.
  10. Improving the respiratory function of the skin.

When using Leverages should be remembered that this drug does not have a direct orientation to eliminate wrinkles, so such an assurance, the manufacturer does not.

The opinion of doctors

Physicians are cautioned to use Bluefroger of wrinkles those patients who are prone to allergic reactions.

Doctors claim that to date cosmetic market offers many effective creams and ointments from wrinkles (and on the basis of aloe juice in particular) so resort to using drugs, at least not particularly sensible.

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Moreover, if a person is difficult to independently choose for themselves the one or the other cream, he can always seek the assistance of an experienced dermatologist or beautician who will individually select the most suitable means.

The average cost

On average, the price Bluefroger of wrinkles around the eyes is 240 rubles. The cost of this drug may slightly vary depending on the dosage of the drug and the specific location of the sale.

Advice beauticians

To slow down skin aging, you should follow these recommendations cosmetologists:

  1. To take care of your face and neck. Especially important daily to cleanse and moisturize the skin, tone and nourish it with natural masks. So it is possible to maintain a normal level of humidity in the epidermis and prevent dryness.
  2. To minimize the use of «heavy» makeup (Foundation, powder, etc.), since such funds issuewhat the skin, causing it rapidly loses moisture and wrinkled.
  3. To quit Smoking and to drink alcohol.
  4. Have good sleep and rest.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight on the skin.
  6. Do not use low-quality decorative cosmetics.
  7. Eat right, as most of the nutrients the skin gets inside the body.
  8. To abandon overly active facial expressions, as it promotes the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Bluefroger is a drug of wide profile, which, as point sources, can be used to eliminate wrinkles. Despite that, this medicine should only be used after consultation with a specialist.

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