Brazilian bikini waxing

At first the novelty of the beauty industry was appreciated by the stars of show business, then the service fell in love and ordinary people, both women and men.

The procedure involves complete removal of hair in the crotch area, that is on the pubic area, on the genitals, on the buttocks and in the crease between them.

Many are of the opinion that for true Brazilian hair removal is mandatory thin strip of pubic hair or pattern of the hair. In any case – it is a whole philosophy and a good habit to treat yourself as a luxurious, open-minded and sexy woman.

The opinion of men

Among men there are both supporters of absolute smoothness on the privates, and followers of natural hairy. Of course, you can remember the old days of Freud and to suspect all those who prefer no hair, in an effort to meet a dependent and infantile partners. But I think that the explanation is appropriate here are a few more. It just so happened that it is not accepted that from under the edges of the underwear or on the sides of the trunks was visible mustache. And in mezhyagodichnoy the crease when the female Thong, the hair look ridiculous.

Because it turns out that a Brazilian wax intimate areas makes the woman on the beach or on a romantic date, more relaxed and therefore more attractive to men.

If to it to add pattern with sequins and rhinestones, the surprise and admiration of the partner will not be boundaries.


  1. herpes rash;
  2. subfebrile body temperature;
  3. bacterial or fungal diseases of the skin;
  4. skin damage at the site of the proposed procedures;
  5. not enough long hair in the waxing.


Usually the procedure is performed without the use of painkillers. In order to easily transfer procedure, you need to choose a master who has the experience of performing such a depilation, and which, as they say, «light hand.»

If you find such a master, then it will be able to read during the procedure, or even to doze. If your master you have not found, or if you have a low pain threshold, before the procedure to numb privates with cream «EMLA» or a special spray with lidocaine.

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To make the procedure more tolerable, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • at home before the procedure, you can use a soft scrub in the intimate area, exfoliation of dead cells will make it easier to remove the hair and will not allow them to grow;
  • the procedure is best to appoint to the evening, with a need to have the necessary soft free clothes from natural fabrics, then the skin will not be further hurt and be irritated by contact with clothing;
  • plan the conduct of hair removal for the first week after menstruation, most women in this period increased the pain threshold;
  • to eliminate redness and irritation, you can use ready pharmacy means, for example, ointment or calendula cream «Boro plus».

How to do?

Brazilian hair removal, to put it mildly, the procedure is not for the shy, as the wizard will have access to the most intimate areas of the perineum to remove out the hair. The procedure is performed in the position of a client lying on cosmetic couch.

The legs need to place on the gynecological chair. Perineum skin is treated with a special lotion and liberally powdered with talc, baby powder or a special powder for the waxing.

The use of talcum or baby powder is an additional factor of protection for the skin from burns and abrasions during the procedure. The video shows waxing of the armpits with hot wax. For bikini is the same.

Video: hot wax Depilation

Hair removal in the crotch area always do with hot wax. The use of hot wax makes the procedure less painful and traumatic, as under the heat of the heated skin, enlarged pores, and hair is much easier to remove from the root.

The wax is warmed in to help melting wax faster to a temperature so he was enveloped in the hairs, but it does not burn the skin. Wax is always applied in the direction of hair growth so that the edges of solidified wax was thick enough, then the wax is convenient to remove with the hair.

Remove the sharp movement against the hair growth. If the wax is heated and applied properly, all the hair is removed one at a time. In place of hair removed can be a «bloody dew» is droplets of blood from hair follicles.

This is an absolutely normal phenomenon, because during the ejection of the hair follicle is damaged supply vessel, which causes the appearance of droplets of blood on the surface of the skin. After wax is applied to the skin special cooling and healing gel that relieves pain and irritation. The procedure lasts about an hour.

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The benefits of treatments for intimate hair removal:

  • fits all wax, removes hair of any color on all skin color type;
  • available to all, as there is in almost every cabin, and more recently and in the specialized wax bars;
  • effect after hair removal long: 3 to 5 weeks.

The only drawback – it can be used on any area of the body except the area of deep bikini.

The frequency of the procedure

You must make each month, and when hair will grow to 4-5 mm. After a few treatments the hair becomes more thin and soft, but to get rid of them forever with regular removal of wax will not work.

Video: shaved

The consequences

  • ingrown hair;
  • skin abrasions and bruises in that case, if the skin is badly fixed by peeling off the wax with the hair;
  • removing only part of the hair, breaking of hair at the skin level occurs when the violation of the art of waxing;
  • soreness, irritation and soreness in the places where you have to apply wax again.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women can be done if you have already removed the hair in the intimate area wax before pregnancy, if you have a low sensitivity to pain, and if the pregnancy is normal.

In all other cases the better procedure to refrain because painful feelings can lead to increased tone of the uterus and adversely affect the condition of the child.

Price Brazilian hair removal bikini

Procedure The cost in rubles
a Brazilian wax 400-4000

The before and after photos

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Katya: I have more than five years every month I go to Brazilian. Once for a laugh asked the man how he would react to the fact that I will cease to remove the «Paradise». He certainly said that he did not care and all that. But the expression on his face in the first moment I understood a lot. Although…even if he did not mind, anyway, I hadn’t refused the procedure, it is very after it I like myself.

Lena: I know that many women are very against hair removal in the bikini area. Even opposed. Type nature has created us this way, «which certainly is not ugly». But here are a couple of years in the gym, flat stomach, elastic ass, beautiful expensive clothes. And beautiful expensive lingerie hair on both sides. Hardcore. This is clearly not my case. Already can not imagine myself otherwise.

Jeanne: the First procedure of Brazilian hair removal I barely survived. Then swore to myself very firmly that any more in life. And then there was the meeting with my boyfriend. And, you know, is a completely different experience. Every now and again inwardly compressed when going for a procedure, but then it’s worth it.