Breast enlargement at home — massage, exercises, recipes, masks

Breast enlargement at home is the dream of many women. Almost all women want to have beautiful Breasts.

However, not everyone wants to resort to surgery.

It is in these situations and applying home remedies correction of the bust.

Myths and reality

To understand, whether really to increase the breast by yourself, you need to understand its structure.

The main part of the bust are ferrous units, which under the influence of hormones every month undergo certain changes.

During menstruation the body responds to the increase in blood estrogen. This is what provokes the natural breast augmentation. Similar processes occur during pregnancy.

Thanks to estrogen increases blood flow to the breast, improves metabolic processes.

That is why the use of foods containing phytoestrogens allows for increasing the bust.

A similar effect is achieved with the help of folk remedies that stimulate blood circulation and improve metabolism.

To get tangible results, you should follow the important rules:

  1. All changes recommended during the formation of the woman’s body – up to 21 years. If you’re doing it at a later age, the desired results can not be achieved.
  2. It is important to remember moderation. Some folk remedies can cause female body serious harm.

If you want to increase Breasts by at least size, it is recommended that:

  • to eat right;
  • a little gain weight while doing abdominal exercises;
  • to perform push-UPS.

After a woman is gaining weight, she uniformly gets better Breasts, hips and abdomen.

If at this time to exercise, you can distribute the weight in the desired direction and achieve breast enlargement.

It is also very important to pump the chest muscles that will help to achieve good results.

The danger of self-exposure on the mammary glands

Today there are a lot of dangerous practices that can seriously harm women’s health.

These include the following:

  1. Mustard. Applying this tool to the chest can trigger severe burns. This is especially true of owners of delicate and sensitive skin. It is strictly forbidden to use this method in women with mastopathy.
  2. Iodine. To enlarge Breasts, many recommend the help of cotton swab apply it iodine mesh. This method is valid only for women with dark skin. Owner bright epithelium unable to burn and the appearance of pigmentation.
  3. Intensive massage. If you do this procedure incorrectly, there is a risk of developing inflammation. There is also the threat of violation of the lobed structure of the breast.
  4. Hot compresses. Women who have fibrous breast disease, it is strictly forbidden to use this method. When additional stimulation of blood circulation, there is a risk of accelerated development of benign tumors.

Methods of breast enlargement at home

Currently, there are quite a lot of breast enlargement methods that can be used by every girl.


This is perhaps the easiest method, which is suitable for all the girls. If you are not able to quickly increase the bust, it is enough to choose the right clothing and linen.

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So, the winner of the small breast can use the following techniques:

  1. Bra. In this case, the best fit model push-up, which has a three-dimensional inserts. Thanks to this underwear, you can increase the Breasts by at least a size.

With the help of a special form can be lifted bust. The only downside to these bras is that they don’t wear very often. The doctors advise to wear such bras usually 2 times a month.

  1. Sweatshirts and t-shirts. Stylists recommend to give preference to clothes with a V-neck. Also perfect Polo model. It is desirable that the product is a tight fit figure, and the neckline was quite deep.
  2. Blouses. With the help of ruffles can easily hide small Breasts. Models with this addition perfectly match with business suits, skirts and trousers. As for color, it is possible to afford a classic white solution or model, decorated with striped print.
  3. Dresses. For festive events you can choose the model in the Empire style. For these outfits characteristic high waist and open neck. If using a wide belt to emphasize your waist, your Breasts will look much more attractive.
  4. Sweaters. For going out with friends, you can pick up a soft cashmere sweater in a boxy cut. These models are unobtrusive fit a shape, emphasizing even a modest form. This allows you to make bigger Boobs. As for colors, the perfect choice would be the pastel range.
  5. Vests. If you want to look perfect, you should wear a push-up bra, and the top is a leather or denim vest. This solution is ideal for parties. To get a casual look, is to combine vests with blouses, shirts, skirts, pants, and other things.

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Breast enlargement at home a massage is quite an effective method. Especially now that there are many varieties of such procedures.

To perform a water massage, you should do the following:

  1. To adjust the water in the shower to a pleasant temperature – it should be a little cool.
  2. Intense pressure to perform circular motion in one breast, and then move on to the second. In this region of the nipples should be avoided.
  3. The procedure should be carried out in 2-3 minutes for each breast.
  4. In conclusion, you need to arrange a contrast shower. Initially, the temperature increases until warm, then reduce to cool. This should be repeated several times. Complete the shower cool water is recommended.

This procedure can be performed in the morning or evening. Its implementation will require not more than 5 minutes.

It is important to note that too much water can damage the chest.

Also, do not use too hot water. The fact that it weakens the connective tissue, causing the bust may SAG.

Another helpful solution to increase breast size is a corrective massage.

