Body Jet liposuction — what is it, reviews, prices

What was wrong with the old methods of liposuction?

The preliminary introduction of a solution into tissues

In order to remove fatty tissue, you must first enter a large amount of solution that loosens the fat tissue and promotes vasoconstriction to reduce bleeding.

Here several problems like plastic surgeon and the patient.

  • surgeon difficult to work with due to the fact that the solution deforms the contours of the body and makes it impossible to determine whether you need to remove more fat, or have enough;
  • possible development of complications such as tuberosity or bump of the skin on those areas where fat tissue was removed unevenly;
  • the presence of epinephrine or adrenaline (constricts blood vessels) in the solution composition can lead to undesirable consequences for the health of the patient.

Damage blood vessels and nerves

When performing liposuction to damage large vessels impossible, but medium and small blood vessels are damaged often and in combination can give significant bleeding. Also often damaged small nerve trunks, which are responsible for skin sensitivity.

The degree of traumatization of the tissues

Almost any of the methods the doctor has to make significant efforts to translational movements of the cannula to break up fat deposits. This causes significant tissue damage, as well as much more often leads to rupture of blood vessels and nerves.

Physical effects such as ultrasound or laser can cause damage to not only remove fatty tissue but also the skin and deeper located structures such as fascia, tendons, muscles, which can lead to the growth of connective tissue.

The unsuitability of adipose tissue for transplantation

Few people now is only for the liposuction. Often simultaneously with the removal of unwanted fat is transplant it in the places where fat is not enough. Most often in the breast. In order for the volume of the body parts increased with transplantation of adipose tissue is preserved, it is necessary to transplant living cells.

Most of the methods cannot be removed completely viable fat tissue, therefore, surgeons have employed a variety of methods of separating the living fat cells from damaged.

A number of complications

Despite the seeming simplicity of liposuction surgery, serious complications and even death are not uncommon. Frequent in patients after liposuction are anemia, impaired sensitivity of the skin, development of skin pigmentation in place of the procedure, thrombosis, fat embolism and other.

The inability to remove large amounts of fat

Of course, women and men, who decided on liposuction, often want to improve the appearance of several areas of the body e.g. abdomen, flanks, lower back, region of his breeches and the area around the knee. Previously, it was possible to carry out liposuction only several times. This means that every time the anesthesia, and each time the recovery period.

Why was the technique

All of the above inspired the developers of the Corporation HumanMed AG to create a technique of liposuction, which would have expanded the ability of the plastic surgeon and less traumatic for the patient.

Also the name of the device, which was developed for liposuction Body Jet. In Europe the use of machines the company started in 2004. In Russia, the liposuction apparatus Body Jet began to carry out 2008.

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What is the peculiarity of the technology

The procedure combines all the advantages of dry and moist methods of pumping oil. On the one hand, in tissues not introduced previously any solutions, because all the contours of the body are preserved and the result of the procedure can be evaluated immediately. On the other hand, the use of liquid jets, which rasskazivaet fat cells, easier to advance the cannula and allows the surgeon to exert any effort.

The cannula of the apparatus Body Jet has two lumen. Using one serves fluid under pressure, and through the second the fluid along with fat cells sucked.

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This method of separation and removal of adipose tissue is more gentle to the blood vessels and nerves, which are much more supple and not damaged by running water.


  • Much easier the work of the surgeon who can now work with a jeweler’s precision.

You can control the outcome of each stage of the operation visually, as it does not change the contours of the body. This means that there is no risk to be detected after surgery, the untreated areas or areas where fatty tissue was removed unevenly.

  • Much less traumatized body tissue of the patient.

The developers of the method suggest to perform the operation under local anesthesia, so it is easily tolerated by the patient. Because feeling better after surgery, and the recovery period shorter.

  • You can remove up to 6 litres of fat at one time.

Usually in one step by other methods, you can remove no more than 3 liters. This restriction is associated with significant tissue trauma and vascular injury. The smaller the extent of the damage, the greater the amount of fat can be removed.

  • Excellent opportunities for lipofilling.

The fat cells are separated by pressure of the water and immediately are sucked vacuum in a sterile disposable package so that they are not in contact with air. All. No more manipulation of adipose tissue in order to prepare her for the transplant, not carried out. This means that cells are not damaged from the ongoing manipulations with them and not oxidized by atmospheric oxygen. Accordingly, the survival rate is much better.

The indications for performing

  • The appearance of fat deposits, which spoil the body lines, make them fuzzy, rasplyvetsya.

This may be the abdomen, hips, outer and inner thighs, region above knee joint, the outer surface of the legs, arms, neck.

A prerequisite for the purpose of liposuction is stored skin tone. If the skin elasticity is reduced, then it is reasonable to combine liposuction with surgical tightening of the skin.

Contraindications to surgery

  • Unstable body weight.

What volume will return to multiple size is a myth. Just like the fact that the number of fat cells is restored. Those areas of the body that have undergone liposuction will be slower to gain volume in case if the person is recovering. And this can lead to an unnatural body shape.

  • Pregnancy occurring or planned in the near future.

