Botox injections — cost, in the forehead, how much it costs, around the eyes, effects, what not to do

What it is

Botox injections are an injection method for the correction and elimination of mimic wrinkles of the face, neck and décolleté. When a patient under the skin to administered a special drug Botox, which contributes to the blockage of the muscles and their relaxation. As a consequence, and diminish wrinkles.


In the product contains these active substances:

  1. Albumin.
  2. A botulinum toxin.
  3. The hemagglutinin.
  4. Sodium chloride.


The indications for the procedure are:

  1. The first signs of skin aging.
  2. Hypertrophy of the masticatory muscles.
  3. Atrophy of certain areas of the skin.
  4. The presence of deep age-related wrinkles on the forehead, eye area, nose and cheeks.
  5. The presence of small facial wrinkles.
  6. Correction of the muscles between the eyebrows.
  7. Drooping of the upper eyelid.
  8. Asymmetric location of the eyebrows.
  9. Visible nasolabial folds.
  10. The presence of wrinkles on the neck or chest area.


Contraindications are:

  1. Patient age younger than twenty years.
  2. The presence of inflammation in the body.
  3. Diseases of the liver.
  4. Acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. The period of menstruation in women.
  6. The patient’s age older than sixty-five years.
  7. Period after recently migrated surgical interventions.
  8. Pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.

  9. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  10. The clotting of blood.
  11. Hemophilia.
  12. HIV infection.
  13. TB.
  14. Acute respiratory illness.
  15. Treatment with antibiotics and other drugs that can disrupt blood clotting.
  16. Alcoholism and drug addiction of the patient.
  17. Fungal or bacterial lesions in the supposed site of the water injection.
  18. The presence of open wounds in the input area of the injection.
  19. Disturbances in the Central nervous system.
  20. Neuromuscular pathology.
  21. Individual intolerance the patient of drug substances.

So as not to cause unwanted side effects to Botox in the presence of at least one contraindicated not.

Moreover, will significantly reduce the risk of the negative effects of a reasonable range of beauty salon and qualified specialists.

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Mechanism of action

The drug Botox in its composition contains botulinum toxin. When injected into the skin it blocks the nerve impulses and stops the possibility of contraction of the muscles. This leads to relaxation of the tissues and smoothing out wrinkles.

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A week before the upcoming procedure, you must perform the following recommendations for training:

  1. You can not drink alcohol.
  2. Can not be nervous and physical overwork.
  3. You need to eat a balanced.
  4. It is impossible to do any complex beauty treatments (peeling and PP).
  5. Not recommended for a long time to lie on your stomach and do a facial massage.
  6. Women should take a pregnancy test to rule out the possibility (it is impossible to carry out the procedure in the period of carrying a child).

  7. You should not take medicines that can disrupt blood clotting.

If before the procedure the man is sick, he must inform the beautician. A specialist must reschedule the treatment for a few days or weeks.

How is the procedure

Procedure Botox has such features of the event:

  1. First performed skin disinfection, the cleansing and getting rid of germs.
  2. Then the doctor said dots designated for the introduction of injection.
  3. After this is done the injections, which are immediately crushed with your fingers (to avoid the development of hematomas).
  4. At the end of the procedure the skin is treated again with disinfectant.

Effects after Botox injections

Distinguish such possible effects from Botox injections around the eyes, lips and other areas of the face:

  • Getting an infection can happen during the procedure inexperienced specialist who did not comply with the rules of sterility.
  • Bruising, bruising and swelling develop due to the failure of techniques for injections.
  • Headache, dizziness and nausea may occur as a reaction to the injected drug. Sometimes there is muscle weakness, sleep disturbance and an. These symptoms usually go away on their own after a few days.
  • Paralysis of facial muscles occurs when you enter too large doses of the drug. The person to become like artificial wax mask. Tissue sensitivity is lost due to nerve damage.

What not to do after the injection

In order not to cause unwanted side effects, after the procedure you need to follow these recommendations:

  • You cannot drink alcohol for two weeks.
  • You can’t bend and play sports.
  • In the first two days not to sleep on your side or stomach.
  • Don’t visit the sauna, swimming pool, Solarium and bath for weeks after the procedure.
  • It is forbidden to take a hot bath.

  • Strictly forbidden to take any drugs for three weeks after the procedure.
  • Within two days after Botox cannot do active mimic movements of the face.
  • During the week cannot be applied to the face of any cosmetics.
  • It is not advisable to take plenty of fluids, as it can contribute to edema.
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At what age you can enter

The age of patients can be divided into four separate categories:

  • The first category includes patients with age category of up to twenty years. Their skin is not subjected to aging, wrinkles are not observed, so the need for the input of Botox just yet. Such people, beauticians recommend to do a preventative peels and hydrating Facials.
  • To the second category belong to patients with ages of twenty to twenty-five years. They appear on the skin first wrinkles. While Botox injections can be carried out already, but only on the most pronounced wrinkles.
  • The third group includes people with age from thirty to fifty-five years. This is the most appropriate time for the introduction of Botox injections, because in this period, the skin of many people loses its elasticity, firmness and moisture, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.
  • The fourth group belong to patients with age over sixty years. In such a period is desirable to conduct Botox, because the body is already weakened and more susceptible to negative complications.

Cosmetologists do not recommend to do this rejuvenation of the elderly, so as not to endanger their health.

Advantages and disadvantages

Procedure Botox has such advantages of its implementation:

  1. The ability to smooth out fine facial wrinkles on the face, neck and decollete.

  2. Long-lasting results.

  3. Fast skin rejuvenation without surgery and long recovery period.

  4. The opportunity to improve the overall condition of the skin, remove small defects and moisturize it.
  5. The ability to resolve a variety of neurological disorders of the muscles.

The disadvantages of Botox are:

  1. The high cost of the procedure.
  2. Big risk to complications.
  3. The risk of infection.
  4. Not to do during pregnancy.
  5. The presence of a large number of contraindications.
  6. The procedure is not able to get rid of deep age-related wrinkles.
  7. The need to observe a number of rules after the procedure.
  8. The result depends on the professionalism and skills of a cosmetologist, which will make this a rejuvenating experience.
  9. Damage toxins contained in the drug Botox, over time, the paralyzed muscles will also affect the surrounding tissue, and hitting them. Because of this, on the face of the person may be new wrinkles.
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How long does the effect from Botox

Result after the procedure lasts for six to eight months.

Then muscle connection again gain the ability to shrink and wrinkle again restored.

It is important to know that even after the introduction of Botox you need to treat your face to nourish it and moisturize. It will prolong the effect of the procedure.

How much is

The price of Botox injections depends on the number of sessions, beautician training and the introduction of injection.

On average, the cost of one procedure ranges from 500 to 1200 roubles.

When you use foreign analogues Botox price can be higher.

Procedure Botox has a lot of nuances, so before its implementation, it is recommended to consider every angle.

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