Botox in the armpits — the price, the consequences, the harm from sweat

Properties of Botox were discovered long ago, but to use it in cosmetology began quite recently. Its popularity is not inferior to the braces and other cosmetic surgery.

For the success of the procedure required the positive feedback from who have experienced this drug for yourself and from the millions of satisfied customers, which has eliminated cosmetic defects.

Why is it necessary

The indications for this procedure are a few reasons:

  • armpit as any part of the human body prone to the appearance of wrinkles and folds. People, mostly girls, such external faults can cause a lot of complexes. Property of botulinum toxin to smooth the skin in a certain way acting on muscles, were used to eliminate this cosmetic defect;
  • no one is immune from the occurrence of scarring in this area, for example, after surgery through armpit. Recent research in the field of cosmetology confirmed the property of the drug to assist the healing and regeneration of epithelial tissues;
  • Botox in the armpits can be used to reduce or block perspiration. When stress or vivid emotions are properties of our body can embarrass the person, especially if the situation requires him to look perfect.


Botox injections are completely harmless in compliance with the specialist rules of procedure. But, like many medical procedures, it has its contraindications.

The main limitations for carrying out Botox include:

  1. pregnancy and lactation;
  2. hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin;
  3. the acute phase of an infectious disease;
  4. neurological disorders;
  5. muscular dystrophy;
  6. blood disorders e.g. haemophilia;
  7. allergic reaction to protein components;
  8. the patient has this diagnosis, such as epilepsy;
  9. a high degree of myopathy;
  10. glaucoma;
  11. tumors;
  12. skin diseases;
  13. visible damage in the underarms.

How to prepare for the procedure

In consultation with a specialist, the patient will tell about all the nuances of the procedure and preparation for it, as this is an important part of successful treatment.

General instructions before carrying out Botox in armpits:

  • when taking any krovanistaya drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen or antibiotics, you should stop using them at least one week before the proposed date of procedure;
  • with the aim to reduce the likelihood of bruising, in addition to the limitations in the use of anticoagulants, a week before the beauty session need to stop alcohol consumption and to stop Smoking;
  • a few days before the injections need to restrict any physical activity;
  • for a while you should abandon the use of antiperspirants and deodorants;
  • the day before the procedure to remove hair from underarms with a safety razor, avoiding cuts and scrapes. To use the epilator or wax is impractical.
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Prior to the procedure, don’t forget to tell your doctor about all your existing diseases, even if they have not felt. Also ask all your questions during the consultation.

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How do Botox in armpits

On the day of the procedure, the doctor performs a visual inspection of the underarms of the patient, determining the absence of visible damage, which may be a contraindication to the use of a session of Botox.

If the patient complains of a low pain threshold, that is, high sensitivity to injections, then perhaps the use of pain medication before the procedure. To do this, be sure to consult a doctor at the preliminary stage.

The doctor makes in the area of the injection marker marker, limiting the desired area and designating the point of injections. Anesthesia before administration of the drug is not used as much discomfort this procedure will not deliver.

After selecting the desired region the doctor treats the area with a disinfectant solution.

Injections are given special fine needle that is inserted under the skin at a shallow depth. On the spot injections, there are small swellings, and from the sensations the patient may note a burning sensation and tingling in the armpit.

This is a normal side effect that passes quickly. The time of the procedure averages one hour.

Immediately after the procedure, the physician should observe the patient for several hours. If necessary, you can use pain medication or applying a cooling compress or ice.

After ascertaining that the patient normally suffered the procedure, the doctor will prescribe a second session to follow up in a week.

The mechanism of action of the toxin in the tissues

Many patients want to understand how this substance is able to smooth out wrinkles. The creases that appear with age difficult to clean up with special creams, because the loss of elasticity and elasticity is a consequence of aging.

The effect of botulinum toxin aimed at blocking impulse transmission from the nerve to the muscle, making the latter more relaxed. Due to this, the muscle increases its volume and «pulls» the sagging skin, smoothing creases.

If the reason for visiting a beautician is to block sweating, for example, before an important meeting, important event or photoshoot, then the action of Botox will be directed to block the nerve impulses to the sweat glands.

Over time, the molecules of the substance in tissues are destroyed, and the muscle or gland again get natural impulses, reverting to the original state.

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The rules of care after injection

After the procedure there are a number of restrictions and rules which ensure a positive result from the injections.

During the week, should abandon:

  • visit baths, saunas and receiving a hot bath at home;
  • use of antiperspirants and deodorants;
  • sports;
  • a visit to the Solarium or tanning in the sun;
  • massaging the area of injection;
  • antibacterial medications.

What to expect the result

Immediately after the procedure, do not expect visible improvements. The drug starts its effect after the introduction under the skin, but its effect will be noticeable only after a few days.

The final result will be achieved in three weeks after the procedure. Medical specialists guarantee a stable result, and the frequency of repetition of treatments is usually six months.

Is there a harm to health

Hard to say for sure, is there any harm from this procedure. If the specialist will be adhered to all the rules of setting injection, as well as an extensive medical history of the patient’s life, the probability of negative consequences is minimized.

The patient is an important condition for complying with all of the recommendations before and after the procedure, because their failure can have a negative effect on the result. Also for the sake of beauty, we must not forget about their own health, so hiding from the doctor to any disease, you can cause harm to your body.

Possible individual effects after Botox in armpit:

  • muscle weakness, dizziness;
  • swelling in the area of injections;
  • redness or bruising;
  • reduce sensitivity in the armpits;
  • dryness;
  • allergic reaction.

The emergence of these effects is temporary, and in most cases completely disappear in two weeks after the injection session.

How much is

This cosmetic procedure is very popular nowadays, therefore the price for it in different stores may vary, but in General, call it budget impossible.

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Price of Botox in the armpit varies from 20 to 40 thousand rubles, and depends on the hospital, the city and the size of the treated area.

Advice and warnings beauticians

The decision to do a procedure such as Botox injections in the armpits, it is advisable to consult a doctor-cosmetologist, who is a specialist in this area. Its main recommendations will be subject to the restrictions before and after the injection.

It is important to identify the desired contraindications, if any, and notify the physician. In any case it is impossible to carry out the procedure if there is at least one of the constraints, because it can cause great harm to the patient.

You should be wary of clinics where this procedure has low cost and it is not necessary to inject the unskilled specialist without higher medical education.

This clinic and its estheticians can perform the procedure in violation of the rules, which can cause a number of unsightly side effects.

Also cosmetologists recommend not to abuse this procedure and carry it through strictly certain time intervals. Botulinum toxin is not addictive, if often his prick, but to wait for positive result.

To do the procedure of Botox in the armpits or not, you decide. In the world of cosmetology there is a lot of evidence of the effectiveness of this drug for aesthetic purposes, therefore, to doubt about the result.

Important to conduct a thorough analysis of the diseases that are contraindications to the procedure, and feel free to go to the doctor.

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