Botox in the lips, lip augmentation Botox — effects, reviews, pictures, videos

Indications for administration:

  • asymmetry of the lips;
  • the presence of facial wrinkles in the mouth area;
  • the thin nature of the lip;
  • the habit of preloading the lips.

Contraindications for injection

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • skin diseases and injuries in the mouth area;
  • antibiotics, medications that reduce blood clotting;
  • allergic to Botox and other components of the preparation;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • myopia severe degrees of severity;
  • alcoholism;
  • the age of 18;
  • menstruation and the last days before its beginning;
  • diseases in which impair blood clotting;
  • herpes lips.

Application for lip augmentation

Lips are composed of skin, severe subcutaneous fat and muscles. The primary muscle this area – the circular muscle of the mouth. To immobilize her completely impossible, as then there will be impaired speech, chewing and facial expressions of the person.

Because the botulinum toxin are injected subcutaneously, in order to slightly weaken the muscle tone and spread the lips and area around the mouth. After the injection the skin around the mouth straightened, lips look more three-dimensional by reducing the degree of compression.

It should be understood that the phrase «lips, inflated Botox» is not quite correct. To increase the volume of the lips Botox is impossible, we can only affect the tone of muscles of lower.

To «pump up» the lips, fillers are used. Fashion trend of last time – fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Therefore it would be correct to talk about lip enhancement Botox.

Video: lip enhancement Botox — Video-Med.

Using this filler it is possible to separately raise the corners of the lips, fix asymmetry of the lips. Depending on the indication and desired effect, you can inject Botox in the upper lip, but only in the area of the lower.

Preparation for the procedure

The day before the procedure, you must not:

  1. To consume alcoholic beverages;
  2. To do the exercises or do work in the slope;
  3. To do a massage where you lie face down;
  4. To take antibiotics, painkillers, anticoagulants.
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How are injections

  1. Define the indications and contraindications for the procedure and the client signs the informed consent for botulinum toxin injections;
  2. Some clinics practice photographing before and after the procedure;
  3. Define areas where it is necessary to conduct correction, and marked on the skin with a marker;
  4. Is determined by the number of Units of botulinum toxin for each injection, which will give the desired effect;
  5. On the markup, the doctor injects the drug with a fine needle subcutaneously or intradermally, sometimes before the introduction of the skin applied analgesic drug;
  6. Injection sites pribavlyaetsya and gently massaged for even distribution of the product;
  7. Within 30 minutes the client is under the supervision of medical staff;
  8. Then give the client the necessary instructions and recommendations for the rehabilitation period after the procedure and go home.

Video: The Procedure Is Botox

The consequences


  1. Smooth the lip contour, symmetry;
  2. Smoothing of the skin around the mouth, especially for purse-string wrinkles;
  3. Eliminate the habit of preloading the lip.


  1. High demands on the professionalism of the doctor;
  2. Short term storage of diluted drug, a decrease in the activity of the dissolved drug during storage;
  3. The existence of counterfeit medicines of botulinum toxin in the market;
  4. The presence of serious complications underestimate the seriousness of contraindications and individual reactions to the introduction of botulinum toxin.

Side effects

  1. Numbness of the lips;
  2. Speech disorders;
  3. The lack of effect of drug administration;
  4. Allergic reactions;
  5. Purulent-inflammatory complications in case of violation of the rules of aseptic and antiseptic during the procedure;
  6. The transition of the drug on the muscles of the cheek area can lead to the drooping corners of the mouth and salivation;
  7. Injury of small blood vessels during injection can result in small bruises.
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Restrictions after the introduction of

  1. For 4-6 hours you can’t touch the lips, to massage them;
  2. Within 6 hours you can not go, can only stand or sit;
  3. The first day should as often as possible to stretch the muscles of the mouth to the drug began to operate faster;
  4. During the day you can’t take antibiotics and painkillers;
  5. During the week contraindicated for all heat treatments, including taking a hot bath;
  6. Within two weeks, contraindicated alcohol intake.

How long does Botox in the lips

Typically, Botox retains its effect when injected into the lip for 4-6 months. Then the injections can be repeated.

The price increase

The name of the procedure The drug Prices in rubles
Correction of the shape of the lips Botox 300
  Dysport 130

The table shows the cost of 1 unit of botulinum toxin. It should be remembered that the price of Botox lips, different drugs will be almost identical. This is because 1 unit of Botox in its effect be equal to 3-4 units of Dysport.

Frequently asked questions

How to do?

The drug is injected into the skin around the vermillion border of the lips, stepping back from her 1-2 mm. the Number of injection points is determined individually based on the condition of the skin around the mouth and the desired effect. As drug is injected subcutaneously with a thin needle, pain is usually not. If there are unpleasant sensations, it can be applied to the skin anesthetic.

How to raise the corners of the lips with Botox?

The corners of the lips can be lifted by injection in the region of the muscle, lowering the angle of the mouth. Obezdwijivanie muscle will no longer pull the corner of the mouth to the bottom and you will get the desired effect.

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Is it possible to do at home?

To increase lips at home, you can use special exercises, massages and masseurs. Although conclusive data about the effectiveness of all these funds. Enter botulinum toxin products in the home should not, as at home professional, you will not be able to test the real skills of the master, nor the originality of the drug or the correct techniques of cultivation and the introduction of the drug. In the case of complications after botulinum toxin treatment, you will not be able to ask for help or monetary compensation.

What is the procedure?

The cost of the procedure depends on the number of units you entered treatment, unit prices and names of the drug botulinum toxin. More precisely, you can learn to consult a specialist who will give you Botox.

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