Breast augmentation with silicone — photos, price

Many girls would like to enlarge their Breasts with silicone, because nature does not all awards rounded lush Persians. What you need to know before I decide on this increase?

Are there restrictions and what are the results? Read on and you’ll learn everything yourself.


Statistics doctors disappointing. Over the past decades, the fashion for artificial implants increased.

And with it, increased the number of disappointed women instead of beautiful Breasts, got a lot of problems.

Girls dared to increase bust, may encounter such troubles:

  • deformation and asymmetry of the chest (the cause may be weakness of the muscles that surround the implant);
  • hardening of the tissues around silicone implants;
  • mastitis( more common in women who gave birth after breast surgery);
  • destruction of implants caused by exposure to sunlight (typical for those who like tanning).

Surgeons are increasingly talking about the fact that every 5th woman is forced to change her grown bust before the end of its life (earlier than 10 years from the operation).

Often the girls refuse to increase silicone breast, since re-operation may cause irreparable harm.

In any case, remember that silicone implants should be changed every decade.

Feature implants

Silicone implants appeared in 1926. And even today, they are the most popular method for breast augmentation.

Implants are a polymer sacks in which is liquid silicone.

Only this material has shown remarkable compatibility, reliability, flexibility and malleability.

In addition, silicone can withstand sterilization and is not destroyed in the highly acidic environment of the stomach.

Silicone implants are good for women, because have the same elasticity and texture as breast tissue. In this lies the reason of its popularity.

At the end of the last century, scientists have proved that such implants can harm the health of women.


  1. If the capsule is burst, leaked silicone may cause serious inflammation in the tissues. This can lead to the partial removal of the breast.
  2. If the body begins to reject the foreign body, the body goes rash and allergic reaction. Swelling and numbness of the breast tissues.
  3. There may be scarring around the implants.

There is a perception that implants can cause cancer. In this case, even a study in the early stages will not give the necessary information.

The implant will interfere with the scanning x-rays. The disease is seen, and the tumor will continue to grow.


Strict medical indications for breast augmentation with silicone are there.

As this procedure applies to aesthetic surgery, it is possible to distinguish some common indications for operation:

  • small breast size (only applies to girls who have reached puberty);
  • congenital asymmetry breast;
  • changing the shape and drooping of the breast after the breastfeeding period (you can recommend a special surgery for breast lift);
  • the deformation of the breast due to the transferred earlier operations associated with removing tumors or with a failed attempt to increase the bust;
  • unsuccessful extraction of gel from the breast, which disfigured the shape of the breast.
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Contraindications to breast augmentation is a serious thing. It cannot be ignored because you risk not only to permanently mutilate himself, but also to lose health.


  • tumors in breast tissue;
  • mastitis and other diseases;
  • the presence of infectious diseases (especially tuberculosis);
  • any acute and chronic suppurative processes, acute purulent diseases and chronic diseases.
  • diabetes mellitus (causes complications after the surgery);

Breast augmentation is prohibited for girls under the age of puberty. Many doctors insist that childless women also should be banned, and surgery.

Video: what is the procedure

How does Breasts enlarged with silicone in the photo

In the photo you can see what it looks like enlarged silicone breast. From some angles, she’s really attractive.

But, sometimes the chest seems to be inflated like a balloon, unnatural and too rounded. Its shape is clearly not natural, that immediately catches the eye.

Risks and complications

By agreeing to the breast augmentation with silicone, you go on a certain risk. This is especially true of artificial intervention in human nature.

In addition to infection, pain, bleeding and redness, you can make a number of significant complications.

Rupture of the capsule

This can happen in the next few days after surgery, or in a few years. Immediately understand what’s going on, will not work. The breast shape will gradually change. Over time, you may receive a rash.

Liquid silicone, fills the breast and may trigger hardening of the breast or severe allergies.

To avoid this outcome, be sure to pass regular medical check-up.

Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture is a fabric that is near the implant and presses on it. The reason for its occurrence is that early hematoma or seroma.

