Botox for hair (botox) — that is, reviews, prices for the procedure

Fiberstick from l’oreal

Company l’oreal has developed a special shampoo for deep hair restoration – Fiberstick. This rejuvenating series is called Botox for hair from l’oreal by analogy with anti-aging treatments for the face conducted with the use of the drug botulinum toxin.

Beauty injections return damaged, dull, brittle hair a healthy appearance, softness and lustre inherent in them by nature. Here it should be mentioned that «injections» skin hair treatment call conditionally: the drug is applied superficially, and it penetrates deep into each hair thanks to the special properties of its constituent molecules.

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The mechanism of action of the drug

In the structure of funds series Fiberstick the main active component is a specially designed substance Intra-silane. When Botox is applied to the hair, the molecule Intra-silane is hydrolyzed in contact with water and forms a branched structure.

Hydrolyzed a molecule of Hydro-silane penetrates deep into the hair and as the water evaporates condenses and forms a rigid frame that supports hair from the inside out.

How is the procedure

The procedure is simple and consists of 3 main steps.

  • The hair is cleaned with a soft shampoo and are dried with a towel.
  • On damp hair apply serum filler fiber hair (the same «injection»). For applying the serum the manufacturer recommends to use the syringe on the analogy of injectable facial treatments. It is convenient and justified from the point of view of economical application of the drug to solve hairdressers and stylists.
  • The tool for the next stage is chosen considering the condition of hair: for normal hair, you can use reviving shampoo Fiberstick, if the hair is in poor condition, then they use a special restorative sealing treatment for very damaged hair. Any of the selected funds is applied over the serum for 5 minutes, and then foamed and washed off with water.
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After applying Fiberstick hair become smooth and shiny, its color becomes brighter. The life cycle of hair lengthens.

According to the manufacturer, the effect of the procedure persists even after 10 applications of shampoo. Follow-up sessions are recommended not more often 1 time in 2 weeks.

The cost of Botox for hair

Price depends on length and thickness of hair the client.

Hair length The cost of the procedure ( € )
2-5 cm 1500
5-15 cm 2500
15-50 cm 3000
over 50 cm 3500

The before and after photos