Botox Lachaise — for eyelashes, reviews

What it is

Procedure Botox Lachaise for lashes is an innovative direction of plastic surgery, which consists in the gradual application to the eyelashes of specific substances.

The purpose of the treatment, restoration and care of eyelashes, after which they become more vivid, three-dimensional, giving the eyes the effect of «open sight».

The procedure is not surgical, is done without a needle and syringe, which makes it almost painless.

Composition for Botox Lachaise cemetery consists of 100% natural ingredients, not containing alcohol:

  1. botulinum toxin is a substance that is produced from bacteria of the genus Clostridium;
  2. hyaluronic acid: promotes hair growth, when brittle and dry eyelashes and improves their condition;
  3. tocopherol is an antioxidant that supplies oxygen to the tissues, preventing the aging;
  4. hydrolyzed keratin that have a healing effect on the hairs;
  5. panthenol (b vitamin), moisturizes and softens lashes;
  6. collagen: makes the lashes elastic, flexible and smooth;
  7. citric acid: optimize acid-alkaline balance of the skin, thereby improving the condition of eyelashes;
  8. organovo oil: enhances the shade when painting.

Do not be afraid of the word «Botox» in the title – in this case, the procedure has nothing to do with frightening the injections and operations.

Botulinum toxin is used to block neural connections with injections of Botox to combat wrinkles, in our case performs a caring and laminating function.

Indications and contraindications

Indications to carrying out Botox Lachaise is:

  • the deterioration of the eyelashes,
  • their fragility,
  • fragility,
  • dull,
  • hair loss.

Age limit for the procedure is not available.

Contraindications for the procedure are the following factors:

  1. surgery or eye injury, recently transferred;
  2. individual intolerance to components of the drug;
  3. too strong tearing;
  4. hypersensitivity, diseases of the eye;
  5. the tendency to allergic reactions.
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How is Botox Lachaise

Technique treatments Botox Lachaise is as follows:

  1. eyelashes on the lower eyelids stick protective patch
  2. the upper eyelids impose special rollers made of silicone, and the lashes stick to the rollers,
  3. after that the lashes are in turn applied different formulations of Brazilian blowout (as a result, the eyelashes become bend and be longer), coloring composition (lashes become jet black color), then feed the composition of Botox Lachaise,
  4. each of the compositions kept on the eyelashes up to 10 minutes, then deleted,
  5. after applying a hydrating eye makeup covered with plastic wrap and foil for insulation – it helps nutrients to better penetrate the lashes and stay of their structure for a longer time.

Duration — about 2 hours.

The patient lies quietly in a chair and can even sleep.

Botox Lachaise is recommended to do not more often than once every two months.

For dyeing, the most commonly used drugs:

  1. Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom,
  2. Estel Enigma
  3. Concept Profy,
  4. RefectoCil,
  5. as well as domestic drug quality as the price.

Biowave more than responsible action, then it is advisable not to skimp when choosing tools.

Proven tools:

  • Dolly’s Lash,
  • DP Lash Biolift.

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Unlike kartirovanija eyelashes

Immediately after the procedure Botox Lachaise effect is no different from kartirovanija.

But there are still differences, and significant:

  1. drug for kartirovanija only contains keratin, which is to consolidate requires burning at very high temperature (as during kartirovaniya hair). But on the eyelashes make this impossible, causing the keratin in the lashes not fixed quickly washed away leaving only the color and bending;
  2. Botox Lachaise, in addition to keratin, contains nutrients, oil, hyaluronic acid, which moisturize the lashes, making them silky, while holding the structure of the cilia much longer;
  3. more long-term effect after application of Botox Lachaise also due to the fact that the sequence of applying the compositions to the eyelashes other than kartirovanie. During kartirovanija does a full Brazilian blowout, and on top of it staining and nutrition. And Botox Lachaise staining and meals interspersed in the process of Curling, the procedure terminates with a retainer fastening both Flexural and color.
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What effect

After the procedure Botox Lachaise structure of the lashes becomes stronger, they become more thick, soft and fluffy.

Look curved, shiny and more voluminous. Eyelashes it is possible to paint the ink, although the effect after the procedure is sufficient to mascara not to apply.

The effect lasts about six weeks, but sometimes longer.

It is important that after the procedure grow back the cilia become more strong, intensive growth of their eyelashes, can be activated even dormant follicles.

This procedure is both aesthetic and medical, provides:

  • force
  • growth
  • glitter eyelashes
  • support their natural beauty.

All this thanks to the useful substances contained in the drug.

We must also remember that the number of hair follicles is genetically determined, and Botox Lachaise will not make a miracle and will not double the number of your eyelashes.

The drug will only awaken the dormant reserves of the body, that too much.

Care after the procedure

The beauty of Botox Lachaise is that after the procedure requires some special care: it is possible to find snow and rain, dyeing eyelashes and sleep face in the pillow.

You can:

  • a sauna, a pool (including salt water),
  • to bathe in the river and the sea,
  • to wear lenses.

Wash away the makeup you can use any method, no restrictions.

Another advantage of this procedure is that the procedure is absolutely painless, the possibility of injury to the eye or surrounding tissue is almost completely eliminated.

Botox Lachaise favorably with other treatments eyelash – lamination, kartirovanija, increasing the fact that there are no restrictions after the procedure, and has a remedial character.

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That is, you not only make yourself beautiful but also revitalizes your tissue. But only go to the master, having the appropriate certificate, experienced and very well established.

Photo: Before and after