Botox and alcohol after how much not to drink, not, why, whether, the effects

What it is

Botox is a drug that is used in cosmetology for smoothing out wrinkles. It has neurotoxic effects on the muscles and can cope with different types of folds on the skin.

Mechanism of action

Once in the tissue of the patient, the drug begins to block the nerve fibers of the muscles. Because of his influence they relax, recover its former elasticity, and wrinkles are gradually smoothed.


Indications for the procedure are:

  1. The first signs of aging on the neck (the presence of a vertical or horizontal wrinkles and skalochkami on the skin).
  2. Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet).
  3. Wrinkles near the lip or nose.
  4. Horizontal deep wrinkles on his forehead.
  5. Various disturbances in the muscular apparatus of the face resulting from neurological pathologies.


Botox has such contraindications to their conduct.

  1. Patient age younger than eighteen years of age and over 65 years.
  2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  3. Patient fear of injections.
  4. Of blood clotting.
  5. The patient is taking drugs that can disrupt blood clotting.
  6. A weakened immune system.
  7. Individual intolerance the patient of drug substances.
  8. Various vision problems.
  9. Oncologic pathology.
  10. Hemophilia and other blood diseases.
  11. HIV infection.
  12. TB.
  13. Acute respiratory illness.
  14. Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  15. The period of menstruation in women.
  16. Treatment with antibiotics and other drugs.
  17. Diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  18. Hepatitis.
  19. Period after recently migrated surgical interventions.

In the presence of at least one of the above contraindications to do Botox is strictly prohibited.

Otherwise you can cause serious disturbances in the health of the patient and to provoke his unwanted side effects.

What happens in the body at the meeting of Botox and alcohol

Do not drink alcohol after Botox because spirits themselves are poisons that can quickly penetrate from the stomach into the bloodstream.

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With their combination with the drug Botox, they begin to interact together, which may lead to unexpected reactions in the human body.

After drinking alcohol and its further alignment with this drug there are such reactions:

  • alcoholic drinks begin to oxidize and split into smaller substances;
  • a person starts to work poorly the Central nervous system (it is slow, crashes, can cause hallucinations);
  • in the body starts severe intoxication and poisoning.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that in order to prevent deterioration in their health, it is better not to drink alcohol during the period of drug administration of Botox.

Moreover, potential patients should know is:

  1. Until now, doctors can not accurately determine the outcome from taking alcohol and Botox, because in each case the reaction of patients may be different and unexpected.
  2. From taking alcohol you need to give up not only after the procedure, but also a few days before that, as substances of alcohol can remain in the body for 2-3 days after ingestion.

  3. Some patients are very afraid, and take alcohol in order to «pacify» the nerves and calm down before or after the procedure.

In fact, alcoholic beverages have quite the opposite effect: instead of calming it, on the contrary, stimulate work of cardiovascular system and stimulate activity of the CNS that certainly will not lead to relaxation of the person.

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How much is impossible to drink alcoholic beverages

Before the procedure you cannot take any alcohol-containing drinks within seven days.

After the Botox to not drink alcohol for at least two weeks.

It is important to say that despite some people claim that alcohol can help relieve pain, still not worth the risk. Moreover, this action of alcohol has not been proven.

Possible consequences

When taking alcohol in patients significantly increase the risk of various complications.

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Most commonly observed the following impacts:

  1. Profuse bleeding, bruises develop due to the fact that Botox and alcohol, cause effects of expanding blood vessels, making them more susceptible to injury and blood loss.
  2. The emergence of instant paralysis of the respiratory system can occur when unexpected reactions of Botox and alcohol. This condition in the absence of timely medical care can lead to death.
  3. Getting the reverse effect from Botox may due to the impact of alcohol substance. In this case, the patient’s skin not wrinkles disappear, but rather become more visible.
  4. A longer recovery period.
  5. The risk of the appearance of ugly bumps, spots and stains on the skin, in which were introduced the cure.

  6. Nausea.
  7. The appearance of various disorders in the Central nervous system (insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, depression, etc.).
  8. Severe headache.
  9. Numbness in the injection site of the injection.
  10. Dizziness.
  11. Swelling of the skin.

Useful tips

Before the Botox should follow these tips:

  1. Do not take sedatives, anticoagulants and other medications that can affect the Central nervous system or the circulatory system.
  2. Do not tilt your head.
  3. It is impossible to massage the area, which will be administered injections.
  4. You can’t lie face down.
  5. You cannot be nervous and worry too much.

After the injection is impossible:

  1. To touch and RUB the skin with your hands. It is better not to touch it for 2 days.
  2. You can’t go to sleep for five hours after the procedure.
  3. Cannot be used on the face any cosmetics.
  4. You cannot visit bath, sauna or pool for ten days after the procedure.

  5. You can not sunbathe.
  6. It is not desirable to use too much facial expressions.
  7. In the first few days it is better not to lean and not to engage in spot.
  8. In any case can not take alcohol.
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In this condition it is very important to monitor their well-being and the appearance of high temperature, itching, burning, or swelling, immediately go to the beautician.

As for the final result from the procedure, it will be noticeable within 3-5 days. Muscles will relax and wrinkles to smooth out.

The duration of result individual.

On average, the effect of the procedure lasts six to eight months.

Moreover, it can be extended to the case where the person will live a healthy lifestyle and have no bad used to, to sleep and to eat well.

The procedure Botox is a highly complex process which, despite its apparent simplicity, may indeed cause harm. To avoid this, it is important to follow all recommendations of the doctor and think twice before you agree to rejuvenate in this way.

Photo: Before and after the procedure no alcohol in the blood