Breast augmentation folk remedies — infusions, poultice, iodine

The harm and benefit

Beautiful and lush Breasts – this is a big advantage of women, but, unfortunately, not all the ladies nature endowed attractive forms, so women alone trying to cope with this problem using traditional ways.

Now, the popular techniques for breast augmentation bring such benefits:

  1. Some of the recipes improve blood circulation, so the Breasts do grow faster.
  2. Almost half of the methods of folk remedies involves proper nutrition, which can not but rejoice, because eating properly, the body is enriched with vitamins and increases your immunity.
  3. Recipes using essential oils can improve the condition of skin and enrich it with vitamins.

Despite the benefits, breast augmentation can have a such harm:

  1. Some recipes involve the use of raw test or decoction of hops, which is certainly not beneficial for blood (the dough may cause unrest and problems with digestion, and a decoction of hops, the deterioration of the absorption of food, abdominal pain and even slight intoxication).
  2. Means for external applications can easily consume the skin (iodine for example).
  3. Some recipes include severe restriction of food intake, which is also very harmful to health.

The pros and cons

The increase of the bust with the use of folk remedies has the following advantages:

  1. If the result is good the woman will be able to get rid of complexes, which arose from her small Breasts (proven that ladies with a more ample bosom feel more confident than women that are small in size).
  2. Even with long-term use of certain recipes in the body will not have the addiction, how it can be treated by certain drugs.
  3. Folk remedies (when used properly) do not bring pain, as is the case with operating breast augmentation (mammoplasty). In addition, even after the cessation of the application of these recipes, the woman will not require any recovery period.
  4. Today, there are quite a large number of different people’s methods to increase the bust, so each woman can choose for herself what she is more suited.

Cons of popular techniques for this purpose are:

  1. No matter how hard a woman, I don’t think any recipe can help to increase the breast more than 1-2 sizes. In this respect the operating breast enlargement gives a lot more results.
  2. Folk remedies have many contraindications, so not everyone will be able to use them.
  3. Some recipes can not only affect the breast, but also contribute to overall weight gain, but I don’t want women.

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In order not to cause any complications after popular breast augmentation, it is important to familiarize yourself with contraindications to this.

Direct contraindications to breast augmentation folk remedies are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. The age of eighteen (when milk glands are still not fully formed, therefore there is no sense to increase them).
  3. The presence of serious disease in the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, diarrhoea, flatulence, E. coli, etc.). Some traditional recipes can aggravate these diseases and cause complications in the human condition.
  4. Diseases of the small intestine or colon.
  5. Hemorrhoids.
  6. Reduced immunity (period, field, injuries, operations, diseases etc. when the human body is severely weakened).
  7. The age of a person over 65 years of age (during this period all systems in the body weakened, so they need to additionally load).
  8. Various oncological pathology – a direct contraindication to the use of folk methods.
  9. Diseases of the mammary glands.
  10. Any chronic disease of the kidneys, heart, blood or liver.

What hormones affect the mammary glands

Not all women know what a direct effect on breast growth in the body have some hormonal. With insufficient development of at least one of such hormones, the Breasts may be underdeveloped.

So the most important hormones for milk production are:

  1. Estrogen.
  2. Progesterone (produced by the woman’s body each month during menstruation).
  3. Prolactin (produced in the period of puberty, and lactation).
  4. Growth hormone (responsible for the overall growth of the body, including the growth of mammary glands).

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Ways to increase breast folk remedies

The most effective folk recipes for breast enlargement are:

  1. A lot to eat. The entire body will gain weight and the breast popolnyat. This technique is suitable for those who are not afraid with a big bust to get a rounded tummy.
  2. Every day, take a contrast shower. It will improve blood circulation, that will favorably influence the breast growth.
  3. To eat bread crust for several months. This is a very ancient method that has been time-tested.
  4. To eat cabbage in large groups. This product can be used as raw as boiled. Most of all, this technique helps the young women, who still may be very large Breasts.
  5. To eat the fish. This product contains special substances that have a positive effect on the growth of mammary glands. Also, an advantage of eating fish is that it is considered a dietary product, and hence does not provoke weight gain.
  6. Every day to eat walnuts, covered with honey. Such a treat to replace the usual sweets and affect breast growth. The duration of use of the technique is 1-2 months.
  7. To eat green apples. It is also desirable to use hard apples.
  8. Daily use of dairy products. This can be yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk or cream. The main thing that they were made from real milk, not dry powder.
  9. The use of soy products. The fact is that soy contains a special hormone that affects breast enlargement.
  10. To enrich their diet with greens (parsley, spinach and dill). Herbs not only enhance the breast but also supports the figure in perfect shape.
  11. To RUB various oils in the chest and wanting a massage. You can use peach, almond or coconut oil. It is also important that any such proceedings have been regular.
  12. Daily drinking of freshly squeezed cabbage juice three tablespoons.


