Botox is an asset expert facial mask, cream, price

Botox is an Asset Expert is a rejuvenating mask, which has a unique composition and creates a stunning effect of Botox. Unlike ordinary shots, this tool will not block facial muscles, and helps to produce natural collagen, which positively affects the skin condition.


Mask Botox Asset Expert are quality ingredients that help to improve the condition of aging skin, eliminate wrinkles and provide the epithelium with the right nutrients.

The unique properties of this cosmetic product due to its composition:

  1. Peptide from the placenta klemantaski killer whales. This means intense effect on wrinkles. This is due to the peptide’s ability to block susceptibility to nerve signals. Due to this property decreases the activity of muscle tissue, which is an excellent prevention of wrinkles.
  2. Squalane. This substance is all natural and produces a pronounced protective effect. It provides a barrier that increases resistance to the effects of toxic substances and environmental factors.

Klavan has excellent compatibility with the epithelium. It quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and serves its main purpose.

  1. The Shea butter. This component is one of the most precious cosmetic oils, since it includes many healthy ingredients. Due to this, the oil has a regenerating, soothing, protective effect. With it able to moisturize skin.

Shea butter copes even with the most powerful and Zagrebina peeling of the skin. In addition, it stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin. Because it is actively used in the composition of anti-aging cosmetics. Shea butter improves skin tone, increases elasticity and firmness.

  1. Peanut butter. This product includes a large number of useful elements. It contains proteins, acids, vitamins. The presence of peanut oil in this mask speeds up the recovery processes in the skin.

Under the influence of this tool perfectly aligns the skin and eliminates small wrinkles. That is why peanut butter is also important for aging skin which has a tendency to flake off.

  1. Reduction. This substance is often added to anti-aging cosmetics, as it helps to maintain normal levels of hydration. In addition, reductil nourishes the cells with nutrients, which contributes to the rapid restoration of the structure of the epidermis.
  2. Japanese honey Sakura. In this natural product are present in almost all of the required vitamins and minerals. Due to the presence of this component in the mask manages to saturate the skin with nutrients. In addition, it has a tightening, toning, cleansing, anti-inflammatory effects.
  3. The hyaluronic acid. This substance is a required component of anti-aging cosmetics. Through the use of hyaluronic acid is able to hydrate and neutralize free radicals.
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It is very important to use this part of women older than 40 years, since age significantly reduced the natural capacity of the skin.

  1. The vitamin complex. The mask of Botox is an Asset the Expert includes a variety of antioxidant vitamins. This skin can resist the action of free radicals. In addition, it stimulates the formation of collagen.

Vitamin complexes promotes rapid healing of injuries and help prevent peeling of the skin.

The main purpose of

Adverse environmental conditions, the use of substandard products, stressful situations have a negative impact on the skin. With age metabolic processes in the body become slower, which adversely affects the condition of the dermis.

As a result of influence of negative factors the epidermis is dehydrated, resulting in a lack of the body’s resistance to external factors.

A decrease of elasticity of the epithelium, which causes wrinkles and violation of definition of facial contours.

That is why women think about maintaining beauty with the help of quality cosmetics. One such tool is the mask of Botox is an Asset the Expert.

This means:

  1. perfectly moisturizes the skin,
  2. fills the epithelium with nutrients,
  3. wrinkles,
  4. prolongs youth.

Mechanism of action

The mask has a distinct mechanism of action, which is characterized by some features:

  1. 1-7 day. Due to the excellent hydration of the skin and saturate it with nutrients, improves the rate of metabolic processes. This allows you to provide cells with the required material that makes them stronger.

As a result, the process of removing harmful products becomes faster, increasing the resistance to external factors. Already at this stage significantly evens skin tone, there is lightening or complete disappearance of pigment spots.

Due to the action of hyaluronic acid are filled with tissue, making available a network of capillaries less visible.

  1. 8-14 day. Due to the recovery of connections between cells, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the skin on the face and neck becomes smooth. While gradually reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, lost of peeling.
  2. 15-21 days. Due to the saturation of the skin beneficial ingredients, the oval face comes into focus, lose sagging skin. Gradually the accumulation of peptide shark, which leads to blocking the activity of facial muscles and their relaxation.
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If before you begin using the the woman had acne, at this stage, it is possible to significantly reduce their number or eliminate them.

  1. 22-28 day. Due to the systematic use of the mask smoothes even deep wrinkles. After a month of the course it is possible to achieve a noticeable effect. So, skin condition is improved, and the woman looks younger than 15 years.

Instructions for use facial masks Botox is an Asset Expert

To make anti-aging treatments is easily possible in any beauty salon. However, the use of masks Botox is an Asset Expert Advisor allows you to save money and do a session yourself.

To improve the condition of skin with this procedure, you must do the following:

  1. To prepare the skin for removing it from cosmetics.
  2. Gather hair in a ponytail and wear a cap.
  3. Clean hands to apply the cream on the face. If you need to handle also the neck and chest area. Means to be applied along the massage lines. This will help normalize blood circulation and improve the penetration of ingredients into the structure of the epidermis.

  4. For 15-20 minutes all the ingredients will flow into the skin, enriching it with the necessary ingredients.

Since Botox is an Asset Expert is a mask, after the validity of the rest of you need to wash off with warm water or remove with moistened sponge. It is not recommended to apply more than 1 time per day.

As a rule, after the procedure there is no need to apply a moisturizer. This can be done in a few hours. A session of rejuvenation is best done in the evening hours.

The opinion of cosmetologists

Cosmetologists say that this tool is an excellent alternative to Botox. However, to get the result will be not so fast. For this you need to wait 2-4 weeks.

The main advantage is the fact that the mask works gently and gradually. This will avoid the appearance of redness, bruises, swelling.

Despite the fact that the composition is completely safe, cosmetologists do not advise to use the women younger than 30 years. The excess collagen can cause allergic rashes. If you reduce the number of procedures in half, will be able to cope with the mimic wrinkles.

Doctors advise to remember the sense of proportion. If you take a break between courses of at least 2 months, will be able to store the result, but at the same time to give the skin a break from the action of the active ingredients.


Masks have virtually no contraindications. It has Hypo-allergenic properties and is safe for health. This cosmetic product perfectly suited to owners of dry and sensitive skin. Due to the unique structure of the tool perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the epithelium.

It is important to remember that the appearance of redness, rashes and other undesirable consequences of the application of the mask should stop.

The pros and cons

Cosmetic product has a lot of advantages in comparison with other anti-aging formulations:

  • suitable for women of any age;
  • matches any type of skin;
  • activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • helps conduct anti-aging treatments alone;
  • operates gradually and greatly improves skin condition;
  • not addictive.
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The only drawback is considered to be individual intolerance to the components of the cosmetic. In this case the woman may receive an allergic reaction after applying the composition.

Price and where to buy

To buy a mask on the official website of the manufacturer.

The approximate price of this tool is 990 rubles.

The means Botox is an Asset Expert is a highly effective composition, which promotes rejuvenation of the skin making it more supple and taut. Most importantly, strictly adhere to the instructions and not use the mask more often than is required.