For its implementation need to do the following:

  1. Apply to the skin nourishing cream or a special product.
  2. To make a circular motion clockwise, using the index, middle and ring fingers. Such movements need to perform 2 minutes. The nipple area should be avoided.
  3. The ends of the fingers you need to make a sawing motion, moving from the nipple to the outer area of the bust. This should be done in 2 minutes.
  4. You then grasp one of my Breasts with his palm and gently Pat it with fingertips. Similar activities are performed for the second breast.
  5. To perform light movements with fingertips, moving from the nipple to the outer part.

This procedure fails to soften the skin of the breast, to cope with stretch marks, make the bust more firm and toned.

It is important to consider that all movements should be as careful to prevent the formation of stretch marks and bruises.

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To enlarge the Breasts themselves, you can perform special exercises. Their allowed to do at home – it is enough to stock a small dumbbells.

For breast augmentation is to perform these movements:

  1. Clenching palms. To rise directly, feet on width of shoulders, palms close in front of him a thumbs up. The elbows should be placed at the level of the bust. Then firmly squeeze the bottom of the palms to expand the fingers to yourself, straighten your palm, lower your hands down, place hands in front of him. This movement should be repeated 5-8 times.
  2. The finger grip. Stand up straight, raise hands to face level and firmly connect the fingers. Then a quick movement to try to dissolve hands in the parties. Do 10-12 repetitions.
  3. The lifting of hands. Stand up straight, feet together. Raise your right hand up and take her over the head, then try to move it even further after that, drop forward and down. A similar movement to do for the left hand. To do 4-6 reps.


To increase breast size, can be applied to the skin with special masks, which provide it with nutrients and stimulate blood circulation.

The most effective means include the following:

  1. Apple mask. For its production need to grind the apples using the grater, add a couple tablespoons of soft butter and the same of honey. Mix all to a smooth consistency and gently massage into the skin of the breast. Half an hour later can be washed off with warm water.

Thanks to the use of this composition can make the skin more elastic, to cope with sagging and increase the bust size.

  1. Mask with yogurt. For its preparation you need to beat an egg, add a spoonful of natural yoghurt and a bit of oil solution of vitamin E. All components are thoroughly mixed. Apply on the skin and make a neat little massage to make it absorbed. Half an hour later you can wipe the chest with a damp sponge.

Thanks to the use of this composition manages to tighten loose skin, saturate it with vitamins and collagen.

The unique composition of ingredients allows you to make the breast firmer and more radiant just after the first application.

  1. Mask of potatoes. For its preparation it is necessary to boil and mash 1 small potato, add 50 ml of sunflower oil and a spoon of cream. All the ingredients mix well, and then put a little honey. Applied to the Breasts after 20 minutes wash off and lubricate it with a moisturizing cream.
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Thanks to the application of potatoes could soften and smooth the skin, making it more soft and silky.

Effective recipes

To achieve a good effect, you can use the popular recipes of breast enlargement.

For this purpose, you can choose herbs that include lots of phytoestrogens. Also useful plants that promote blood flow stimulation.

For breast augmentation, you can choose the recipes:

  1. A drink made from grains. For its preparation should take millet, oats, barley and corn – 1 tablespoon. Add 500 ml water and cook on medium heat until grains are soft. Strained the broth to drink every day for a few SIPS before eating.
  2. Tincture of hops. To obtain a useful composition, 1 tablespoon of raw materials should pour 250 ml of water. Cook a quarter of an hour, then cool. Drink 3 tablespoons before eating.
  3. Infusion of oregano. Take 5 tablespoons of raw materials, add 500 ml of boiling water and leave for an hour. Drink half a Cup means 2 times a day before meals.

What doctor to consult

To choose the right recipe for breast enlargement at home you should consult with your doctor. Necessary advice can be obtained by a mammologist, gynecologist or therapist.

The majority of experts does not approve many home methods increase the bust, since they can harm your health.

The safest way to achieve the desired goal is to perform special exercises for the chest. Folk remedies is valid only in the case if you have no contraindications.

Side effect

It is important to consider that many folk remedies for breast augmentation can have undesirable side effects. Primarily plant products can cause allergic reactions.

It is important to note that products containing phytoestrogens can seriously change the hormonal background of women.

It can cause menstrual disorders, uterine enlargement, problems with ovulation.

In some cases, hormonal disturbance becomes a cause of tumor formation.

It is also important to note that after the cessation of the use of plant hormones, the endocrine system is unable to replenish them to the desired volume, because it remains in a depressed condition.

So the breast begins to decrease, and this process may be accompanied by cystic or nodular mastopathy.

Home remedies to increase bust have a high efficiency. However, many of them are able to cause adverse health effects.

To avoid this, before applying any method is to consult with your doctor.