Typically, during operation, in the preparatory and postoperative period the patient is assigned a number of medicinal drugs, which can have an adverse effect on the fetus.

  1. Breast skamlova.
  2. Serious somatic diseases, which lead to violation of functions of organs (heart, liver, renal failure, etc.);
  3. Polyvalent Allergy.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, syphilis, colds.
  6. Instability emotional background.
  7. Period.
  8. Mental illness.
  9. Oncology.
  10. The age of 18.
  11. A significant degree of obesity.
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Preparing for surgery

Preparing for surgery involves the consultation of a number of surveys and compliance with recommendations and limitations of the doctor, which are designed to reduce the risk of complications of the operation.


  • the surgeon (to determine the presence of indications for surgery, extent of surgery, explains what the possible outcomes and consequences of the operation);
  • therapist (determines the presence of contraindications for surgery);
  • anesthesiologist (determines the presence of contraindications to narcosis).


  • General analysis of blood;
  • urinalysis;
  • biochemical analysis of blood to determine liver function, kidney;
  • coagulation;
  • the analysis for syphilis, hepatitis, HIV;
  • ECG;
  • chest x-ray.

In the presence of chronic diseases the list of surveys and consultations can be expanded. Decides physician.

Guidelines and limitations:

  • quitting Smoking at least a month before surgery to reduce the risk of developing adhesions in adipose tissue, scars in the skin;
  • the rejection of alcohol 2 weeks before surgery to avoid adverse effects of anesthesia;
  • refusal of drugs that reduce the viscosity of the blood (if it’s warfarin, it is only at the discretion of the attending physician);
  • a prophylactic course of antibiotics for a few days before the surgery;
  • sedative drops the night before surgery;
  • a light Breakfast on the day prior to operation should be the last meal, then you are only allowed to drink water.

A list of recommendations can be extended at the discretion of the physician.


Compression is a mandatory condition for obtaining the excellent results of liposuction.

It performs several functions:

  • contributes to a more tight fit of the fabrics, disconnected during the operation, to each other, which speeds up their healing;
  • pressure slimming underwear, contributes to the development of lesser swelling, the earlier you stop the bleeding from damaged blood vessels, reducing bruising;
  • skin support shaper underwear contributes to a more rapid contraction of the skin and prevents its sagging.

How is the procedure on the unit

Usually hospitalization is prescribed on the day of surgery. In the preoperative on the body of the patient in the standing position marked. Specifically note those areas that require special attention.

The patient is then invited into the operating room, placed on the operating table. While the anesthesiologist injects drugs for anesthesia, the surgeon to treat the area of surgery with antiseptic solutions. Depending on the area where fat is removed, and a layer thickness of adipose tissue can be used with cannulas of different diameter, which can be with thickness from 3.8 to 4.3 mm. the thicker the tip, the higher its performance.

Cannulas are introduced through small punctures or incisions, which occur most frequently in the natural folds of the body.

When fat removal ends, the cannulas are extracted, the incisions sutured and a sterile bandage.

Already operating on the patient wearing the compression garment.

The recovery period

The first day you must spend in the clinic. This is connected not only with the complexity of the surgery liposuction, how much with the anesthesia. After surgery just in case, to keep 3-4 days of vacation or sick leave, to allow the body to recover. After a week you can safely go to work. Wearing compression garments need 2 to 4 weeks depending on the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

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In the first 2-3 weeks you should follow the recommendations that aim to accelerate resorption of edema and hematoma:

  • the rejection of heat treatments (sauna, steam bath, Solarium, hot tub);
  • do not massage the skin in the area of operation;
  • limit physical activity and to postpone visits to the gym;
  • to wear compression underwear.

Starting with the third or fourth week you can start treatments that will improve skin tone:

  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • masks and body wraps;
  • LPG-massage and other treatments.

The sutures are removed in 7-10 days. Before that, they should be treated with antiseptic solutions.

The possible adverse effects of liposuction

The discrepancy between the expected result and received. This is due to the presence of a large number of myths and misconceptions under which patients are formed high expectations.

In fact:

  • with the help of liposuction you can’t lose weight, can only enhance the contours of the body;
  • liposuction does not replace a proper diet and regular exercise;
  • liposuction may not get rid of obesity and a obesity;
  • liposuction may not get rid of stretch marks and sagging skin.

The presence of long-lasting bruising and swelling.

  1. Hematoma after liposuction Body jet too. Usually they go during the first week after surgery. Swelling goes slower.
  2. The development of hematomas and gray.
  3. It so happens that in the cavities that are formed in place of the removed adipose tissue that collects blood or tissue fluid. These cavities must be drained. A good preventive measure in this case is compression underwear.
  4. The development of inflammation.
  5. Thrombosis and thromboembolism.
  6. The development of small adhesions in the site of liposuction.

The price of liposuction, Body Jet in Moscow

Service The cost
Liposuction on the apparatus Body jet 1 area 50000 rubles

The cost of one zone does not depend on what part of the body it is located. If liposuction is applied in several areas, the total cost of operation decreases. For example, when the value of one of the zones 50 and 12 zones in total will cost you 250 thousand. Be sure to specify whether the announced you the cost of hospitalization, medicines and compression garment.

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