Breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid — what it is, prices, reviews, photos before and after


But this option acceptable and because of the need to expose your body surgery under anesthesia, and because of possible problems with implants that migrate to cause the formation of fibrous capsule. The biggest problem with silicone inserts is the artificiality external if your own tissue is not much, to close implant, and feel they are much denser than natural breast.

Method of breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid allows to obtain the bust size of your dreams without traumatic surgery and all the risks associated with it.

As used in cosmetics

The use of this substance until relatively recently, but she’s already very well proven as a great tool for rejuvenation, and for creating volumes. By its nature, is a polysaccharide that is found in skin, connective tissue, and the joint cavity.

Its main purpose is to retain moisture. In the skin it helps to preserve a high tone, elasticity and a high speed of metabolic processes occurring with the participation of water.

In joints, hyaluronic acid plays the role of lubricant, which protects the articular cartilage from damage. As you can see,it is very necessary for the human body substance, it is natural and safe.

The hyaluronic acid molecules are very large and each molecule can hold a huge number of water molecules, therefore its solution always has the consistency of a very thick gel.

This gel has long been used for the production of fillers for lip augmentation and contouring the face. Now gels of hyaluronic acid used to increase the bust.

The main advantages of fillers

  • fillers for breast augmentation have a special composition, which unlike
  • silicones is absolutely identical with the natural hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in the human body;
  • filler easy to inject with a syringe because I did not need any incisions or anesthesia;
  • with filler you can recreate any breast form, since the drug is easily distributed in tissues, because look, this bust is very natural;
  • filler consistency not different from the breast tissue, because it will not be palpable;
  • immediately after the procedure, it becomes clear what shape and size is the Breasts as the swelling after the introduction of the filler is much less pronounced than after surgery, and no need to wait until the implant will take its permanent place;
  • the recovery period after the procedure of introduction of the filler takes only a few days;
  • the result can always be corrected by introduction of additional quantities of filler, if necessary.

What drugs are used

To date, the only drug that is approved for the procedure of breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid in Russia and In Europe – the British drug Macrolane by Q-Med.

Only this drug has passed a three-year study, during which the monitoring was conducted on health and health status two and a half thousand women. During the research it was revealed that the drug is not absorbed into the blood, does not affect the function of the liver and kidneys.

Studies have not been conducted in pregnant and lactating breast milk. In addition to the fillers based on hyaluronic acid are still on the market of cosmetic services has fillers mixed composition or fully chemical fillers, which consist of a silicone, polymethylmethacrylate or polyacrylamide.

On the one hand, these gels are not absorbed. This is the main reason why customers and plastic surgeons agree that the introduction of such drugs.

On the other hand, they can re-migrate in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, are not absorbed and in most cases, eventually cause the formation of local fibrosis.

As on the face, the presence of synthetic fillers is a contraindication for introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, because to correct the local defects will be difficult. Remove any accumulation of synthetic fillers then only surgically.


The disadvantage of fillers is that they are freely distributed in the breast tissue and do not keep form. The consistency of the hyaluronic acid gel is good because to the touch it is indistinguishable from the natural breast. But in order to keep in shape, it is necessary that the breast skin was elastic.

Who the fillers are not shown:

  • women with mastoptosis – drooping breast tissue under the action of gravity;
  • women with initially large Breasts, as this will cause hyperextension tissues;
  • for those who want to increase the breast more than one size.

Is contraindicated the introduction of fillers:

  • when planning pregnancy, during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in the presence of Oncology: — malignant and malignant tumors of mammary glands, mastitis;
  • if you have an autoimmune disease.

Possible problems with the fillers in the future:

  • the accumulation of filler on a breast ultrasound is indistinguishable from cysts and started the growth nodes of breast cancer;
  • the presence of the filler makes it difficult obsledovanie x-ray of the chest;
  • clots drug impede palpation examination and breast self-exams to detect tumors;
  • may migrate;
  • can become infected, requiring antibiotics and sometimes removal of gel and inflamed tissue surgically.

The formation of capsular contracture is also one of the problems with fillers in the future, but this problem is entirely avoidable. Because we’ll talk about it a little more.

Around the gel can form a capsule of connective tissue, or individual formations of connective tissue, which may be palpable or can be in the form of tubercles. In Russia already a large number of women have this complication, but still not everyone knows that this problem can be eliminated, but it is even better to prevent its occurrence.

To eliminate already appeared the tubercles using the introduction of the enzyme hyaluronidase, which is the foci of fibrosis. Prevention helps regular breast massage, through which a connective tissue capsule is thin, loose and not uncomfortable.

How is the procedure

Despite the fact that the fillers for the face have been known for a long time, specialists, who can professionally enter filler in the Breasts, not so much. Therefore it is better to seek your doctor for reviews and recommendations than comparing prices and the cost of treatments at various clinics.

Usually the procedure is performed under local anesthesia because of discomfort, the introduction of hyaluronic acid gel causes.

At the moment developed a number of ways of introduction of gel. Filler can be injected under the pectoralis muscle and under the mammary gland itself. In some cases, the surgeon may resort to the creation of a special cavity for the filler. What methods will be used, depends on the initial breast shape of the patient and the desired result.

The maximum amount of gel that can be used for the introduction of one mammary gland – 320 ml. as for the procedure using General anesthesia, the client can observe the work of the surgeon in the mirror and Express your wishes.

Immediately after the procedure may be redness and burning at the puncture of the skin. Within 2-3 days after the procedure may experience unbearable pain in the breast.

Video: Macrolane and lipofilling

The recovery period

  • during the first 4-6 weeks is recommended to exclude physical activity, especially in arms and upper half of the body;
  • avoid heat treatments (sauna, Solarium) and the impact of cold on the chest during the recovery period;
  • do not exert strong pressure on the Breasts during the massage or during night-time sleep (sleep on your chest is forbidden), as it may cause the displacement of the gel;
  • within one month after the procedure is to use a special compression underwear.

How long lasts the effect and how often you can do

The effect of the introduction Macrolane lasts up to a year. The first correction is usually performed 12-15 months after the procedure. But the law is usually only 40% of the initial volume of the gel. After 6 months enter 15% of the amount of the filler that was used during the first injection.

The before and after photos

Price of breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Procedure The average cost
breast augmentation hyaluronic kislotoi of Europe 3000 euros
of filling drug breast Macrolane in Russia 120000-300000 rubles


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