Breast augmentation iodine — complications

Ample bosom is the dream of many girls, as not all nature has bestowed the desired forms. What methods do not resort ladies to achieve the desired results.

Today, this problem is solved by surgery, but not all have the courage for the surgery, and some just don’t have enough money.

Before understanding the effectiveness of iodine on breast augmentation, it is necessary to understand its anatomy. This will allow you to present a clear picture and to understand how this method works.

The anatomical structure of the breast:

  • nerve fibers and endings;
  • mammary glands and ducts;
  • blood vessels and capillaries of the chest;
  • glandular tissue;
  • the connective tissue of the thorax;
  • muscles;
  • the subcutaneous fat layer.

Mammary glands to the chest joined by connective tissues which create the visible shape of the breast.

Unfortunately, over time, these ligaments weaken and lose elasticity, which leads to a change of forms.

The size depends on the fat, if you increase the weight Breasts getting bigger, but girls are naturally varies from extra pounds.

With each typed kgs on the chest will go only 20 grams, the remaining fat appears on the thighs, belly and other problem areas.

To enlarge Breasts at least a size, the girl should gain about 10 kg.

Attention should be paid to heredity. If the mother has small Breasts, then the daughter shouldn’t expect magnificent forms.

Heredity is an important factor.

Particular importance attaches to hormones, because the size depends also from him. It is important to balance the level of hormones and then everything will work out.

In pursuit of a big bust girls have resorted to various methods:

  • with the help of plastic surgery, the most radical and expensive method;
  • physical exercise is an effective way that you need to spend a lot of time, but the result is excellent;
  • proper and balanced diet will be useful not only breast, but also throughout the body;
  • folk methods.

Before deciding on drastic measures, many girls try to achieve the result of people’s ways. Often for this purpose apply the iodine. Whether this method works?

The action of iodine is that the chest muscles comes a large flow of blood. Due to this influx, the muscles will fill with blood, which visually enhance the bust.

In addition, blood flow to the breast are supplied with more nutrients, which also provokes growth.

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Myths and reality

Many expect that after the first application of iodine, the Breasts will immediately become more. Unfortunately, it is not. It is necessary to systematically apply this method to achieve good results.

Iodine not everyone will help, it depends on individuality of an organism.

Results can be achieved by adding to iodine or even replacing it with additional methods.

For example, specific exercises that support the chest in shape and increases its volume.

A professional trainer is recommended:

  • push-UPS;
  • exercise pullover (with small weights);
  • breeding hand in hand with extra weight.

It is important to ensure proper nutrition , it improves the metabolism, makes the body excellent condition.

If you use these two methods, you will have to give up bad habits that adversely affect health and lead to rapid skin aging.

Breast massage and contrast shower will enhance the effectiveness of iodine.

In popular methods, the main regularity and then the results will not keep you waiting!

The opinion of doctors

Before deciding on breast augmentation iodine, every girl should know that this method is not recognized by official medicine.

This method is extremely popular, «Babushkin» method. Although it is quite often used in modern girls.

It is important, before you decide to use this method, to consult with mammologist.

It is now increasingly widespread cancers of the breast, to protect themselves, a visit to a specialist is required.

Under the influence of iodine, the Breasts will warm up, which could trigger the development of tumors. The doctor will examine, if necessary, do an ultrasound, and gives the conclusion.

If chest everything is OK, then you can start to experiment. Taking care of personal health is much more important than large Breasts!

All girls should remember that a visit to the female gynecologist and mammologist should be the norm. To the doctors need to go 2 times a year.

Prevention measures will help prevent possible disease. In the case of determining problems, it is important to start the treatment that will save the patient’s life.

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As already noted, the use of iodine is not effective in all cases. One of the girls he helps, others not, so it is an individual question.

Unequivocally that blood flow to the mammaries enhances the bust naturally and gives volume.

The effectiveness of the method can be achieved in different cases in different ways. It helps one to achieve the desired result in a month, and others will have to wait 3 months, and maybe even more.

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The girl have to apply daily iodine, preferably without missing a single day.

If the iodine does not increase the chest, it would still be helpful:

  • stimulates the synthesis of proteins;
  • bone tissue becomes stronger as the substance involved in its structure;
  • improves brain activity.

The desired result will certainly appear, if you decide on a surgical plastic. Traditional methods can never give a 100% guarantee. But they don’t give much stress to the body and their cost is small.

How to use the method

This method is the most simple, so special instructions on the use of iodine no.

The main rule is regularity.

During the application procedure, it is important to purchase special underwear that permit the air and not squeezing the body.

A method of applying iodine to the breast is quite simple:

  • apply in the evening after showering;
  • initially, it is important lightly massage the Breasts;
  • a cotton swab should be wetted in the solution;
  • on the bust you want to draw stripes or circles that taper toward the center (the distance between them is 0.5 cm), it is important that the strips do not overlap, in order to avoid burn;
  • it is important not to put iodine on the areolae, otherwise you can get burned;
  • wait a few minutes until dry solution and you can dress.

It is obvious that the technique is really simple. It is important to adhere to step-by-step instructions and patiently wait for the desired result.

Complications of breast augmentation with iodine

At first glance it may seem that the method is simple and harmless, but complications of breast enlargement in iodine, serious enough.

This is a dubious method, which are unsubstantiated. The only source of efficiency is the feedback from the girls, and then not so much.

It often happens that the regular use of iodine leads to:

  1. burns and inflammation of tissues, which naturally increases the chest, but it’s not worth it;
  2. regular overheating of the mammary glands, causes development of cancer.

As we all know, today many women of different ages have the breast, often they do not even know.

Breast enlargement by dubious methods is not worth the health and life of the girls regardless of age or bust size.

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If the method does not help, then a young girl is upset, causing additional emotional experiences and stress.

Contraindications to the use of iodine:

  1. if after the application starts to increase the body temperature, it is important to stop using the solution;
  2. if there is a mastopathy;
  3. pregnancy and lactation;
  4. overdose and concentration of substances that can cause cancer of any organ;
  5. delicate skin of the breast can dry out, causing discomfort and itching;
  6. excessive application will trigger the appearance of the burn.

In the event of the above changes in the breast area, you must immediately go to the doctor. He will carefully examine and help to resolve issues.

Before deciding on a procedure worth considering if this popular method how effective, now all went Busty beauties and not asked for help to a plastic surgeon.

The effect on the thyroid gland

Applying iodine on the skin, it is instantly absorbed and enters the body. Soaked in blood, it is rapidly distributed to all organs and accumulates on them.

The excess of iodine causes:

  1. problems with the thyroid gland;
  2. allergic reaction;
  3. in the most difficult situations you may receive a poisoning with iodine.

Because of this, the person difficulty breathing and cough, eyes conjunctivitis is formed and begins to fall vision, while the body having the sores.

The thyroid gland controls the hormones of the female body. The excessive iodine has a detrimental impact on the body.

Due to the use of iodine, and then have to restore the thyroid gland. This process is fairly complex and lengthy, besides expensive.

Magnificent breast is beautiful, but do not trust traditional methods, which can not only harm your health, but also jeopardize the life!