Breast augmentation folk remedies with the use of infusions provides that:

  1. Tincture of dandelion.

Be prepared thus:

  • take of dry dandelion flowers (100 g) and pour 1 liter of water;
  • boil for ten minutes and infuse for an hour;
  • strain and drink daily for two tablespoons.

This infusion will be effective for women with sagging Breasts. It will help to regain the firmness and fullness mammaries. Also the tool can be a bit podslushat honey.

  1. Tincture of clover. This plant contains many anticoagulants that are beneficial to the production of female hormones.

To prepare the tool:

  • take 2 tablespoons of red clover and pour 0.5 liters of water;
  • boil for half an hour;
  • take 1 tablespoon of the decoction three times a day;
  • also means you can wipe the chest twice a day.
  1. Tincture of fenugreek.

To prepare:

  • take 50 grams of fenugreek and the same wild Yam;
  • herbs pour 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for five hours;
  • pour a tablespoon of ready mix in his tea and drink three to four times a day. This decoction will help to accelerate the growth of the breast and will not cause side effects.
  1. Infusion of gathering herbs:
  • mix equal quantities of Angelica root, fennel, flowers of sage, flax seed and chamomile;
  • pour 2 liters of boiling water;
  • cover and infuse for three hours;
  • strain and take decoction twice a day for tablespoon three weeks.

This tool will not only help to increase the breast but will also enrich the body with many useful vitamins.


Breast augmentation folk remedies with the use of compresses involves this:

  1. A compress of red pepper:
  • lubricate the breast fatty oil;
  • to put on top of a red pepper and RUB it into the skin (except the nipple);
  • wear a warm bandage and leave it for ten minutes (the pepper will improve blood circulation and contribute to the increase of mammary glands);
  • after that, you need to thoroughly wash the wrap and top coat the Breasts baby cream.
  1. A compress of oils:
  • take geranium oil and ylang-ylang;
  • mix them in equal proportions and apply on the chest;
  • top bintovuju applying the bandage;
  • leave it for half an hour, then rinse with soap and water;
  • repeat the procedure three times a week.


The best masks for growth of the mammary glands are:

  1. Apple mask.

Be prepared thus:

  • take a couple of apples and cabbage leaves;
  • grind both ingredients;
  • add a tablespoon of olive oil and honey;
  • apply on the breast with a thin layer of (preferably immediately after the massage);
  • top cover with a plastic bag and leave for an hour;
  • then remove the mask and take a contrast shower;
  • repeat the procedure three times a week.
  1. The mask of cocoa butter will not only enlarge the Breasts, but also enrich the skin with vitamins. To put it rubbing motions on his chest and leave it for 30-40 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water.
  2. Mask of potatoes.

Be prepared thus:

  • boil a few potatoes in the skin;
  • add a spoonful of honey and 50 ml of cream;
  • pour a tablespoon of olive oil;
  • all mix and apply on the chest;
  • leave it for half an hour;
  • repeat the procedure daily for a month.

Dangerous recipes

Unfortunately, not all traditional recipes safe. Some of them can really harm your health.

The most dangerous popular recipes are:

  1. Eating raw dough. The effect of this method may be, however, after eating raw dough in women may be a serious disturbance in the digestion, as the stomach simply will not digest this product.
  2. Iodine mesh, which should be applied to the skin of the breast. The effect of increasing the mammary glands with iodine due to the fact that it has the property to improve blood circulation, so the breast gradually increase and change shape.

Despite this, doctors do not recommend practicing this technique because the iodine is absorbed into the body and accumulates, and this, in turn, can lead to problems with the thyroid gland. In addition, on the delicate skin of the breast iodine can leave burns.

Moreover, the frequent application of iodine in humans can develop the disease under the name of iodism (iodine poisoning). In this patient will affects the Airways, a cough and lowered vision.

  1. Rubbing Breasts juice of Hemlock. It is important to know that this plant is considered very poisonous, so it’s better not to risk the health.
  2. Superimposition on the breast of mustard can not only cause burns, but also provoke inflammation.

Who to contact for advice

Just before using folk methods for breast enhancement women are recommended to refer to mammologu. The doctor should examine the Breasts and determine why it is underdeveloped or too small in size.

To more accurately determine the cause of a small bust can also be tested for hormone levels. They need to go to the therapist, which decrypts the results and give recommendations.

Another must doctor, a visit to which is recommended, is a gastroenterologist.

He has to see the patient after the diagnosis and say, if she could observe people’s methods, which involve special food (the detection of diseases of the digestive tract, most likely, the doctor will forbid any methods of «diet for breast»).

Breast enlargement folk remedies – this is a pretty specific thing, so before applying it you need think it over and weigh all the «pros» and «cons».

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