Breast augmentation price — cost operation in Moscow

On the basis of price is

Cost of breast augmentation comes from several components:

  • The choice of the implant. There are several types of materials that make Breasts bigger. On average, the cost of implants is about half the cost of mammoplasty as a whole.

The average price of implants ranges between 20 to 45 thousand rubles for one unit.

Certainly, there are materials much more expensive. However, buying them should be required to document their quality.

In this case, can be stated additional characteristics or special production technology.

Companies that produce implants generally do not advertise prices and we only cooperate with medical institutions.

The latter may inflate the cost, based on their goals and vision pricing.

  • The option of anesthesia or analgesia:
  1. under local anesthesia;
  2. under General anesthesia;
  3. the combination of local anesthesia and sedation.

Make a choice based on the individual characteristics of the patient, the technical equipment of the clinic and preferences of the surgeon.

The cost of the procedure depends on the method chosen and the average is:

  1. 2000 rubles with local anesthesia;
  2. 4000 rubles with local anesthesia;
  3. 5,000 rubles in an integrated approach (local anesthesia combined with sedation).
  • The next component of pricing operations on breast augmentation is a special compression underwear.

Wearing it always in the recovery period and allows you to give your chest the right shape. Recommended to wear a special bra for a long time after mammoplasty.

Experienced doctors say that «after the operation the woman should Wake up in a compression garment and take it 3 months».

The average cost of such an accessory is 3500 rubles. Often the price of underwear of compression is included in the total cost of the operation.

If this item is left to the discretion of the patient, it is not necessary to save and use the usual lingerie or sports tank tops. You need a special bra after mammoplasty.

  • Being in the hospital. As a rule, being in the hospital after surgery takes not more than a day. However, at the request of the patient or other individual necessary, it is possible to stay under the supervision of experts to 5 days. Day of stay are on average 2000-2500 rubles.
  • Additional costs. This category should include preliminary analyses, without which it can not do, and which are strictly necessary to obtain directions for the operation.
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Plus drugs that are required for admission to the recovery period and additional consultation of the doctor in the postoperative time.

At this point, the amount may be very different depending on where surrendered the tests (commercial or municipal clinic), a list of the drugs were recommended by your physician and how often required additional inspections.

When calculating the total amount of this category of costs not taken into account, but do not forget that the additional costs will still be.

Does it matter the type of operation

The type and technique of operation are of paramount importance in the pricing of breast implants.

The aim of the operation can be breast enlargement and reduction. Reduction mammoplasty is more expensive (on average 40-60 thousand rubles).

If we are talking only about breast lift it will be about 40,000 rubles.

Where can you check price

Most plastic surgery clinics have decorated the sites where you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of the medical establishment, list of services and approximate prices.

The exact cost of surgery can be learned only by personal appointment.

The doctor will assess the condition of the mammary glands, give direction on the necessary tests and taking into account the wishes of the client, will be the program of mammoplasty. The result will calculate the exact amount of the transaction.

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Compare prices on breast augmentation in clinics of Moscow

In Moscow today, there are many clinics of plastic surgery. Prices for breast augmentation range from 60 to 360 thousand rubles.

  • Clinic Pavlyuchenko offers mammoplastika from 60 to 92 thousand rubles. Implants will cost from 40 to 50 thousand rubles for a couple, anesthesia from 12,000 rubles, compression underwear from 1500 rubles to 3,100 rubles 7000 rubles – the cost of one night in the hospital.
  • In Beauty Institute, such an operation will cost wide range and may amount to 60 thousand rubles and go up to 300 thousand rubles. This variation is tested in the clinic to get expert advice here. In addition, patients are encouraged to remain in the hospital for more than one day (the cost of the hospital is 1000 rubles a day).
  • Clinic «San Lazare» offers a service for mammoplasty 90-150 thousand rubles. Included services pre-diagnosis, consultation, implants and anesthesia. The amount varies only from equipment operation. Surcharge purchased a compression garment (about 3000 rubles).
  • In the Clinic of Dr. Ross breast implants cost 160-220 thousand rubles. The price includes the implants, anesthesia for an additional fee (up to 9000 rubles), as well as diagnosis (from 1500 rubles) and consultations (600 rubles per visit), compression garments are also sold separately and costs 3000 rubles. The cost of hospital per day from 3000 to 6000 rubles.
  • The most expensive operation of this kind is offered in the medical center «Paracelsus 2001» and is 300 to 360 thousand rubles. Implants are available separately (30 to 60 thousand per unit), anesthesia ranging from 6,000 to 15,000 rubles, compression – 3000 rubles, a hospital stay is 6,000 rubles. Preliminary diagnosis of 1,500 rubles. One hour – 500 rubles.
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The cost of surgery depends on:

  1. qualifications and reputation of a plastic surgeon;
  2. technical equipment of the institution;
  3. the location of the medical institution;
  4. of the materials used.

Some clinics offer a full package of services (and this is more profitable option), for others it is acceptable to render services as individual options, so the sum is made of many components and can vary significantly from the originally named.

Why not be worth saving

Almost every woman thinking about breast surgery, talks about what operations you can save considerably.

Most are trying to save on implants. Indeed, price dispersion in this category is quite large.

But we must not forget that the price of an implant is directly proportional to its quality. Buying cheaper material, women will soon notice that the shape of the breast is far from ideal.

In the ranking of potential savings includes compression underwear:

  • Many women think the best option is to use the sports tops, which will be useful for fitness or at the gym.
  • But the special bra after mammoplasty is essential to give your chest the right shape. In the recovery period – is the main attribute of a woman!

Someone is trying to save on pre-diagnosis, someone to waste money on consultations of specialists after the surgery.

But it is a necessary measures that contribute to the preservation of woman’s health and subsequent well-being and satisfaction with surgery.

The main category of women trying to save money on the operation itself, choosing a clinic with a dubious reputation, and fall under the knife of unskilled professionals. In this case, the result can be disastrous!

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When choosing a clinic, it is necessary to rely on documentation and certification of the clinic, a real people’s reviews and their own intuition.

The savings in this case may be identical to the production of serious health problems. While the latter may entail a large expenditure.

Is it always justified the high price

High price tag on surgery mammoplasty can be set for a number of reasons:

  • clinic sufficiently advertised;
  • surgery provides the surgeon with an excellent reputation;
  • the clinic is located in the city centre;
  • uses high technology and the clinic is equipped with best medical equipment.

In these cases the price is justified and all risks will be minimized.

If we are talking about the little-known institution whose reputation is questionable, and information on materials and equipment «not to beg», the high price may be the cause of only desire of the staff to get rich, not the desire for an upscale operation.

The modern woman strives for beauty. On this quest I wish to earn many medical institutions. Mammoplasty is the most popular surgery today.

But the Internet is full of photographs of mutilated breast. It’s the work of inexperienced and unskilled surgeons.

It is therefore important when selecting plastic surgery clinics to focus on responses of patients and reputation of the doctor, not just for the cost of the operation!