To understand that you have a capsular contracture, one of the following:

  • the seal of the breast;
  • the displacement of the implant;
  • discomfort and pain in the chest;
  • deformation of the chest.

In such a situation the necessary surgery to replace the implant. But note that this doesn’t protect you from re-development of contractures.

Severe pain

They can occur immediately, or after a certain time.

The cause may be a pinched nerve, due to incorrect sizing of the implant.

In this case, the pain will be very sharp and strong. You must immediately notify your doctor.

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Any operation can lead to infection. Medicine in this area is very developed, and doctors are responsible for the sterility.

Infection can threaten not only your health, but also life.

Keep track of your feelings after the surgery. If you notice vomiting, diarrhea, fainting and dizziness, seek immediate medical attention.

Change the sensitivity of the nipple

The operation can affect your nipples. They can become very sensitive to any touch, even to the clothing. It is also possible the loss of a certain amount of sensitivity.

Prolonged healing

The reason for this process is unclear, but in some cases the stitches can be very long and painful to heal.

Unsatisfactory result

Dissatisfaction with the result is found very often. Women are left disappointed and frustrated.

Even the best doctors can make a mistake. In the end, you can get the chest sizes or strange shapes.

In addition, the seam can be very evident, to be rude and spoil all the impression of beautiful Breasts.

Carefully select the doctor, examine his experience in this field, and only then, go under the knife.

Breast enlargement and pregnancy

The work of augmentation breast silicone and pregnancy worries many.

Girls wanna obtain a beautiful shape, but at the same time, worried about the health of the baby. Will affect whether dental implants? Can they cause any harm? The answer is no .

But after the period of lactation, you need to visit a doctor. Problems should not be.

Medical examination is necessary in order to ensure the correct position of the mammary glands.

Care after surgery

Postoperative care is quite simple, if you follow all the instructions. Most importantly – do not neglect your health and wait for a full recovery.

After surgery it is important to return the body to a healthy condition. To do this:

  • watch your diet. It should be varied, regular and healthy;
  • strictly refrain from Smoking and alcohol;
  • forget about the heavy physical loads. They can cause the joints, pain, and deformation of the breast;
  • wear special underwear that reduces the load on the muscles of the chest;
  • carefully handle the seams, according to your doctor’s instructions;
  • the first month you can swim only in the shower. Water should be medium temperature, pressure. Baths, saunas and steam baths should be postponed for at least a month;
  • abstain from sex for a while. Blood flow to the nipples can cause swelling, bruising and grey.
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The average cost

Surgeons announce the cost of their work, but the additional costs also have a hefty budget.

In the surgery cost for breast augmentation include:

  1. of a doctor;
  2. services clinics;
  3. anesthesia;
  4. tests;
  5. stay in the hospital.

The price depends on:

  • types of implants;
  • the fame of the surgeon;
  • the site of the operation.

The cost of surgery, hospital stay, post-operative care, anesthesia and monitoring during the year will cost about 180 thousand rubles. This operation is included.

After payment, you will not have anything to worry – even special underwear for you buy clinic. This is an expensive option, but it is comprehensive and convenient.

The average cost of operation is equal to 130 thousand rubles. Higher price threshold due to the work of the famous physician and «appetites» of the clinic.

Keep in mind that the operations in the capital will be released approximately twice as much.

Also, if you have some complications that will require more elaborate methods of operation, and hence a higher charge.

If you want special implants for this, too, will have to pay.

The approximate cost of each element of the operation

Anesthesia is in the range of 5 — 10 thousand rubles, taking into account that the operation will last 1-2 hours. Average price of breast implants is equal to 20-50 thousand rubles.

The cost analyses should be included in the main amount. But the cost of stay in the hospital and the surgeon can not predict. The numbers can greatly fluctuate.

Breast augmentation with silicone is a risky thing, which requires a certain courage.

It has two sides, like everything in the world. Relate the advantages and disadvantages of this operation, and make your choice.

Love yourself the way you created nature!